Name that Architect and Building!!!


apologies for the eurotrash spelling, I was cooking and typing at the same time. here is a close up of facade and architect:

Jun 13, 10 9:56 am

that would be walter unterrainer's passivhaus in feldkirch. walter's pretty amazing on the low-energy front.

Jun 13, 10 1:27 pm

keeping it along the same theme...

Jun 13, 10 1:32 pm

and no cheating!

Jun 13, 10 1:33 pm

now, that is either a mountain range at the back or one hell of a roof garden :)

Jun 13, 10 5:13 pm

but seriously, "along the same theme" would mean passivhaus and austria where everybody is taking good care to either be baumschlager & eberle or to look as if they were baumschlager und eberle...

with surroundings like above, minimalism makes a lot of sense, though.

Jun 13, 10 5:52 pm

seier is correct, passivhaus & austria. but not b&e. are you guys PH certified?

and agree, minimalism in pretty much all of the austrian countryside makes a lot of sense.

Jun 13, 10 7:26 pm

is that Switzerland?

Jun 13, 10 10:17 pm

nee, Österreich

Jun 14, 10 12:46 am

I don't think there is a PH certification in denmark yet. we have a right wing government that believes the environment is for crapping in - hence the failure of COP15...but we have done our first buildings according to german passivhaus standards. sadly, it is near impossible to convince clients to go further than the law dictates.

...and I wasn't being fair to austrian architecture earlier. in fact, what has been happening in that region is unique and the rest of the world should look, listen and learn.

Jun 14, 10 3:30 am

hey, our right wing craps on the environment all the time - they don't bat an eye when corporations do it, either., but my danish isn't as good as my german.

i didn't think you were being unfair to AT - i wish more buildings here would take away from the things going on there. definitely a lot everyone could learn from the austrians, especially with regards to construction, energy efficiency and prefab.

ugh, this makes me want to look for work in the EU again.

Jun 14, 10 4:26 am

thanks for showing me around Danish sites :)

we recently finished a kindergarten for the copenhagen municipality according to those standards so I am guessing the building was certified, but I only worked on the competition so I actually don't know.

frustratingly, the kindergarten was part of a much bigger refurbishment of a 1960's housing area which was not done to passivhaus standards, leaving the kindergarten a kind of token project. politics again.

Jun 14, 10 5:10 am

ok folks... this should be easy: largest passivhaus project in the world...

Jun 21, 10 1:25 pm

...heated only with the hot air of its architects...

Jun 22, 10 5:53 pm

hm, I googled "largest passivhaus project in the world" and got "eurogate" back. that sound like a parkinghouse or some political scandal in the EU, but turns out to be housing in vienna and not the one in your photo. so I google eurogate and up comes your project:

"Lodenarel in Innsbruck: das derzeit größte Passivhaus Österreichs."

here is everything you'll ever want to know about the lodenareal:

and here are the architects:

"din A4" - austrian humour?

Jun 22, 10 6:50 pm

yeah yeah! seier+seier is racking up the puntos.

Jun 22, 10 7:30 pm

and din A4 is an awesome firm name.

arch equivalent of the the?

Jun 22, 10 7:32 pm

after all that common sense...

or have you done this one already?

Jun 23, 10 10:52 am

wow, looks like it could fit in at charles de gaulle. I need hints.

Jun 23, 10 12:28 pm

well, the same angles can be found on the concrete exterior.

and much as I like the paris airport, this piece of brutalist regionalism looks so much more beautiful to me. at least in photos. it is found very far from copenhagen where I am sitting.

enough with the clues for now :)

Jun 23, 10 3:37 pm

ok, they weren't really clues, were they?

the building is found in a city famous for its temples

Jun 23, 10 3:38 pm

Jun 24, 10 6:25 pm

i assumed kyoto and still couldn't find it... my project finding skills are diminishing... noooooooo!!!!!

Jun 24, 10 6:32 pm

Kyoto International Conference Center
Sachio Otani

Jun 24, 10 6:38 pm
Jun 24, 10 6:50 pm

this one is EU... dutch, i think...

and belongs in the monopoly house thread. oh wait, that was just a tangent i had here in the NTAAB

Jun 24, 10 6:57 pm


I'm still a sucker for seamless 'roof-wall' connections holz. How I get one done in New Zealand is another question.
EU is correct.

Jun 24, 10 7:00 pm

well, i think the issue of seamless is a misnomer, i don't believe this is seamless thermopian, though the exterior paint/finish may be.

it's more about making the smooth transition between wall and roof.

Jun 24, 10 7:25 pm

Yeah, my 's were supposed to go around 'seamless' rather than roof-wall. I am tired after getting up to watch NZ draw with Paraguay...

Jun 24, 10 7:31 pm

Is this one built? For some reason when I saw it I thought it was a rendering

Jun 24, 10 8:18 pm

It is a render actually. But it is just about built too.

Jun 24, 10 8:35 pm

I think between the quality of the rendering and the nature of the material they're using for the cladding it's difficult to tell from some of the pictures; should be interesting to see completed.

Jun 24, 10 8:48 pm

moomoo, do you think they'll tire of that name?

Jun 25, 10 7:16 am

so that was moomoo from poland.

if it is OK with you, I'll return to brutalism with this baby:

from a city where brutalism is still alive and kicking

Jun 25, 10 9:15 am
seierplusseier in sao paulo...

Jun 27, 10 6:38 pm
de Architectura

Edifício FIESP - Rino Levi Arquitetos

Jun 27, 10 8:56 pm
de Architectura

Staying in Sao Paulo:

Jun 27, 10 9:10 pm

I remember seeing this one published on the internet, so it must be fairly recent. looks like housing.

Jul 1, 10 1:27 pm

That would be Königsberger Vannucchi Arquitetos top towers. Will post a new one in a few.

Jul 1, 10 1:41 pm

this one might be tough

Jul 1, 10 1:55 pm

it definitely has a razzle dazzle quality to it. I think more interesting than this architects very few built works are his dozens of master plan, campus, and housing proposals. Completely overlooked in the course of architectural history.

Jul 2, 10 9:53 am

ah, I know those from flickr :)

Enzo Venturelli

let's see: Casa-studio per lo scultore Mastroianni a Torino, 1953-1955

that was early...still I like the more clear-cut modernist stuff in your latter photos better.

Jul 2, 10 7:30 pm

somehow related:

Jul 3, 10 3:46 am

ok, taschen did a whole book on his work which didn't feature either architecture or design, because he was also a talented p...

Jul 6, 10 2:42 am


Jul 8, 10 8:51 am

...rearrange the following words into the correct answer...

"carlo torino from mollino"


Jul 16, 10 6:10 am

he wasn't a pornographer, he was a great photographer (of naked ladies!)

Jul 16, 10 10:23 am

I have no clue, but I like it. any exterior shots?

Jul 16, 10 11:00 am


this thread needs to come back.

Carlo Mollino - Teatro Regio in Turin. More here

the next:

Aug 12, 10 6:15 pm

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