small projects

Sander Architects

tree house

Dec 20, 07 4:41 pm  · 
Turner Castle w/Ullmayer Sylvester Architects


Dec 26, 07 10:20 pm  · 
bates maher

garden room

kitchen/dining room

Jan 10, 08 3:15 pm  · 

Shack at Hinkle Farm
Broadhurst Architects
(as seen in AR)...

Jan 11, 08 2:01 pm  · 
Jan 11, 08 2:02 pm  · 


...great sources on innovative designs evolving from spatially, economically and/or programmatic constraints.

Jan 13, 08 6:05 pm  · 

anyone been watching this one take shape in the image gallery?:

looks nice. is it by one of us archinectors? or someone one of us knows? anyone?

Jan 15, 08 7:44 am  · 
Geninasca Delefortrie

villa, chabrey

Parish House

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
floating house

Jan 18, 08 12:36 am  · 

<b>Geninasca Delefortrie<b>
mountain cabin, praz-de-fort

Jan 18, 08 12:42 am  · 
stutchbury & pape

archery pavilion, sydney

ken latona
bay of fires visitor centre, tazmania

shigeru ban

marin + trottin architectes
matsudai small tower

studio granda
car park, kringlan

summer residence

Vatnsendaveg footbridge

sutherland hussey
an turas, tiree

allison brooks
vxo house

scott tallon walker architects
tulach a'tsolais - memorial

next ENTERprise
pool, wien

Markus Pernthaler
bell tower, Seetaleralpe

studio for
chatam sofer memorial

Jan 18, 08 1:42 am  · 
fondaRIUS arquitecture

garden pavilion, montjuic, barcelona

bevk perovic arhitekti
addition, ljubljana

bak architects
garden pavilion, montjuic, barcelona

coast office architekten
t bone house

Fernlund + Logan architects
Sag Harbor Studio

Studio, Guilford

Casa en Ranón

Jan 18, 08 2:40 am  · 
Stefan Eberstadt

Rucksack Haus

Wilhelm Koch

ah asociados

Heikkinen & Komonen
Sauna Simons, Mölandet

Claudio Labarca y Juan Ignacio López
consulta cubo

Iván Bravo
Ecopellets S.A.

dRN Arquitectos
SkiBox Portillo

Promontorio Architecture

H Aarquitectes
Casa 108

Rahel Belatchew Lerdell

Jan 18, 08 3:24 am  · 

holz, you're out of control....but we're reaping the benefit so, um, carry on!

that eberstadt project is remarkably similar to one i did in undergrad, except that my little box was hung from a parapet instead of sticking out of the wall itself, meant to be a sort of parasitic building for a voyeur-type. cool to see something so similar as an actual construction.

what i like about the projects you've been posting is the variety. i'm not one to criticize the cool refined modern box projects (several of which we've seen on the 'name that...' thread), but they do start to run together. here you've posted such a range of forms and approaches to texture and materiality that it's much more exciting.

studio granda: always a favorite.

when are you going to have a blog, by the way. get these things out there. i'd also love to hear what you'd say about them because you've obviously got a discerning eye.


Jan 18, 08 7:19 am  · 

Wow i really love that car park-mailny because usually they suck and that pool is pretty!

Also, regarding the RuckHaus...Doesn't it have furniture that folds out from the walls. I thnk you can see the outline of the table etc on the wall.?

Jan 18, 08 9:18 am  · 

are you familiar w/ this project?
Kortknie Stuhlmacher Architecten

no clue on the website, i've been pulling 55+ hour weeks and working a comp for a while now with no end in sight, but i'm on it.... as soon as i learn flash...

and the eye might be discerning, but the ability to detail as such still lacks

i love the ruckhaus, and yes, the furniture folds into the wall for great effect. i'm not digging the latent swastika on the outermost facade, however...

Jan 18, 08 1:08 pm  · 
John Cline
DESIGNhabitat 2 Studio
School of Architecture, Auburn University,
David W. Hinson, AIA,
Auburn, Ala

Jan 18, 08 4:53 pm  · 

yeah, holz. i know the rotterdam project, saw it when i visited and also loved that it had the same 'parasite' connection. i think i saw that it's been taken down now?

anyway, i love this:

(from the image gallery)

Jan 19, 08 8:09 am  · 

a treekiller project:

built in williamsburg 2002

2@6' 4x12 construction grade (sigh, my memory fails me for the species)
2@2' L1 1/2"x1/8"
4@6" rubber tread steel swivel casters
24@2" lag screws
lots of sand paper
tung oil finish

currently used as my bed frame by swapping out the Ls with 4' L2"x1/8"pieces

Jan 19, 08 11:38 am  · 

nice finds...

i can't believe i hadn't posted this yet... one of the more interesting projects i foud when i was wandering around zurich several years ago...

kiosk am hafen riesbach

Jan 19, 08 10:19 pm  · 

<b>Baumann Roserens Architekten<b/>
kiosk/tram stop @ limmatplatz

that canopy opening for the tree made my day.

