Project Management software for Landscape Arch. firm?


I work for a small but growing private-sector landscape architecture firm (about 10 employees, each manager working on about 10 different projects...) and am trying to find a software that would aid our project managers in organization, planning, meeting deadlines, etc. etc. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations or advice?

I've looked into Microsoft Project and Primavera Planning software. Ideally need something  easy to learn and manipulate. Would love to hear feedback on these and/or how such software is helpful in the industry.



Dec 6, 12 6:40 pm

you could try the RationalPlan (, Multi version will allow each manager to control concurrent projects, basically that will help you plan, estimate costs, set deadlines, etc. If you also need collaboration or maybe access access rights, access for customers, etc then you could go ahead for the server which is available both as a service (subscription model) or you can install your own server. Basically they do the same thing as Primavera or MS Project, are kind of equivalent programs only those will cost you arm and leg :)

Dec 7, 12 4:49 am

thanks for your response!

We have a pretty organized server system now but there is definitely need for some greater efficiency in planning/setting & meeting deadlines. Most of our managers are pretty set in their ways, however, and transitioning to a new, separate tool might take some work. Curious if you've had experience working with this or other planning software? Any other advice is greatly appreciated.

Dec 10, 12 11:35 am

we're using it in day by day planing/tracking. We came from MS Project but that's really expensive so we switched to a more budget friendly solution :)

I suggest you to start with the Multi version (works on all major platforms, only requires Java) and see there how you can quickly create a plan, if you find it suitable for your need and start feeling the need for multiple user access ( maybe real time, you might want your resources to see their assignments via browser, want to allow limited access  for your customers or management, etc.) then you can also install the server (actually they also offer you an online account SaaS model  if you prefer that and don't have a problem having your data stored on their servers and access over the internet)

Dec 10, 12 11:52 am

Dec 10, 12 3:26 pm
We use Ajera
Feb 8, 13 2:18 pm

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