NYC Kitchen Design Company poll?


NYC residential architects -
Of the several Kitchen Design Companies out there, which have you worked with and would you recommend them? How was their product, schedule, customer service, etc.? Were any of them "green," i.e. recycled wood for the cabinets, etc.

thanks in advance

Apr 18, 08 11:09 am

generally attentive and responsive, put up with our numerous design alterations, provided good CAD drawings...

Apr 18, 08 11:36 am  · 

since we usually don't get the budgets for bulthaup (i'm jealous AP), we typically use itlalian made Newform/Aran kitchens (showroom in downtown BK), they have done custom kitchens for all of our projects, a lot of different styles and combinations (we like the Masca series), and very attentive reps who provide all drawings and renderings during the design process. My one qualm is the european kick plate they provide (over 7") but we've spec'd a reduced size and it's never been an issue.

as far as "green", i'm gonna say not so much, but they might have a series that stresses that.

Apr 18, 08 12:04 pm  · 

Chelsea Fine Custom Kitchens. Good but pricey.

Apr 18, 08 1:41 pm  · 
arch paper
Apr 18, 08 4:13 pm  · 

Christopher Peacock got a big splash in the New York Times this past week. Wealthy people seem to love him. I did a job with him a few years ago. That is if your looking for the classic looking ole style kitchen. White Marble on top of white marble.

Apr 18, 08 8:01 pm  · 

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