<b>René Stoos<b/>
Bootsvermietung Utoquai

baradore pavilion

<b>Detlef Schulz <b/>
Parkhaus Feldegg

Jan 19, 08 10:53 pm  · 

poolhouse project

Jan 20, 08 2:24 pm  · 
Rossetti + Wyss


and the kicker for me is the zumthor-esque floorplan...

renovation, minusio (CH)

arch. office

Jan 21, 08 1:57 am  · 
Takashi Yamaguchi

White Temple

Christensen & Co Arkitekter
summer house in asserbo

is that a rais? and this plan is way overplayed, but i still love it.

Jan 25, 08 10:33 pm  · 
Wellmann Ladinger

Kiosk im Bregenz

Friedhof erweiterung Arbing (AT)

Stoffel Schneider Architekten
Friedhofsanlage in Steckborn(CH)

carport haus-b

Jan 27, 08 11:43 pm  · 
huetten + palaeste

Gartensalon Süssen

Jan 27, 08 11:55 pm  · 
enzo eusebii

restaurant, porto sant’elpidio

romi khosla
castro cafe, new delhi

Jan 30, 08 1:23 am  · 
studio tamassociati

meditation pavilion, khartoum

Jan 30, 08 1:35 am  · 
carlo ferarri

arnaldo mondadori editore mensa, verona

mount fuji architecture studio
atelier for an artist ($16,000)

Jan 30, 08 1:51 am  · 
egide meerten

muziekbox bastiaens, riemst

Jan 30, 08 2:51 am  · 
h arquitectes

casa el serrat

Feb 1, 08 10:25 pm  · 

the mt fuji studio i love.

the muziekbox starts to be a caricature of the minimal wood box type.

man, this is fun. i don't know how you have the time to absorb all this stuff, holz. hope you keep an archive in higher res of everything. you're on your way to a barnes & noble coffee table book: 'small projects'! ; )

Feb 2, 08 7:43 am  · 
marco castelletti

bathing pavilion

Feb 3, 08 5:03 am  · 
Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen

oregon house

silent pavilion (in progress)

Feb 7, 08 12:02 am  · 

wow, yeah. this thread is already enough for a book.

very nice holz.

Feb 7, 08 2:15 am  · 
dan hisel


cadyville sauna

Feb 7, 08 12:53 pm  · 

watershed (writing studio for the architect's mother)

Feb 13, 08 10:16 pm  · 
dorte mandrup

writer's studio

Feb 13, 08 11:19 pm  · 
Atelier NU

bathing hut

Hut Architecture
hut on a roof

Feb 13, 08 11:48 pm  · 

I keep telling people that architecture is alive and well. These are the examples. . .

Wish I had kept in touch with this thread -- looks like I missed a lot of pics. But who can complain about quantity. . .!


Feb 14, 08 12:03 am  · 


if anything, i don't know enough (small projects) so anytime i find one, i feel i have to share it.

anyway, i feel like this is a great time to be an architect (outside of the looming recession - impending doom impending doom!) especially with what is going on overseas. the number of outstanding architects humbles me daily.

Feb 14, 08 12:33 am  · 
MacRoen, do you have these pictures ordered on architect?

Feb 14, 08 3:20 am  · 

ordered on architect?!?

Feb 14, 08 3:30 am  · 

hmmm ok typo sorry.... what I tried to say: do you have all these pictures categorized / downloaded on your computer?

Feb 14, 08 4:23 am  · 

oh. yes, i have a pretty extensive image library, with these projects holding a special place. i'd love to work on a book at some point. but i'm not really experienced with that, don't know where to start and am probably too opinionated to be a decent author.

Feb 14, 08 4:30 am  · 

more images here

Feb 14, 08 4:53 pm  · 

still throws me off to see my garden shed project tossed into this mix...

anyways I just stumbled across this one at the IaaC blog

House of Dance and Feathers, Lower 9th Ward, NOLA:

University of Kansas's Community Garden Pavilion, NOLA:

I don't have any good pictures of it in my Flickr, but Tulane's Prototype 1 House in NOLA is nice as well, I'll try to grab some nice shots next month when I'm down there

Feb 15, 08 9:46 am  · 
rooijakkers + tomesen

garden pavilion

Feb 15, 08 9:09 pm  · 
semple brown design

pool house

Feb 15, 08 9:37 pm  · 
François Perrin

guesthouse for an anthropologist

Feb 15, 08 11:25 pm  · 

yowza! apparently an anthropologist in a place where it never gets cold, gets hot, or rains.

i love how sexy architecture can be when climate issues aren't part of the equation! you can imagine how exciting it was to go to l.a. and see so many wonderful things that couldn't work here in ky.


ok, here's one from me, a temporary exhibit structure in a downtown park. meant to house two exhibits, one the career work of a local architect, the other the development of our waterfront over thirty+ years. i organized the competition for the design, winning design by local architect patrick blackburn, but then i ended up doing all the drawings that got it built, helped get free and in-kind donations of material and labor, and did c.a. done about 1995-96?

Feb 16, 08 7:47 am  · 

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