hmm, the pizza cutter i use is not in fact symmetrical. the blade is held on one side of the handle (the right), like so:

what kind do you use? (yes, i am procrastinating...)

Jun 5, 07 7:47 pm
Jun 5, 07 8:00 pm

the other side looks identical...identically symmetrical.

I am procrastinating too...and going home...ciao.

Jun 5, 07 8:01 pm

hahhahahhah, cris!

Jun 5, 07 8:02 pm


Jun 5, 07 8:03 pm

i mouse with my right.

..and puddles sinister reference shouldn't be taken as a pejorative. for those not left-centric, a little etymology primer:

words based on root for left = sinister, gauche

words based on root for right = right(!), rectitude, adroit

see a pattern?

Jun 5, 07 9:02 pm
Jun 5, 07 9:22 pm

years of graffiti to get my writing that illegible.

Jun 5, 07 9:23 pm
liberty bell

Knock off the word "horrible", Q., and you'd correct.

re: a smaller population of older people being lefties, isn't that ebcause in the dark ages of 50 years ago they used to beat the elft-handedness out of children, thinking it was deviant? These days we're much more relaxed and hopefully knowledgeable about those things - Angus draws with both, though he is better with his right, but we don't push either.

Jun 5, 07 9:30 pm

liberty bell,

It was always one of those things I loved about Kirby Lockard, it was his ability to hold chaulk in both hands and draw away on the chaulk board in various colors so you could grasp what the hell he was doing.
It was really a visual symphony, which I hold inside my head to this day.

Jun 5, 07 9:41 pm
liberty bell

Right, snooker, I do remember him doing that - he's a fantastic TEACHER, in the best sense of that word.

Jun 5, 07 9:43 pm

Favorite moments of this thread so far:

-Orhan's chronological diagram of a puppy problem (still worried about Daisy, need to check TC)

-WhatToDo's pretty handwriting and subsequent initiation of a "screen capture vortex"

-the lefties threatening to start a revolution (sorry I'm a righty too)

Jun 5, 07 9:44 pm

righty here....but did learn to write with my left hand when I was 17....because of a severe accident which almost took my right arm....
crushed by a cement truck.....went back to using my right cause it was so much more comfortable.... even tryed my toes that summer.

Jun 5, 07 10:46 pm

Louis Kahn was ambidextrious

reknown for drawing different things with both hands..if was described by some students as "freaky"

Jun 5, 07 11:19 pm


Jun 5, 07 11:30 pm

LB is spot dad was a natural lefty and in England, in the 50's, it simply was not tolerated. It wasn't an option. My mom, also a brit, went to boarding school from age 8-17 and she said that the left-handers were swatted with a ruler if caught writing in "such an improper manner".

My brother, in 1980's South Africa, was trained to "write properly" which effed him up completely as he couldn't write right handed and so now he writes left-handed (but really badly). he curls his into a spiral as he attempts to reach the page- it's kinda sad. he plays golf lefty, tennis right, snowboards goofy, mouse w/ the right....he's a total mess. (but what do you want from an accountant).

I, my friends, am normal ;0)

Quilian- I think your writing is pretty pretty!

Thank you WK…. and a left-handed revolution could never work- they couldn't hold the weapons properly!

tee hee

Jun 6, 07 1:20 am hendrix couldn't hold his guitar properly...

; )

Jun 6, 07 7:16 am

My mother is left-handed and grew up in Colombia, South America. She told me horror stories about her Catholic boarding school. The nuns used to make her to pray while kneeling on wooded rosary beads and ask God to forgive her for being left-handed while praying the entire rosary. Please note: the entire rosary. Not just a decade, but the whole sha-bang. That is much more time consuming. After those attempts failed, they would tie her left hand down to the back of the chair.

She never gave up on her left hand and she is now ambidextrous chic.

Jun 6, 07 7:21 am

i've heard before that carlo scarpa could draw with both hands at the same time and that he would draw a plan with one hand and a corresponding elevation with the other...

