ive been reading a lot about architectural researchers lately.

what exactly do they do, and how do you become one?

AMO, the think tank of OMA is a group im intrested in because they are research driven. im interested but i dont have a clue on their implication on arch practice.

im a young intermediate architect who is seeking new facets in arch practice, and AMO grabbed my curiosity lately. I think arch. research is interesting


Sep 1, 07 5:13 am

Just make sure that is the only thing they grabbed. Now research can be many things, and we seen before , how projects have brought cutting edge lookalike structures without any of the core quality being the actural research of a design, --- what made the wonder -- so I wonder if what is ment with "research" are to search for new idears on the web, mayby "borrow" the happy messeage of some naive young student, while as we know , architects are still occupied with "the envelobe" of things, the old architects still give a damn about someone spending years just to develob a new metod, as that is not architecture and while these old guy's is looking for any exchouse to "borrow" a new idea, just like any thief are, then "research" ------- researching how, just researching and the computer skills just need to be trivial, no programming skills required except average skills using this or that program, --- how will that bring any newthinking, as long as these old guy's been presaving eachother that "This is what architecture is about" so that they can destroy the web for the great place it could be, and keep protecting their friends and old garde who hate the computer to the degree, that anything made with it, is not architecture and so it can be just "borrowed" without credits. Beware that "research" I don't think this even happen in architecture --- even at the acadamy you learn an etics with a fishy smell that "allow" you to "borrow" , all it mean is that those who develob things are cheaten their credits and monsters of misunderstood new architecture such as the imfamous Serpentine pavilion , take the place of cutting edge architecture and replace it with a misunderstood monster.

Sep 1, 07 6:55 am  · 

research in architecture encompass many fields. nowadays i think architects are dabbling in new territories like ecology, sociology and many others not necessarily related to the traditional "architecture status quo" that have been limited to the traditional model of architecture---building, engineering, design, space planning.

when you talk about "cutting edge design", it is by no means the desired end product of getting into resarch i think. what architectural research address is something more relevant nowadays, like solving extreme poverty, environmnetal issues, land scarcity and coordinating with other fields such as politics, science, sociology, ecology.

some architects nowadays realize that architecture, is still evolving as a profession, and in reality it is lagging behind.

Sep 2, 07 12:47 am  · 

Any idea if studying urbanism next can get us into the social aspect of architecture where research and planning are needed?


Also if you can suggest any master's program or university that offers this aspect of architecture.


of course most research happens in academic institutions, and not just history/ theory type stuff. You can do advaced research through a phd or ddes in a range of topics at different schools - it's just a matter of finding one that catters to your interest. If you're interested in AMO's work, maybe the berlage would be a good place to start looking.

Sep 2, 07 10:35 am  · 

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