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Does anyone know if there is a manufacturer in the U.S. that makes fiber cement panels similar to Oko Skin by FibreC? It seems like all the domestic manufacturers (James Hardie, Certainteed) just do lap siding or large panels requiring aluminum edge pieces. There are plenty of great fiber cement panels (FibreC, Europanels,...maybe even Nichiha) but they are all produced abroad. 

May 21, 13 10:20 pm

American Fiber Cement

May 21, 13 11:47 pm

American Fiber Cement uses Euro Panels. They don't make their own panels.

May 22, 13 6:39 am

I don't have a U.S. suggestion but I wanted to note that Fibre-c is not the same as a Hardie board or Certainteed product.

Fibre-C is a glass reinforced concrete panel whereas Hardie/Certainteed is cementitious fiber board. They are not equivalent (don't let a contractor or rep tell you otherwise). Any cut edges of a cementitious fiber board needs to be sealed or they will take in water and start warping, eventually failing. Fibre-C does not require edge sealing after cutting (though you may see the glass fibers).

May 22, 13 3:06 pm


May 22, 13 3:50 pm

Try Petrarch by CEP. Not sure if manufacturing is done in Florida or UK...

May 22, 13 5:42 pm

Just had a discussion about this on a project I'm working on.

Cement Board Fabricators is based in Louisville, KY. My firm used them on a project recently and it looks pretty good. Limited colors though.

EDIT: On second look, they import as well.

May 23, 13 12:35 am
Chris Kimball

Wendel to answer your question, yes there is a company that makes panels similar to oko skin panels. The company is called Shaffner Heaney Associates and we are based out of South Bend, IN. The product is called Envel Ultra High Performance Convrete panels. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at I do sales for our company based out of our Livonia, MI office. 

May 31, 16 9:06 pm

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