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Hey guys im currently redoing my portfolio..Could i get your input..Im currently revising some Elevations and text within the entire portfolio..Please lend me your expertise..

May 3, 13 6:37 pm


I'm not an expert, but I have an opinion.  And opinions are like ass holes ... every one has one.

You have a lot of white space that requires infill with some succinct but explanatory prose.  Your flow of projects, via a palpable sequence, is a little slim.  Of course, this matters on what you studied before - are you at the 2 year step going into 2 final years for a BA/BS, or are you with an unrelated degree looking toward a M.Arch.?  What is your goal?  I see Howell Mill Road, which says ATL to me.  Are you at Southern Tech?  I'd really like to see some thorough building projects that go from conceptual to looking finished in no more than 4 pages for each, and not just some snippets which don't make for a more complete picture.  I also think the presentation styles vary too much.  Some variety is excellent, but it has to be coordinated as it changes medium or style.  Also, avoid logo type stuff, such as your initials or a fancy cursive signature, which commercialize the looks of the presentation.

I see some beautiful work in the handling of some drawings, such as the grand staircase and the window at the end.  You have a good hand.  I could almost see more of that, along some real tight and complete projects, though buffered and segregated. It needs to be more finished. 

May 4, 13 12:35 am

You need at least five times more content, and more descriptions - I have no idea what I'm looking at.

May 4, 13 2:22 am

I have to agree... I think I saw one drawing that intrigued me and a whole lot of white space.  There is nothing to take away from that other than you like to draw.

Questions you need to ask yourself:

1.) "What does this say about me? " 

2.) "Who are your influences?"

3.) "What are you trying to tell/show?"

4.) "Is there anything suggesting you know good design?"


When you get that all important interview, you will be a background conversation.  They will be looking at your portfolio and that should do all the speaking for you, you just yuck it up so you're not awkwardly bored.  Also, you'll want a portfolio that is flexible.  There are numerous different firms, so you'll want to speak to them.  Luckily, everyone has a website so do a little homework, cater your portfolio to their philosophies - or - projects, and try not to bore them.

May 9, 13 4:37 pm
boy in a well

white space isn't bad, but you do this 'bunching' type of composition which I kinda like, but it really is sorta odd - it makes your images smaller than they could be and puts them together a little awkwardly. 2 cents.

May 9, 13 6:16 pm

Thanks guys. will have full product complete next week thanks for your comments..

May 10, 13 7:44 pm

Interesting ideas---with the minimalism and the lines carrying through. A bit too sparse and empty, though. Some of the photoshops in the middle look crappy. Spend a few hours, a few days, or the whole month simply looking at other portfolios on issuu. Click on the ones with the most views first. 

May 17, 13 1:13 am

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