small projects


damn. i love how secluded that is. did you design/build it for yourself or a client? looks like the perfect place to relax with some friends and a few bottles of vino.

have fun moving.

Sep 29, 07 3:07 pm  · 

it was for a los angeles artist. her main house and studio were about 100 yards away uphill. budget was 9500 $. i and a friend made the site with pick and shovel and hand mixed concrete for foundations. everything was hand made. another friend gave me some demoed oak floors which i covered floors with. there is no glass for windows. just fly screens nicely stapled. all the materials were from topanga lumber.

it was sited so it, if you are bypassing, it appeared and disappeared quickly. i really dealt with instinctual and natural matter. when i look back to it, i see a lot of the things i did back than without thinking too much about it. once you establish some sort of a connection with nature, you don't have to trick anything out. with some simple forms, there is no need to indulge too long into relentless details. you can quickly pass that stage and really work with bigger subjects like the more poetic nature of architecture. that building was packed with that kind of energy and directness., the program was pretty much what you have described. it was a place to go to, have whatever you want, relax, listen to water, and animals, take a nap, etc. it also functioned like a guest house, a semi camping situation. yes, there was some architect romance involved.
new york times magazine printed a small picture of it with nice caption. however, they really came with their decorators and and styled the place with a surf board and stuff, pretty nasty coupe against me and the owner. i had nothing to do with the selection of photos. these are my photos which probably would have been much better for my financial troubles!

Sep 29, 07 8:22 pm  · 
liberty bell

I know I've said it before, Orhan, but that is an incredibly sweet little project. Perfect example of big thoughts in small packages.

As for the skewed published photos, I never trust ANYTHING I see in the papers.

Sep 29, 07 9:39 pm  · 

hahah, that is true, lb.

it is a VERY nice project orhan. simple but not fetishistically so. not easy to do nowadays since sejima and the rest have gotten everyone thinking humans shouldn't shit anymore.

Sep 29, 07 11:24 pm  · 

@Holz: Brilliant this thread... after holiday I will post some pics.

Sep 30, 07 1:17 am  · 

This is a great thread

How about Allan Wexler? Trained as an architect, though not really practicing architecture…

Mattress Factory intervention (Pittsburgh)

Crate House (one of my favorites)

there's more, here's his site: Allan Wexler

Sep 30, 07 10:38 am  · 

This is one of many small projects by london firms showcased at the CoA in NYC.

Oct 1, 07 11:29 pm  · 

Don't have any images, just wanted to thank holz for all the inspirational threads with photos posted lately.

Oct 2, 07 1:12 pm  · 

sports hall by combarel-marrec

Oct 2, 07 1:37 pm  · 

capsulehotel in Den Haag,NL
Oct 2, 07 2:53 pm  · 

or this one from 2012Architecten

Oct 2, 07 2:56 pm  · 

kindergarten nussackerweg, bernd zimmermann

todd saunders

Oct 2, 07 3:14 pm  · 

Mario Botto in Mogno

Botta - Monte Tamaro

Oct 2, 07 4:19 pm  · 

Mario Botto in Mogno

Botta - Monte Tamaro

Oct 2, 07 4:23 pm  · 

the church on mt. tamaro is absolutely beautiful. not so small, but gorgeous...mmmmm, i guess the chapel itself is small, and since that's the only interior space...blablabla. nice project.


Oct 2, 07 4:36 pm  · 

some other small chapels that floored me...

antioch baptist church, rural studio

marte.marte, chapel batschuns (AT)

Oct 2, 07 5:14 pm  · 

various other fodder whilst i render competition images...

Lorenzo Guetg, school pavilion, bern

Könz Molo, Camera mortuaria mendrisio


geninasca delefortrie, bridge in boudry

mario cucinella, information pavilion in bologna

Oct 2, 07 10:17 pm  · 

mario cucinella, information pavilion in bologna

Fink + Thurnher, community center in langenegg (AT)

corinna menn, look out platform in conn

Oct 2, 07 10:29 pm  · 



Oct 2, 07 10:45 pm  · 
vado retro

the problem with small projects is that they do not meet my instant icon criteria of being BIG SHINEY BUILDINGS WITH HOLES IN THEM.

Oct 2, 07 11:14 pm  · 

Sherefudin's White Mosque
Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina 1980
Architect: Zlatko Ugljen

Oct 2, 07 11:22 pm  · 
Oct 2, 07 11:25 pm  · 

mecanoo's st mary of the angels chapel in rotterdam:

i won't post all the pictures but you can follow this [url=
link]]link[/url][/url] if you aren't familiar with this one.

