Jun 4, 07 5:38 pm

for all the lefties (myself not included)...

I always have found these funny:

I don't think normal toothbrushes are biased, as to which hand you use, but mostly I have always been entertained by the way these special 'lefty' toothbrushes look unusually like hairbrushes.

Jun 4, 07 5:58 pm

don't knock dexterity-preferential dental care products!

Jun 4, 07 5:59 pm

Im just jealous =(

Jun 4, 07 6:00 pm
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

Down with rightie!!!!!

Jun 4, 07 6:07 pm

there are more of us righties than there are of you!!! =P

Jun 4, 07 6:37 pm

the fact that I am writing love letters on the back of a window schedule....

Jun 4, 07 6:46 pm

i exclusively use those toothbrushes! it started out by just being charmed that they are made, but then i learned that i like the way it fits in my hand, and i like the large head!
then i learned that they received a design award...i think?

Jun 4, 07 6:52 pm
Jun 4, 07 6:59 pm

this is one of those fun threads. I'm loving it. The coolest thing is seeing WK's hand writing before my postcard arrives. Yiipppee!

Pity I can't show my scrall (otherwise referred to as my chicken scratches) - i will attempt to when i get to the office. Anyone fancy a personal message?

Jun 4, 07 7:24 pm

for the lefties I love...

from a righty (somtimes)

Jun 4, 07 7:34 pm
Jun 4, 07 7:37 pm

my handwriting has morphed so much over the years.

there was a time where i was printing all my letters, but not picking the pen up between them. the effect was a beautiful but nearly illegible cursive of sorts.

i've never won any marks for penmanship, but i like the way it looks. it screams ME, so i'm okay with it.

there's some really nice lettering going on up there...SK that's quite a style you have. how in the hell did you develop that one?!?

Jun 4, 07 7:38 pm

taken with a camera - if you can't read it, that why. Honest its not my bad handwriting. Sad that my dad has far better handwriting

Jun 4, 07 7:49 pm

actually it's pretty legible!

Jun 4, 07 8:06 pm

I can't see the picture, a-techno.... but is it too late to request a personnal note?

tumbles would like one, please!

Jun 4, 07 9:27 pm

I'm sorry hun, I emailed it personally to you (wink)

Cris you just made my night...glad it ain't so bad

Jun 4, 07 11:16 pm
liberty bell

Stourley, I can read everything hre, including sevesixfive's, except yours. So opaque. Beautiful indeed, but opaque.

Jun 4, 07 11:20 pm

I'll reveal the secret, if you promise not to tell, in order to "decipher" my coded "language" you must tip the paper - or monitor - so that the bottom edge of the sheet - or screen - is perpendicular to your nose. The foreshortened text then makes itself legible. Ta-Da!

I'm like Criss Angel - Mindfreak!

Jun 4, 07 11:26 pm

This thread is fantastic. Thanks architechno!

Stourley, you may run the book club but you are definitely not allowed to be "club secretary", LOL.....

Jun 4, 07 11:59 pm
Jun 5, 07 12:32 am
Jun 5, 07 1:10 am


too bad they don't have spell checks for hands..

Jun 5, 07 1:10 am

stourley, i picked up on what i needed to do when i was at work yesterday SO i now know that you're direction to tilt the screen or look from above or below is hopelessly old school. doesn't work on an lcd screen at all. everything just becomes shadowy - and even more enigmatic. ; )

Jun 5, 07 8:07 am

Danny - Your handwriting is a spiting image of my boss'. So much so, that I actually checked your profile to make sure you weren't him.

But, just in case you are him, don't forget I am taking tomorrow off and I'll be back on the 18th. I know you'll miss me so I am leaving my CDs on my desk - free reign for you to listen. Also if the developer calls asking for me, tell him I said that I loathe working for him. Thanks!

Jun 5, 07 8:37 am

Steven, good point, I forgot about the LCD problem.

Jun 5, 07 9:16 am
Jun 5, 07 2:33 pm
Jun 5, 07 3:17 pm

I tried at the beginning....then panicked because I was running out of room. thank god for computers...

Jun 5, 07 4:12 pm

I heart that you have AutoCAD and archinect simultaneously on your screen.

Jun 5, 07 4:20 pm

ha ha ha ha, yeah, i think a lot of us do too!

Jun 5, 07 4:21 pm

ps...I thought i wrote it like a 7th grader because it felt like I was passing a virtual note in class.

but I guess that's what IM-ing is for....

we use to do that all the time in studio.

drove the profs nuts.

Jun 5, 07 4:22 pm

hehehe....archinect small box - autocad big box.

Jun 5, 07 4:23 pm
Jun 5, 07 4:23 pm

this could get crazy

Jun 5, 07 4:27 pm
Jun 5, 07 4:45 pm
Jun 5, 07 4:53 pm

here we go. i write mostly on grid paper:

Jun 5, 07 5:17 pm
brian buchalski

when i was in sales i taught myself how to write upside down for those times when i sitting across the table from clients...actually not too hard to do & usually a nice "wow" factor when people realize what you're doing

and there's just something sinister about lefties so i never really got into that

Jun 5, 07 6:15 pm

Oh no you didn't!!

Jun 5, 07 6:21 pm

I agree seems like everyone in my life is a lefty (my brother, roommate, best friend, etc.)

There’s something “off” about all of them. it's just not right.

Let-alone the constant arguments I have with them when they complain they can't do something cause they're a lefty...WHEN IT'S SYMMETRICAL!>!>>!>! WTF, if something is symmetrical (i.e. the pizza cutter) it is NOT easier for me (the RIGHTy) to use than it is for you.

Jun 5, 07 6:27 pm

;) yes. i said it.

Jun 5, 07 6:29 pm

Oh no you didnt!!! (again)

Jun 5, 07 6:36 pm

steering clear of the rightie/leftie debacle, i must say i taught myself to read upside down a long time ago but puddles' comment has just inspired me to learn to write upside down. which hasn't been as hard as it sounded. solid use of about 10 minutes, will have to return for more practice. cool procrastination excuse.

Jun 5, 07 6:47 pm

oh yes I di_____id. *snap*

Jun 5, 07 6:56 pm

*waring, second hand story*

a guy I used to work with would talk about a prof he had, who would simoutainiously write with one hand, and sketch with the other... anyone known somebody that could do this?

Jun 5, 07 6:59 pm

do lefties use the mouse with the left hand? or does it matter?

oops, and that was *warning*

Jun 5, 07 7:01 pm

oh tumbles...don't get my started on those ambidextrous weirdo's

Jun 5, 07 7:01 pm

i used to paint for years with my left hand. And apparently I used to draw with it too, but my parents used to tell me to use my other hand. Wtf?

Anyhow my dad was a tech a planning board in his youth, prior to becoming a financial advisor, his writing still shows remnaces of his previous profession. disgustingly so, even his signature has that look.

Jun 5, 07 7:03 pm

hmmm...look what I came across

Jun 5, 07 7:03 pm

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