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le bossman

i want to see pictures of great drawings done by hand or partially by hand. let's admit it: we all fetishize them, but most of what we see these days is digital.

Nov 14, 07 6:39 pm

blown away by these books as a kid... and the while i was just looking for images, i noticed a lot of the illustrations have a very technical feel to them... imaginary plans and sections...
wonder if thats a coincidence that i was so fascinated by this 20 years ago

Nov 14, 07 6:51 pm

Personally I was always impressed with old architectural engravings, like the backs of twenty dollar bills. I wish I had the capacity to produce those kinds of images by hand.

Sorry this is cut off. I've never figured out how to size pictures on here.

Nov 14, 07 6:58 pm
le bossman

this is an inevitability so i'm just going to get it out of the way:

probably artwork, such as collages and paintings, can be included as well

Nov 14, 07 7:02 pm


le bossman, i love ltl's drawings.

Nov 14, 07 7:06 pm

anatomical drawings..

Nov 14, 07 8:20 pm
liberty bell

I love this thread idea, let's see some more.

Lebbeus Woods' drawings are so phenomenal. You can feel/see his hand in them, but they are simultaneously otherworldy.

This drawing can make me weep:

The charcoal is so fully its own material, but is also purely glass (again, simultaneously, and isn't that what a drawing is supposed to be? Both a representation and its own object?).

Please let that link work...

Nov 15, 07 2:15 pm

like everyone else i have a major jones for LTL's renderings and Lebbeus' drawings... i've also always been a fan of watercolor sketches...


and holl...

Nov 15, 07 2:20 pm


that is a killer dwg

Nov 15, 07 2:22 pm

here is a pastel drawing i love

and a graphite drawing by the same artist

Nov 15, 07 2:33 pm
le bossman

maybe i should post some of my own artwork. i have slides to scan

Nov 15, 07 2:48 pm

Yes, you should !

I just love this old drawing; the architect coudn't help himself from embellishing what would have been just an orthodox elevation. . .

Nov 15, 07 4:37 pm

There's a man's figure on the right -- and what is up with those trees. . .?!

Nov 15, 07 4:47 pm

walter pichler


Nov 15, 07 5:11 pm

Eric Sloane -- from "A Reverence for Wood" (1965)

Nov 16, 07 1:34 am

steven is a fave, but i also quite like peter salter, an unsung but very good architect...who does some funky dwgs too.

Nov 16, 07 3:47 am
le bossman

damn you official sketch thread!

Nov 19, 07 11:22 am

i've always been partial to this honored man;

nothing we haven't seen before, but beautiful none the less, and no ridiculous 3dh either.

Nov 19, 07 10:31 pm

Darden visits me in dreams.

Nov 19, 07 10:39 pm

Hugh Ferris:
[img] width=416[/]

Nov 20, 07 1:00 am

crap. once more.

Nov 20, 07 1:02 am
le bossman

isn't hugh ferriss the guy that rem koolhaas was in love with in delirious new york?

Nov 20, 07 10:06 am

Ucello. No 3Ds Max.

Nov 20, 07 10:24 am
John Cline

lletdownl, Where is that first image from? Could it be relative to this thread? Thanks!

Nov 20, 07 10:33 am

indeed, the first image i posted is an illustration from some children's books called Dinotopia. They were my favorites growing up... id spend hours just looking at the illustrations, they were incredibly intricate.
loved those books...then they made that crap-tastic movie...

Nov 20, 07 10:41 am

I came across these sketches from Erick Van Egeraat while looking for images of his first ING project. I have never seen his drawings before (now they're all renderings)... they remind me a lot of Lebbeus' work:

Nov 20, 07 4:14 pm

beta, who's drawings are those? they are so cool!

Nov 20, 07 7:10 pm

and this guy;

Nov 20, 07 8:27 pm

cris, it's douglas darden...

Nov 20, 07 8:27 pm

i love me some preston scott cohen descriptive geometry drawin's

Nov 21, 07 7:58 am


Helmut Jacoby


Nov 21, 07 8:53 am


Nov 21, 07 1:36 pm
Nov 28, 07 6:41 pm
Nov 28, 07 6:44 pm
le bossman

what about paul schwiker? anyone at asu scanned any of his drawings?

Nov 28, 07 6:51 pm

quizzical, is that the other Paul, Rudolph ?

Paul Schweikher's drawings would be a treat; I've never seen one.

Nov 28, 07 10:05 pm
le bossman

the whole archive is at asu for some reason

Nov 29, 07 10:09 am

SDR -- yes, Paul Rudolph

Nov 29, 07 10:20 am

T. Kelly Wilson for Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

Nov 29, 07 11:24 am


Nov 29, 07 11:28 am

S Oles:

Nov 29, 07 12:27 pm

da Vinci

Nov 29, 07 1:33 pm

Charles McKim

Nov 29, 07 1:39 pm
Nov 29, 07 1:54 pm
Nov 29, 07 2:07 pm
Nov 29, 07 2:13 pm
Nov 29, 07 3:33 pm

Nov 29, 07 7:21 pm
le bossman

great models would be an interesting thing to see as well

Nov 29, 07 7:34 pm
won and done williams
Nov 29, 07 7:45 pm

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