Construction Document Training

I'm wanting to expose my team of young interns to great quality construction documents and how to organize a project.  If I had been planning ahead I would have kept some drawing sets myself.  Can anybody reccomend a good book or website or blog that covers this for commercial or healthcare architecture?  Thanks for you help Gail

Jan 21, 13 5:57 pm

Hi Gail,

" A Manual of Construction Documentation"(Glenn Wiggins, AIA) is a book I found helpful.



Jan 22, 13 3:56 pm

There is a very good construction document manual by Fred Stitt that every library should have.

Jan 22, 13 4:08 pm

CSi project delivery  practice guide book is suppose to teach you about such things but what i have got from it is mostly about professional roles and contracts and stuff so far. I havent gotten into the study work book yet but it is to get you ready for a construction documents exam. It is not specific to any type area but a general knowledge sort of thing there is also a book and test in contract adminstration,speicifer etc.

Jan 23, 13 9:04 am

There re architectural guidelines in form of ebooks that you can download online. That is what I did, reading all necessary documentation in a certain field, I also got ideas from it is a construction supply industry that focuses on fiberglass stucco mesh.

Apr 22, 13 6:13 am

"If I had been planning ahead I would have kept some drawing sets myself."

An architect that doesn't keep records? LOL I wonder if that "team of young interns" is imaginary, too.

Apr 22, 13 10:34 am

It sounds like you work in a firm that hires interns.  Why not open that archived project folder, click print on that pdf file and you got yourself a full construction set in half an hour ..

but oh wait.. your firm still draws by hand and doesn't keep backups of projects?

Apr 22, 13 4:27 pm

Check from here or visit their showroom at 2070 Newcomb Avenue, Unit B, San Francisco, CA 94124. They have valuable resources about building construction, interior design, home building and architecture.

Sep 29, 15 4:30 am

First thing you should teach them is to keep records of drawings....

Sep 29, 15 6:21 am

+1 miles.

you should set the standard...sounds like you don't know how to do it...learn cds from a book...ha!  maybe you should intern for a couple years, learn how to practice before you mismanage a team and project.   And on healthcare to boot.  fail.

Sep 29, 15 4:43 pm

How about you try and get a few retired architects to work or volunteer  a few hours a day. I learned a ton from guys over 70. construction documents are dying, all hail the last minute key note. KMK

Oct 27, 15 2:34 am

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