Jun 6, 07 8:40 am

I'm a lefty too. But I mouse right handed at work (but left handed otherwise). That ends up meaning on a Mac (Vectorworks, SketchUp, Cinema4D, Illustrator, Photoshop) I mouse lefty, but on Windows (AutoCAD) I mouse righty. I think maybe it helps my brain keep commands separate. I can hand draft righty, but it doesn't look quite as good as lefty, and without a straightedge to 'lean' on my right hand cant sketch or write. Any kind of stick and ball sport I do righty, but I can shoot pool lefty and I snowboard and bike goofy footed.

I think being left handed makes you end up naturally somewhat ambidextrious, at least on this right handed planet.

Jun 6, 07 10:40 am
Jun 6, 07 12:02 pm

hmm... pehaps i should stick to RomanS

Jun 6, 07 12:20 pm
Jun 6, 07 12:25 pm


Jun 11, 07 11:12 am

speaking of dogs...

(this is not my handwriting sample)

Jun 11, 07 11:26 am

Is cat piss okay though?

Jun 12, 07 6:34 pm
FOG Lite

I heard the sketch while simultaneously taking notes story about Calatrava from a co-worker.

Handwriting? Who DOES that anymore? That's sooo 20th century.

Jul 7, 07 12:24 pm

After 30 yaers in this business, I can now write upside down as I sit accross the table from my client. My upside down printing is neater than my right side up printing. I type so much, my regular handprinting has completely deteriorated.

Jul 7, 07 1:52 pm

show us~

Mar 25, 08 11:22 am

ah, great bump... this was an awesome thread...

mines already here, lets get some more

Mar 25, 08 11:35 am

I saw this one and thought it appropriate to share - t'is for Sarah and Liberty bell

Mar 25, 08 12:28 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Aw Techno, thank you! Although, I will try to at least warn Abram of the harsh differences between the proffessional and academic worlds.

Mar 25, 08 12:50 pm

Mar 31, 08 10:24 am

has anyone else forgotten how to write in cursive? i didn't realize that i had until i took the GRE again back in november... before they let you into the test you have to rewrite a statement about how you're not going to cheat and it requires you to do it in cursive... i had a small panic attack when i realized that i hadn't written in cursive for over 10 years... i butchered my way through it, but it wasn't pretty...

Mar 31, 08 7:32 pm

I cringe at the thought of my current cursive state.

Mar 31, 08 7:35 pm
Mar 31, 08 9:25 pm
Mar 31, 08 10:16 pm

sweet! I want that on an t-shirt!

Apr 3, 08 4:03 pm

I have pretty horrible handwriting when not trying. On a 2 week! lettering assignment first year I was soo nervous that this freak professor was going to fail me b/c my handwriting was poor. I misspelled my name on the final lettering assignment. I think I passed because of that.

Apr 4, 08 9:49 am

Jan 21, 09 3:29 pm
liberty bell

Actually, it reminds me a bit of Steven's, and Steven is also left-handed.

Thanks for posting this, n_!

Jan 21, 09 3:50 pm

still one of my all time favorite threads... im gonna post a new sample soon

Jan 21, 09 3:54 pm

not as much handwriting as they are doodles... but they were the only things scanned and on my hard drive!

Jan 21, 09 4:18 pm


Jan 21, 09 4:28 pm
Sarah Hamilton

lletdown, that mustve been one boring meeting/class. Wow.

Jan 21, 09 5:10 pm

it was a very boring tele conference with a client on the other side of the world... so not only was it boring, but it was around 10-11pm

Jan 21, 09 5:18 pm

lletdownl, have you guys had any layoffs at your firm? Also, is Mr. Reynolds still there? I haven't heard from him in a few months.

Jan 21, 09 9:11 pm

no layoffs per se, though we've had a couple firings which appeared to use the economy as an excuse. we seem to have enough to keep us going for a while, and there are some interesting competitions coming up. Mr. Reynolds is indeed still here, ill tell him to drop you a line.

Jan 22, 09 9:56 am

Please do. I had his email address but now it's M.I.A.

Jan 22, 09 10:38 am

Yea that Reynolds boy is still hangin in there. He only has n_'s GSPnet email though.

Jan 22, 09 11:07 am

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