Edison Light Bulb Fixture

Hello All,

I'm going to keep this nice and to the point. I am in the process of designing a 5 (Edison Bulb) fixture for my room. 


  • x5 (60W) Edison Light Bulbs
  • Twined wire 
  • plywood

I guess my question is how do i connect all 5 bulbs to the same power source? Any help would be great. thanks!

May 7, 13 3:21 pm

You'll probably use one of these methods:

You may also want to ask this question on the Designaddict forum - there are several designers over there that may have experience with lamp design.

May 8, 13 10:09 am

Parallel circuit needed. Basic diagram here.

I'm not responsible if you start a fire or zap yourself.

May 8, 13 10:44 am

haha thanks guys! i have a friend who does electrical. hopefully he doesn't start a fire or zap himself

May 27, 13 2:42 pm

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