eye candy

le bossman

i'd like to introduce a new artist of a different medium, richard notkin:

he works with ceramic tiles, and also chinese yixing inspired teapots

that's a great image though. great light.

Jun 12, 10 1:47 pm

Thanks, bossman. The new Chinese subversives (as I think of them) are sure shaking things up. I hadn't seen this artist before. . .

Jun 12, 10 1:54 pm

Yeah, I sent that Lozowick image to a painter friend of mine, and she thought it was a photograph. Don't know what that says about it, or her. . .

Jun 12, 10 1:58 pm
le bossman

it's the lighting. that's key.

Jun 12, 10 2:14 pm

Yeah, it's pretty intense. And the subtleties of shading, like the translucency of the milky tea (?) and the various tones of the white cup, are convincing -- and must be difficult to achieve in the waxing of the lithography stone ?

Jun 12, 10 3:44 pm

Hope it's not too big.

That would be a charcoal drawing by Adam Kolodziej, one of the more eccentric profs at my school. Unsurprisingly, he teaches a hand drawing/rendering course.

Jun 12, 10 10:22 pm

Thanks Endoo -- sized just right, I guess. Almost wish I could see a close-up detail. . . Looks like an interesting drawing.

There's an architect in Sausalito named Barry Peterson. Does these great drawings with charcoal and other stuff -- printer toner, melted with solvents of some kind. And just the most beautiful strokes. I'll see if I can find some.

Jun 12, 10 11:08 pm
le bossman

here's a sketch i made earlier last year. it's a picture of some computer cords. my desk was a makeshift saw-horse type, in front of a huge window. you can see the ground behind the desk.

why post it now? well, just because.

Jan 17, 11 1:23 pm
le bossman

i'm gonna make it bigger

Jan 17, 11 1:25 pm
le bossman

for your viewing pleasure

Jan 17, 11 1:27 pm

I love this thread ...

Jan 17, 11 3:24 pm

Nice, bossman -- lotsa marks in that drawing ! Yeah, I go to width=420.

Quite a pile, the SO bldg. Suppose we could admire an occasional photo on the drawing thread. Haven't often seen a subtle two-color "monochrome" image like this one. Guess they wanted to highlight the subject structure ?

Jan 17, 11 4:15 pm

Might I suggest this blog as well?

I think it's a collection of both professional and student work from around the interwebz.

Jan 17, 11 10:14 pm

N Freise:


<img src="" />

May 11, 11 12:12 pm


May 11, 11 12:12 pm



one more:


May 11, 11 12:13 pm

My favorite urban sketcher:

Gerard Michel

May 11, 11 1:44 pm

Seems to me it's about time to revive this wonderful thread ....

Jun 21, 13 6:33 pm

Are you guys familiar with Stephen Wiltshire. Pretty impressive. He is a savant that draws cityscapes from memory.

Jun 21, 13 10:58 pm

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