fun project - pop up restaurant on the frozen river


I wanted to share a fun project i was involved with recently. A gallery owner and a group of chefs designed a pop up restaurant on the frozen river in Winnipeg (it was -40 when we put it up last week). It's scaffolding, tarps, birch logs, (faux) fur, and a single 20' long table, and not much else. Cold weather makes one do crazy things apparently! (and a shout-out to my partner, the photographer!)
Feb 2, 13 8:59 pm

that looks sick dude!  nice work!

Feb 3, 13 2:14 am


Feb 3, 13 10:30 am

very cool!  love to see pictures of home on archinect.

Feb 3, 13 11:33 am

Wow.  That whole thing is really inspiring: the concept, the architecture, the food, and the photography.  Congratulations on beautiful work!

Feb 3, 13 12:40 pm

I would have posted as my real name when I made this entry, I just finally figured that out. Oops, there goes the anonymity!</p>

This is (sort of) part of a larger annual winter project aimed at making architecture on the frozen river. This is the only restaurant, but you can check out some of the other projects here:

Feb 3, 13 1:31 pm

This is beautiful!

Feb 4, 13 10:18 am

I'm curious as to the type of scaffolding used for the structure.

I enjoy the raw, rustic appearance of this.  Any shots from the outside?

Feb 4, 13 11:01 am
Sarah Hamilton

This looks great, but wasn't it cold?

Feb 4, 13 1:35 pm

It's tube scaffolding (aluminum). And yes, very very cold when we put it up, in fact it was the coldest week in 2 years, regularly dipping below -40. Exterior shots are coming soon, i'll post a link when they're available. Thanks for the interest!

Feb 5, 13 2:38 pm

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