Emmanuele Lo Giudice,  Renovatio Urbis Venetiarum

Oct 10, 12 10:34 am
i r giv up

i want these 15 seconds back.

Oct 10, 12 11:01 am

Artist's shit (1961), by Piero Manzoni

Oct 10, 12 1:23 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

...the true prototype of postmodern architecture?

Oct 10, 12 4:18 pm

For the item in Orhan's post:  I think you'll want to send the can-opener through the dishwasher at least twice...

Oct 10, 12 4:44 pm


Oct 10, 12 4:55 pm

da- little box architecture is where it is at... greenie  lil box is even better.

Oct 10, 12 9:17 pm

Except, Manzoni's shit is selling around $200,000 a can these days and museums around the world are competing to get one.

Oct 10, 12 11:14 pm
chatter of clouds

puts the art in the fart

Oct 11, 12 6:21 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

"Robert Venturi" set ;)

Oct 11, 12 8:00 am

stacks up and sideways.

Oct 11, 12 8:09 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Oct 11, 12 8:20 am

why can't kids just play with building blocks?  once you start your phenomological wholeness crap, and tell them they're derivative works of postmodernists, aren't you stripping away pretty much everything good and creative?

you're breaking it.  let it go.  enjoy it or don't.  a can of meat or a kid's toy doesn't need analyzed and classified.

Oct 11, 12 9:38 am

I am surprised with the lack of acknowledgement of Manzoni's work vis a vis Arte Povera, Conceptual Art, materiality in art etc.., and so on.

I wonder if pages of passionate arguments and word dressing in various threads here are really equivalent to fart-ins?

But anyway, let's keep it to architecture in box topic. Architecture of shit must be addressed and given a place in the discourse.

Oct 11, 12 11:53 am
chatter of clouds

thats some catty shit there

Oct 11, 12 12:13 pm

not really

Oct 11, 12 12:18 pm
chatter of clouds

furthermore, i am not a catholic and  have no interest in scatology or urine as means of expression. (the likes of manzoni and serrano). blood, well thats something else. an early wishing of sad ashura everyone.

Oct 11, 12 12:19 pm

might as well say you have no interest in art, because there are a lot of shit and piss in it.

on the latter, enjoy it tammuz one of them is yours...

Oct 11, 12 12:42 pm

maybe he enjoys art, just not art that exists only for a critic's critique

Oct 11, 12 12:51 pm

200k for a can of shit.  Is this where those bush tax cuts are going?

Oct 12, 12 1:30 am
boy in a well

uhhh What in a box?


B. Munari.

Oct 13, 12 2:27 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

curtkram - with this idea I would (also) like to point out some similarities between "postmodern architecture" and construction toys for children.

I am not surprised that architects drew inspiration from toys for children, other artists did it.

Oct 13, 12 7:52 am
boy in a well

me think it be a tuff sell that architects were influenced by toys. Im sure you can find some who agree, and there are artists and designers (like Munari) who made a lot of things for children, but beyond that, that thought might well be the path better not taken. Its all fun until someone gets hurt, or until the blocks ofTerragni's Sarafatti are compared to, uh, blocks.

Oct 13, 12 5:31 pm

First Floor Bathroom small box

Second Floor Bathroom smaller box. but Architecture...

Oct 13, 12 6:48 pm

Frank Wright also messed around with wooden Blocks.

Bruce Goff said, screw it and messed around with anything at hand.

Oct 13, 12 6:53 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

its interesting to think the reversal of Lo Giudice's strategy in pasting the brand-name-item of architecture onto a box, to mimic a supermarket product, saying as souvenirs-architecture can equally be associated with consumerism.

Oct 14, 12 5:53 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

apocalipipstick - 2 tanx 2 u

Oct 19, 12 4:47 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

green houses in Monopoly

Oct 26, 12 2:19 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos


E. Lo Giudice, The New Via Appia

Oct 28, 12 6:27 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Ric Warren - Follies (an investigation into the architecture of Florence), 2009.

Oct 28, 12 6:46 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Ric Warren, Monuments, 2009

Oct 28, 12 6:50 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Pre-Cycled Modular Algae Bioreactor, Boston.

Squared Design Lab: & Höweler+Yoon.

Oct 29, 12 4:23 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

E. Lo Giudice, The New Via Appia

Oct 30, 12 12:30 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

Giorgio Spiller, Cacca Dura e Cacca Molla

Nov 3, 12 7:13 am

Architecture out box

Nov 4, 12 10:45 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Rachel Whiteread - Embankment

Nov 13, 12 4:20 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

Design an architectural masterpiece with this set of forty-four hand-scrolled and turned wooden blocks in eleven different shapes. This natural finish, smooth-sanded hardwood block set is packaged in a handsome, wooden storage crate for easy storage. Great value! Dimensions: 4.5" x 15" x 12" Packaged Recommended Ages: 3+ years

Nov 14, 12 5:26 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Objects dans la foret, Alberto Savinio

TOYS in the forest

Nov 20, 12 5:55 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

architectural orders box set

Design your order of architecture with this set of wooden blocks in different shapes. This natural finish, smooth-sanded hardwood block set is packaged in a handsome, wooden storage crate for easy storage. Great value!

Apr 3, 13 4:32 pm

953 pieces for many hours of fun and constructive playtime

Apr 3, 13 7:57 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

The Lego Architecture Fallingwater set is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece

Apr 17, 13 2:01 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

...and after Manzoni, what? Architect's PooPoo

Sep 9, 13 5:18 am

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