BSc.Arch + x years of practice = licensed architect in EU?



I have a quick question. I make a pause in my education to work, mostly because of the high demands of work experience background (min.3 years) for prospective employee, which pressured me to think if it is not better to first, if possible, to obtain some w.e. and then eventually to continue studies. In most of EU countries it is restricted to have Master, than do 2-3y of practice and sometimes to pass an licensing exam as well to gain an opportunity to work on your own hand.

Some time ago I gained a job in a public health field, which gives a lot of knowledge and make the insight to the specifics much deeper than any other fields, because of its regulations in force.

And therefore I have been wondering, if there exist any European laws regarding to several ways of obtaining the license? I know that in some parts of Germany you do not have to have Master degree, to gain a license, but it is not valid in other parts.


For any hints I would be grateful (:

with best regards,


Jul 7, 13 1:55 pm

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