Name that Architect and Building!!!


I'll try again

Dec 23, 10 7:39 am

OK... a new page started. The above image is a hint for the image on page 49.

Dec 23, 10 7:44 am

I like that. wait, I took that. probably shouldn't answer.

Dec 23, 10 5:29 pm

moak's post is
scarpa's kiosk at giardini, venice.
i'll post a new one asap.

Dec 26, 10 2:25 pm

p2an's got it
(seierplusseier - pardon my poaching - you have some great images)

Dec 31, 10 12:09 pm

I was just looking at Snohetta in a Taschen book, so I finally, finally recognized something on this thread. It's the Lillehammer Olympic Art Museum, completed for the 1994 Olympics. I see from a google search that the photos are better on Cristoph Kapeller's website.

I only vaguely remember this from the Olympics....

Jan 1, 11 5:10 pm

also, there's no intermediate supports for that facade wall; it extends 18.5 m at it's furthest point on a system of spring loaded tension cables that are regulated by a computer to account for expansion/contraction. Pretty intense.

Jan 13, 11 6:19 am

Who's turn is it?!? I wanna play!

Jan 16, 11 9:24 am

Whose turn is it?!? I wanna play!

Jan 16, 11 9:24 am

It's THuh's turn - post something.

Jan 17, 11 11:53 am

nobody is posting. only saw this recently:

the stairwell on the side is not original.

Feb 2, 11 7:30 am

mexico city...

Feb 4, 11 9:32 am

in an effort to keep this thread moving, I have been somewhat dishonest in gathering information on the latest clue:

Torre Insignia by Mario Peni Darqui - that picture is really misleading as to how triangulated that building really is...

Feb 21, 11 3:35 pm

again, in an effort to keep this thread moving, here is something i am sure a few archinectors will recognize:

Feb 21, 11 3:40 pm

A resurrection in celebration of 3.0

Apr 11, 11 1:33 pm

Agreed! Hopefully it can be the second life of this thread. That's Gray Organschi's Jesuit community center @ Fairfield.

The next:

Apr 11, 11 4:57 pm

...and simples' building from a couple of months ago is Allied Works' University of Michigan Museum of Art.

Apr 11, 11 6:09 pm

oooh allied works! it's "designed to LEED gold!" whatever that means...

Apr 12, 11 2:06 am

i just saw that house in a magazine, but I can remember which one...

Apr 12, 11 6:42 am


207 - it's in the one with all the portraits on the cover.

Apr 12, 11 11:03 am

Harry Weese - Shadowcliff

Apr 12, 11 11:59 am

Up next:

Maybe not the most flattering image, but one without clues in its url
Apr 12, 11 12:00 pm

I don't know, but I like it.

Apr 13, 11 2:18 pm
SDR  (Shadowcliff)

Apr 13, 11 3:28 pm

I somewhat recently came across that archive of affinities site SDR, one of my favorite blogs to check daily. Such a good collection of obscure oddities and lesser known architectural projects.

and 207, that's Breuer's St. Johns Abbey, strangely difficult to recognize without seeing the bell tower.

The next, a similar form:

Apr 13, 11 4:55 pm

very cool project... just wasted 30 mins google image searching every variation of the combination of gym, exhibition center, folded, bent, concrete, and roof you could imagine... and i got nada... ugh...

Apr 13, 11 6:50 pm

It's an impressive structure, a couple more images of it:

Located in northern switzerland. Architect has been fairly prolific over the last 50 years. Here's some more of his work:

Apr 14, 11 1:10 pm

I know who it is, but I'd have to pick another project and I'm not feeling inspired.

Apr 14, 11 3:33 pm

oh well...

studio vacchini, sportcenter in Mulimatt

phuyake - you can do another...

Apr 14, 11 3:39 pm

bah i KNEW it was a gym... damn you google image search.... let me down....

Apr 14, 11 4:28 pm

toast has got it. no time to post one now either, you want to take it letdown?

Apr 14, 11 5:23 pm

ok sure let me search the ole' image library real quick...

Apr 14, 11 5:37 pm

ok, there we go

Apr 14, 11 5:50 pm

another one to help it along...

Apr 15, 11 4:11 pm


Apr 18, 11 10:22 am

definitely looks Japanese, but not sure if I've seen it before... doesn't look like any of the sanaa projects.

Apr 18, 11 10:39 am

it is indeed japanese, ill post a couple more images...

Apr 18, 11 12:15 pm

its in tachikawa city, tokyo

Apr 18, 11 12:16 pm

so, do the japanese ever go, "perfect site cast concrete, what a cliché"?

Apr 18, 11 3:49 pm

took a little googling. Chiba Manabu architects' Stitch housing. I'm swamped right now, someone else want to post the next?

Apr 18, 11 5:07 pm

phuyake got it, whoever wants to post one, do it!

Apr 18, 11 6:17 pm

well, since no one posted, and for the sake of keeping this thread alive, here's a softball

Apr 19, 11 3:09 pm

looks like the roof structure in ando's pavilion

Apr 19, 11 3:22 pm

I know this one, it's kengo kuma, fashionable japanese architect :)

and now I know what to post, hang in there...

Apr 19, 11 4:41 pm

btw, it is a museum in japan and it is shaped like a wooden bridge because, if I understood this correctly, it is a museum of wooden bridges...

Apr 19, 11 4:44 pm

[img] width=415[/img]


Apr 19, 11 4:56 pm

i am so bad at posting images, i shouldn't be allowed on the internet

Apr 19, 11 4:58 pm

I have no idea what I am doing wrong, so if this second attempt doesn't work, just go to the address and see for yourself

[img] width=415 [/img]

Apr 19, 11 5:05 pm

you dont need to use those [img] things anymore... in the posting box, theres an automatic image posting feature... use that... 

Apr 19, 11 5:06 pm

here you go...

Apr 19, 11 5:07 pm

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