Yo Mama, Architectural Style....


your mom is so dumb she still complains about modernism

Dec 8, 12 12:42 pm

yo mama so dumb, she believed everything they taught her.

Dec 8, 12 5:38 pm

Your momma so fat when she goes over the edge she is taking the whole architecture profession with her and we will not be coming back.

Dec 8, 12 5:54 pm

Yo momma sooo dumb, she thought Thomas Kincaid paintings were created in situ.

Dec 8, 12 6:44 pm

yo momma so dumb, she thought Brucemau was a  fish dish in a Chinese Restaurant.,  made with alphabet  Chinese noodles.

Dec 8, 12 8:08 pm

Wait, BruceMau isn't a fish dish? Damnit.

Dec 8, 12 8:37 pm
ka em

Your momma so large, just to change her looks will require council permit.

Dec 9, 12 1:27 am

Your mama's so fat, she's everyone's abutter...

Dec 9, 12 1:34 pm

It is necessary to qualify the term "yo mama" so as to diminish its critical scope from
such conservative policies as Populism or sentimental Regionalism with which it has often been associated. In order to ground "yo mama" in a rooted yet critical strategy, it is helpful to appropriate the term "yo mama so fat" as coined by Alex Tzonis and Liliane Lefaivre in "The Grid and Yo Mama" (1981); in this essay they caution against the ambiguity of Yo Mama Reformism, as this has become occasionally manifest since the last quarter of the 19th century:

"Yo Mama has dominated architecture in almost all countries at some time during the past two centuries and a half. By way of general definition we can say that it upholds the individual and local architectonic features against more universal and abstract ones. In addition, however, Yo Mama bears the hallmark of ambiguity. On the one hand, it has been associated with being mad fat;. . . on the other, it has proved a powerful tool of repression and chauvinism. . . . Certainly, Yo Mama has its limitations. The upheaval of the weight watchers movement– a more developed form of Yo Mama – has brought to light these weak points. Yo Mama can emerge without a new kind of relations between designer and pure fattiness, without out new kinds of programs. . . . Despite these limitations Yo Mama is a fatty bridge over which any humanistic architecture of the future must pass."

Dec 10, 12 2:38 pm

Darkman wins.

Dec 10, 12 8:49 pm

Yo Mama's so big, architects design their buildings to face her as a "significant view"

Dec 10, 12 9:42 pm
tranz kafka

yo skinny mama and the guy from gaza go to a strip club in tel aviv and the bouncer says to the guy from gaza,

"dude you have to diffuse the rocket in your pocket and two drinks are minimum"  

and the guy from gaza says,

"habibi that's a diet pill fo yo mama!"

and everybody turns into cockroaches.

Dec 11, 12 12:29 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

yo mama mia!  by ABBA 

yo mama mia here i go again

my my how can i resist you

yo mama mia does it show again

Dec 11, 12 6:59 am

yo momma so black I use her pic as sillouette people in my renderings.

Dec 11, 12 3:27 pm

Your mama's so big she needed a variance

Your mama's so big she needed buttresses

Your mamma's so fat her form follows funions

Dec 11, 12 4:44 pm

Yo mama's so BIG, she talks in diagrams.

Dec 11, 12 9:54 pm

your mom is s dumb she copies things from 1920's AIA standards...and she thinks she is free. LOL

Dec 11, 12 11:11 pm

Yo momma so fat, this is her lunch box....

Yo momma so fat, barrier-free is no longer barrier-free

Dec 12, 12 9:28 am

Yo mama's so ugly she won an AIA award

Yo mama's so fat she has all hips and no valleys

Yo mama's so stupid she paid for an AIA membership

Yo mama's so fat she uses collar ties to keep her pants on

Yo mama's so poor she lives in the "gutter"

Dec 12, 12 10:39 am

Yo momma's so fat OVERKILL just committed suicide thinking about removing all her duplicate geometry

Dec 17, 12 3:01 pm

yo mama so dumb she showed up at the city bldg dept. to shop

Dec 17, 12 3:22 pm

yo mama so dumb she bought glasses for the renovation to apt. 3d

Dec 17, 12 3:23 pm

Yo mama so ugly, my computer burst into flames just doing rendering of her face.

Yo mama so fat, her skin has a R-38 value.

Dec 20, 12 2:34 pm

yo mama so retarded we use her as a vapor barrier

Dec 20, 12 4:19 pm

yo momma so fat she used BIG's new tower in Phoenix for a dildo.

Dec 20, 12 5:08 pm

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