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wurdan freo

Any reason why a standard shower has a soffit in it?  I realize that it may conceal hvac and electrical, but this is not always necessary, especially in new construction.

Other ideas I've read say that a higher ceiling creates more draft that could make the shower "chilly". Not sure about that one either.

Also on a standard 8' wide by 5' deep bath layout the tub would be 30", 36" for the toilet and 30" for the vanity. Do you center the toilet in the 36" or nudge it over slightly at 16" O.C. from the shower so there is more room on the vanity side were you will be trying to grab the tp?

Apr 17, 13 5:31 pm

Door & window location determines best layout. Tub min. 32", toilet generally 30-32" allowance. A soffit in the shower is bad design when it makes the shower head too low.

This comes from cheap production housing where it was supposedly done for "style" but was actually done to save money on tiling the shower enclosure. Another cheap trick was tile that stopped at a given height, often well below the shower head.

Lot's of stuff going on in a bath room, 5' x 8' is not much space. Beg, borrow or steal some more if you can, or use tricks to make it feel bigger (bump out the door and include a linen closet, etc.).

Apr 17, 13 7:44 pm
Flat frame where you can to gain those precious inches but don't forget where you need to run pipes, electricity and ducts.

You might have to soffit down for the fan but try not to unless it fits the design.

Miles is spot on w dimensions. I've also used corner sinks sometimes to save space but really only works in a powder room.
Apr 17, 13 8:21 pm

The drawer-less 30"-36" vanity is one of the worst outcomes of the 8-foot bathroom.  Even a single 6" drawer on one side greatly improves the functionality.

Apr 17, 13 8:58 pm

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