Just chased a fat whippet all over the neighborhood in the dark. We have an over proliferation of deer here too. They are not fat. This has nothing to do with architecture except for the dinner party gone wrong part. Explodify!!!
Feb 15, 13 10:21 pm
boy in a well

sounds like ted nugent reading harry potter.

Feb 15, 13 10:35 pm


Feb 15, 13 10:35 pm


Feb 16, 13 1:28 am
A fat whippet? Does such a thing exist?

My dog is a bull terrier. A well-designed dog for a designer.
Feb 16, 13 4:29 am

Bath Day for our me in my skives...sitting on the edge of the tub doing the dry combing, wet combing and shampooing, then the rinse for two 75 pound dogs....thinking shit I'm getting old maybe it is time for smaller dogs.   NO FRICKING WAY!  LOVE MY BIG BOY AND GIRL.  I was tossing snowballs to my Big Girl and she was loving it.  Mrs S posted them to face book and it went viral.

Feb 16, 13 6:09 pm
Yes it was a fat whippet. Crazy thing. Tiny head fat body.
Feb 16, 13 7:15 pm

Nothing like a Jack Russell-Beagle-Pitbull mix. A nuclear bomb in compact size. Never a dull moment!

Feb 16, 13 8:18 pm

whippets are nitrous oxide chargers. That is what I pictured at least.

Feb 17, 13 8:35 am

Australian Shepherd or Border Collie for me.  Architects, most of whom are smart, need smart dogs.

Feb 17, 13 10:28 am

Smooth collie here. She's not my dog, I'm her person.

Feb 17, 13 11:09 am
a mouse

My Jack Russel/Mongrel has been the inspiration for design changes to my back yard. mainly because she climbs anything she can get a foothold on. little escape artist.

Feb 17, 13 3:30 pm

saint bernard.  long and storied history behind the breed.  architects like history.  sometimes more than the present.  and her color matches the wood floor and white trim in my house.  you should never buy a dog that doesn't match the furniture right?

Feb 17, 13 6:59 pm
Airedale terriers
Feb 17, 13 7:16 pm


True Friend and Loyal Companion

Feb 8, 2000 - Feb 12, 2014

Feb 14, 14 11:18 am

Oh, Miles, I'm so sorry. It's so hard to lose a family member.

Feb 14, 14 11:30 am

my dog and i will share a beer and a dog biscuit in lucy's memory tonight

Feb 14, 14 1:02 pm

So sorry Miles.  She must have been a great one.

Feb 14, 14 10:40 pm

Sorry for your loss Miles. 

I wouldn't know what to do if any of my 3 German Shepherds passed away =/

Feb 14, 14 11:25 pm
boy in a well

i'll tip my chardonnay and play some cat scratch fever, play some come a little dog and some black dog and some dirt dog and some die like a dog.

Cheers, Miles.

Feb 15, 14 6:26 am


Sorry to hear  of your loss.  They do grow on you.  They can be your very best friend and so the loss is always deep.

Feb 15, 14 3:35 pm

That's a long, wonderful companionship.  Condolences, Miles. 

Feb 15, 14 3:51 pm

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