Name that Architect and Building!!!


(edit) thanks :)

Apr 19, 11 5:12 pm

k... any guesses?

Apr 22, 11 10:16 am

kengo kuma, M2 building, Tokyo.


next up:


May 18, 11 5:05 pm

no one?  hint - it's in new england...

May 20, 11 10:25 am

It's a guess - is it the UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center?

May 23, 11 12:54 pm

correct - and the architect?

May 23, 11 1:11 pm

Kevin Roche (thank you Wikipedia)

OK, keeping it New England I present the embarrassment of New England:


May 23, 11 2:50 pm

is there sposed to be an image there? ^

May 23, 11 2:53 pm

ah.. looks like the NBA hall of fame

May 23, 11 3:00 pm

and i was gonna guess gwathmey siegel...and after googling i guess i'm right.

May 23, 11 3:03 pm

That's it.

I was graduating as this thing graced the front page of the local paper. Made me wonder what reaction I would have gotten in a crit where the program was a basketball hall of fame and I presented a giant ball.

May 23, 11 3:11 pm

i've passed it a few times going through springfield..

don't have time to post..anyone want to take up the next image?

May 23, 11 3:40 pm

Did it used to be housed in a different building before? I went a long time ago, and only really remember a rube goldberg machine with basketballs in the lobby, but not this monstrosity. eek.


I'll post another to keep it going:

May 23, 11 4:08 pm

apparently it was moved into this facility in 2000...prior to that it was in a building from 1985.

i lived for most of my life in MA and have never been to the NBA hall of fame...although i did see a basketball game with Barkley and Moses playing against Bird, McHale and Parish.

May 23, 11 5:32 pm

Yay -- heading for 5000 responses in 3.3 years !


Carlo Scarpa ?  M C Escher ?

May 23, 11 9:58 pm

Yeah it must've been the old building, since I think I went in the early 90s (father-son excursion). My Dad also had Celt's season tickets up until they moved to the new garden, so I got to see a couple of good games as well.


Another of the building in play, with the renumbering of the forum I just noticed we're on page 100 of this thread. Hope it stays alive:


May 24, 11 2:17 pm

Judging by the cars this photo must be from the early 70s?

May 24, 11 4:19 pm

1973 to be specific, on the coast of spain. one of many metabolist-like housing projects he was designing at the time.

May 24, 11 4:42 pm

Thanks for the hint!


La Muralla Roja, Ricardo Bofill

May 24, 11 5:25 pm

I apologize for the home-style photography.

May 24, 11 5:35 pm

ugh... damn it... i just spent 15 min trying to find this project... i can clearly read its a united methodist church from that first image... and still no luck... i must be the worst image searcher ever...

May 24, 11 6:36 pm


Good call. How did you know?

Hint: Orange County.


May 24, 11 7:14 pm

Garden Grove United Methodist Church...




why cant i find the architect... i get 1/2... someone finish it up and post?

May 25, 11 10:03 am

Oh, and the way i knew it was a methodist church is you can very barely make out the sign on the first image... 


even made out that it said "Grove" on the sign, but couldnt find the church from that alone...

May 25, 11 10:04 am

I've also seen Bofill's project called The Castle in reference to the Kafka novel. Seems like an insult to Kafak IMO.


May 25, 11 10:49 am

All right I'll try. This thread is too good:

This is one of my favorite project, that a friend of mine made me discover when I was a student a long time ago. Definitely in my top ten. A striking surprise when you visit it. I'm sure everybody knows it (especially people living in the concerned city).

May 25, 11 11:51 am

mleitner whos the architect for that church?

May 25, 11 12:00 pm

Sorry for dropping the ball on this.

letdown - good call on the sign. I actually visited the church a few days ago. It's amazing, but no reference to the architect. After emailing the church administration, they did some research and found out that it was Hal C. Whittemore who designed the sanctuary, built in 1966.


He also designed the Stair of Creation Chapel

as well as the Bel Air Presbyterian Church, 1960. I also found a reference to a Department of Employment building in Santa Monica but couldn't find an image.

May 25, 11 6:50 pm

So, what's the grand prize here?

May 26, 11 8:34 am

Arcilook. You get to post the next building.

May 26, 11 12:27 pm

don't mind my post then. sorry.

May 26, 11 3:47 pm

French yours is definitely still in play; I don't know it, but I'm getting a south american vibe from it; the structural connection in the third image is beautiful. Is it a collegiate building?

May 26, 11 4:19 pm

yeah i was getting a south american vibe too... but then... all the people in the picture look (pardon my political un-correctness) too white... so i was thinking spain?

May 26, 11 5:17 pm

french - looks like sao paulo - maybe in parque ibirapuera?


never mind -wrong guess

May 26, 11 5:18 pm

think we might need a hint... im trying to figure out what city that is... 

was looking australia as well? cant seem to find any clues...

May 26, 11 6:26 pm

Toasteroven, your guess was good.

May 27, 11 3:11 am

phuyaké, it's not directly related to education...

May 27, 11 3:12 am

I was really close - I knew it was sao paulo.


centro cultural sao paulo, Eurico Prado Lopes, architect.


that was a good one.  I'll see if I can find something else...

May 27, 11 9:16 am

thanks for playing guys. If I manage to answer corectly, to play by the rules, I'll try to find a harder one. Good job toaster!


May 27, 11 9:35 am

ok  - let's try this one - bonus points if you can figure out who the architect is.

and a detail of the door:

May 27, 11 9:43 am

Charity Tower At The Shrine Of The Little Flower In Detroit...


Not sure of the architect, but i see listed several sculptors and what not such as...


Rene Paul Chambellan, Robert Rambusch and Mario Agustin Locsin y Montenegro

May 27, 11 9:51 am

correct - you get next.

May 27, 11 10:16 am

ok ill do a more recent one.  Not the most extravagant building, but i particularly like this detail...




May 27, 11 10:41 am

From the level of detail, I guess this is northern Europe. Or Japan maybe?

May 27, 11 11:06 am

a few more building features...

May 27, 11 11:36 am

trees look like east coast to me, maybe vermont or canada?

May 28, 11 2:19 pm

cool, i found it, Communication, Culture and Technology Building University of Toronto Mississauga

Saucier + Perrotte architectes

May 28, 11 2:23 pm


May 28, 11 4:24 pm

Sorry for the delay! 


grnapple is right, nice job...   i like this project... and as i mentioned above, i like the little move that the glazed spandrels are actually a bit more reflective than the glazing...   anyway...


your turn!

May 31, 11 11:48 am

is this the image you meant to post grnapple?

May 31, 11 12:27 pm

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