Reynolds in da house.

Jan 22, 09 2:27 pm


Jan 22, 09 2:45 pm

The three of us can form our a little contingent. What do you say?

Jan 22, 09 3:12 pm

hmm...what exactly would this contingent do? and perhaps more importantly, what would we call ourselves?

Jan 22, 09 5:10 pm

Option Explicit
'Script written by Pixelwhore
'Script copyrighted under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0
'Script version Thursday, January 22, 2009 5:27:24 PM

Call Pointless_script()
Sub Pointless_script()

Call Rhino.TextOut("I swear, this is how I write most of the time now... or at least thats how it feels!")

End Sub

Jan 22, 09 5:36 pm

that would be a bummer.

Jan 22, 09 7:15 pm

I have severe handwriting vanity. I love that there is a thread about it. it's not that i think mine is great, i just spend a lot of time thinking about how it should be. one time a product rep. called my handwriting 'cute.' i was so deflated.

Jan 22, 09 7:42 pm


Jan 22, 09 9:44 pm
Jan 22, 09 9:55 pm
Jan 22, 09 10:13 pm

'deliberate.' 'structured.' 'intelligent.' all of these are better adjectives than 'cute.' when i explained these troubles to my bf he told me to 'keep the crazy in.'

Jan 22, 09 10:15 pm
Jan 22, 09 11:49 pm

We should call ourselves 'The Artists Formerly Known as the Bug'. Obviously, our logo would be a morphed version of the bug.

Jan 23, 09 10:06 am

(not my handwriting)

Jan 23, 09 5:27 pm
Time Magazine: Mourning the Death of Handwriting

Interesting article. Farewell, cursive.

Jul 27, 09 5:37 pm

Just thought this was a cool image, and it speaks of lefty presidents...

Aug 6, 09 4:36 pm
Distant Unicorn

Oh god, some of you have beautiful handwriting.

My handwriting is horrifying.

Aug 6, 09 4:45 pm

Bump. I have nothing new to add, but I think this should be revisited. :)

Aug 24, 11 12:13 pm

My to-do list for the day.

Aug 24, 11 1:13 pm


Oct 30, 12 5:30 pm

A former student of mine (high school age) just Facebooked me a photo of her handwriting on a sheet of notes she's taking in class - and pointed out that she writes in all caps now all the time!  There is no escape.

Oct 30, 12 8:39 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)

Oh yes there is. :)

Architecture school stole my handwriting, and I have resolved to take it back.  Since first year in school, thirty years ago, I have block-lettered all of my personal correspondence.  A few weeks back, I decided to teach myself to write the way I was taught in grade school.  After a lot of hard work at it, including several episodes of backsliding,  I have re-learned to write in a cursive "business" handwriting style. 

And it feels great.

Oct 30, 12 9:06 pm

Pics or it didn't happen.

Oct 31, 12 2:12 am
Erik Evens (EKE)

here you go:


Oct 31, 12 7:41 pm

well, i can find a way to get linking from flickr to work, but considering i did all the work already I might as well link it


fix me!

Nov 1, 12 9:44 am

postal's image in forum form.  i hope this helps.

i have seen country blueprint font postal.  it makes me think you should be ecstatic that your firm went with arial narrow.  thank goodness the powers that be were able resit the obvious temptation of comic sans too. 

pupcat can be a little hard to read and probably uncommon on other people's computers if you were sending cad files to consultants without the e-transmit button.

cursive should die.

Nov 1, 12 2:09 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)

We humans need to write occasionally with pen on paper.  That's why they call it HANDwriting. :)

I find cursive writing to be much easier on the body for taking lots of notes.  Block lettering is, err.....cramp-producing.  And for me cursive is a lot faster.  Why would you want it to die?   I vote for it to continue to live. :)

Nov 1, 12 5:14 pm

Sometimes i change font styles multiple times and then print them out for no reason!


it feels great!

Mar 4, 13 9:51 pm

I find cursive writing to be much easier on the body for taking lots of notes.  Block lettering is, err.....cramp-producing.  And for me cursive is a lot faster.

I'm sorry to see the decline of cursive writing.   I've always had neat textbook cursive which has NOT changed.  The question is also whether you believe in graphology - what your cursive says about you.  Professional profilers have used it - with success. My printing is neat, and uses both upper and lower case.  It would approximate the exact same font seen on these posts. 

Mar 5, 13 12:06 am

Can people identify (without knowing the identity of the submitter) if the submitter is a male or female just by looking at their handwriting? 

Mar 5, 13 8:08 am


Today is the "Handwriting Day"

Mine is on the top of second page.

Jan 23, 14 1:56 pm

does anybody know of free software that might allow me to develop my own TTF?

Jan 23, 14 2:26 pm
Erik Evens (EKE)

In grade school, I was taught to write in a classic business cursive hand.  Then, off to ARCH school, and they made me block letter page after page. I began to block letter like an automaton, and do that exclusively for 30 years.   Architecture stole my cursive handwriting.  

About five years ago I decided to reclaim my handwriting, and I retaught myself to write in cursive script.  It is SO MUCH EASIER on the hand and wrist...and it's much more expressive. 

Jan 23, 14 4:33 pm

Oh geez, I'm 'old school'... last generation of hand drafters.  So, young interns spent the better part of a the first month learning the 'office font' (and getting bloody noses running blueprints).  By that I mean days and days of writing notes.  Triangle for the vertical lines, tapered lead with strong horizontals at a slight cant using your lead holder, sandpaper wedge, and sharpener.  3/32" height.  Everyone had to do it exactly the same. Why was so you couldn't tell 15 different people worked on a drawing... Ah, the old days.  Hell, the handwritten notes on drawings even stayed after the first cad drawings because the only font was simplex; AND WE WERE NOT ENGINEERS!!  Drawings were art to us.

Personally, I use really sloppy cursive for anything I'll only see... it's fast.  AND, at one point I knew shorthand; A lost language... Since no one can read my cursive intermingled with some shorthand shortcuts, I use upper and lower case for important notes to call attention to something, all caps for redlines that should go on the drawings.

Jan 23, 14 4:40 pm

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