Oct 3, 07 7:15 am  · 
general acres

think bigger:

Oct 3, 07 10:36 am  · 

Kochi Architect's Studio - Atelier for a Calligrapher in Japan:

Oct 3, 07 10:39 am  · 

Allied Works Maryhill Overlook

Oct 3, 07 11:07 am  · 
Oct 3, 07 11:26 am  · 

THEaquino, i had to keep myself from posting cloepfil's maryhill overlook.

The location is unbelievable, some of the most incredible landscapes i've seen up here in the northwest. throw in the fact it's not cold and rainy - almost ideal.

lead pencil studio also had a temporary installation nearby, the maryhill double, which was fascinating. using counstruction netting and scaffolding, they reproduced the volume of the maryhill museum, on axis, across the river.

Oct 3, 07 11:30 am  · 
Oct 3, 07 11:32 am  · 

my boss went to school with the principals of Lead Pencil Studio. They recently were guest editors for Arcade (Architecture and Design in the Northwest)...

schmalohr architect


Oct 3, 07 11:46 am  · 

Keller of my favorite projects

Oct 3, 07 12:09 pm  · 

Hasløv & Kjærsgaard amager strand toilets, CPX

Oct 3, 07 1:30 pm  · 

funny you mentioned schmalohr architekten... i knew them from this project

Oct 3, 07 2:30 pm  · 

guido neubeck, zwischenhaus

Oct 3, 07 6:26 pm  · 
FOG Lite

Do those schmalohr cats just drive their Volvo from one photo shoot to the next?

Oct 3, 07 11:47 pm  · 

wouldn't you?

Oct 4, 07 12:41 am  · 

...architectural haiku - it's a good thing.

Oct 4, 07 12:42 am  · 

Artplace Pavillon, CH-Magglingen

Oct 4, 07 2:30 pm  · 
liberty bell

THEaquino, one of my earliest memories is of falling into that Halprin fountain when I was 3 years old! It is a magical place.

That Botta chapel interior is wonderful, I'm surprised how much I like it.

And I'm feeling selfish today, so I'm posting the closest thing to a tiny box project I have ever designed: the video viewing box at the exhibit "Whimsical Works: The Playful Designs of Charles and Ray Eames". It's two-sided.

Oct 4, 07 2:51 pm  · 
FOG Lite

Or they only take clients who own that specific car?

I would be remiss not to mention the awesome blog Materialicious here. The author un-earths fantastic projects daily.


Oct 4, 07 4:45 pm  · 

a few local small projects to keep it going...

marquand retreat (ooh, a rais!)

maury island cabin

olson sundberg
"the brain"

delta shelter

delta shelter guest houses

olson cabin

tyee river cabin

eggleston farkas
methow cabin

david sarti

george suyama
mt vernon cabin

Oct 7, 07 4:49 pm  · 

great selection

Oct 7, 07 9:06 pm  · 

more tasty goodness(literally):

bar nestle (montreaux jazz festival)

Oct 7, 07 10:35 pm  · 

Hiroaki Ohtani
layer house, kobe

Oct 9, 07 3:18 pm  · 
wendy evans joseph

observatory, ghent NY

tractor shed

Oct 9, 07 4:45 pm  · 

und mehr...

peter gluck
scholar's library

gluckman mayner
sculpture garden pavilion

michael fieldman
newark airport canopy

miro rivera
lake austin boat dock

pedestrian bridge

US Armed Forces Recruiting Station

Juerg Conzett
traversiner 2

suransuns bridge

traversiner 1

detlef sacker

atelier ralph fleck

della valle + bernheimer
butterfly pavilion

loon's nest

Cermak Rhoades

jeff poss
meditation hut I

meditation hut II

Oct 12, 07 2:10 am  · 

Holz, are that all photos shot by yourself? Or all from websites / internet?

Oct 12, 07 3:28 am  · 

internets, man. fruits of my research labors. just thought i'd share

Oct 12, 07 3:31 am  · 

i almost posted the library by Gluck, but his firm has a flash site, so i couldn't link to the images.... it's a nice project. perfect for this thread.

that atelier by detlef sacker is fantastic.

from flickr, by searching tags "japan" "modern" and "house"

Modern Home

Azuma House, Osaka, Japan (Ando)

4x4 House, Kobe, Japan (Ando)

glass triangles


Oct 12, 07 10:01 am  · 

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