Jun 4, 07 8:27 am
Jun 4, 07 8:55 am

it's funny watching all the cool people in class try to take notes in their cool all-caps architecture handwriting. it's like they spend like a minute trying to write each word and then end up with less than a paragraph by the time the lecture is over.

no one is going to read their sketchbooks.

Jun 4, 07 8:59 am
Jun 4, 07 9:15 am

i haven't written a lower case letter in about 10 years.

i never took notes in class.

Jun 4, 07 9:16 am
vado retro

this isn't writing. this is lettering. i am an excellent letterer, but a lousy handwriter. i am also lefthanded.

Jun 4, 07 9:29 am
Queen Monkey

(sigh) I feel so inferior!......
I’ve been in architecture (studying & working) since 1997 and I still haven’t been able to write like you guys. Does that mean that I’m a bad architect?.....
Also, I absolutely hate capital letters and try to avoid them at all costs - what does that ay about me?......

Jun 4, 07 9:35 am
Jun 4, 07 9:49 am
vado retro


Jun 4, 07 10:15 am

Great thread! We've had a number of good threads lately....

postal, that's hilarious.

I will try this at lunch so no one thinks I'm crazy.

Jun 4, 07 10:33 am
Jun 4, 07 10:34 am

Jun 4, 07 11:07 am
liberty bell

Haha good point 765.

Also I can verify that Steven's writing, even when he's being fast, is beautiful.

Jun 4, 07 11:10 am

lb has great handwriting...

liberty? liberty?

Jun 4, 07 11:10 am

ha!! cross-posted!

Jun 4, 07 11:10 am
liberty bell

Steven, love the post-its. Nothing like using not only office time but also office SUPPLIES while posting on archinect!

Jun 4, 07 11:12 am

using what's closest to my hands makes me more efficient about my (mis)use of office time...

Jun 4, 07 11:20 am
Ledoux's Eye

A story only architects can appreciate...

I am an architect. My wife is an interior designer. Our kids got notes from teachers in elementary school downgrading our kid's lettering grade...because it was in all caps!!! My wife and I looked at each other and just howled with laughter. We had completely failed to notice that our kids had seen all of our hand-written notes, drawings, etc. laying around the house and had simply duplicated what they saw us doing. They had excellent lettering, but had eliminated lower case from their skill set. We had to explain to them that our lettering was probably not the best model for REAL LIFE.

Jun 4, 07 11:40 am
liberty bell

That's hilarious, Ledoux!!!

Jun 4, 07 11:43 am
Jun 4, 07 12:10 pm
el jeffe

Ledoux's Eye - i was gonna post the same thing. my daughter's kindergarten teacher busted her.

OTOH - my daughter knows how to read a floorplan...

Jun 4, 07 12:18 pm

here's mine:

...and even though I can't read 765's writing, I think it is really beautiful.

Jun 4, 07 12:45 pm

Apologies for the quality, our scanners appear to not be working today (what else is new), so I had to use the camera phone....

Jun 4, 07 12:55 pm

PS. I can't write in a straight line either, which is why those lined post-it notes are my favorite.....

Jun 4, 07 12:57 pm

thanks tumbles! it has good days and bod ones ...

Jun 4, 07 1:07 pm

bad ones, that is.

Jun 4, 07 1:11 pm
Jun 4, 07 1:15 pm
Jun 4, 07 1:43 pm

wait til you see'll not believe it.

Jun 4, 07 2:11 pm

well, don't tease us, SK ...

Jun 4, 07 2:20 pm
Jun 4, 07 2:48 pm


Jun 4, 07 2:51 pm


Jun 4, 07 2:58 pm
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

My handwriting:

My girlfriend's handwriting:

Jun 4, 07 3:11 pm

small caps, big caps - its all there

Jun 4, 07 3:36 pm

no way SK!

you free-transformed the 'x' only!

Jun 4, 07 3:38 pm

i like the fact that when i went to upload this scan to flickr 2 of my 5 photos from my contacts were also handwriting samples.

Jun 4, 07 3:42 pm
Jun 4, 07 4:03 pm

can right handers who were taught to write by left handers, so that their hands also smear the ink as their hands push across the page, be invited to participate in that thread?

Jun 4, 07 4:11 pm
vado retro

man i am a lefty and my brothers taught me how to bat right handed and i have never gotten (not that i play any kind of ball anymore) a left handed swing to feel comfy. that cost me a lot of points off my average as they always put the worst guy in right field.

Jun 4, 07 4:34 pm

would this left handed thread advocate for left hander rights? ...such as moving a certain percentage of the locations of chained pens at the bank to the left side?

Jun 4, 07 4:36 pm

can't believe nobody's mentioned the leftorium yet!

Jun 4, 07 4:39 pm
Jun 4, 07 4:40 pm

the chains at the bank bother me! and the other day when i was using some sort of electronic pen i noticed that the set up was more conducive to being right handed, so i ended up using my finger instead of the pen to punch in my pin.

re: sports, i was able to learn to be strong with both legs/arms, except for bowling. and i never took to left handed scissors.

Jun 4, 07 4:46 pm

forget the chained pen! (i carry my own, anyway.) having to turn sideways to use the &^*%^*$# signature pad for debit/credit card use at cash registers always gets me steamed.

Jun 4, 07 4:48 pm

stephanie beat me to it. and, yeah, i use rightie scissors too.

Jun 4, 07 4:49 pm

they used to say that left-handed people died younger because the world was made for the right-handed. i can't imagine what kind of rightie hazards in the contemporary environment might endanger my life. so i wonder if the higher mortality rate is still true?

Jun 4, 07 4:51 pm

steven...for all it's worth, from wikipedia..."Statistics show that older people are less likely to be left-handed than their younger counterparts — the percentages of left-handed people sharply drop off with increased age. In America, 12% of 20 year olds are left-handed, while only 5% of 50 year olds and less than 1% of people over 80 are."

i am also left handed, and i notice that architecture seems to have a much higher ratio of lefties, compared to other professions (right side of brain, creativity, etc etc) - then, there are all of the 'virgo' architects...the architects w/ "bad eye-sigth"...the drunk architects...and of course, to tie it all back together, all the architects who write illegibly...

Jun 4, 07 5:07 pm

i forgot about my circular saw. it's definitely wrong-handed - and a hazard. ...but since i, through my own stupidity, almost blew myself up yesterday, i guess it's not just that the world is rightist.

do we really have bad eyesight or are we just more particular about our eyesight being right? my brother just hasn't bothered to get glasses (right-handed, non-architect) despite needing them. but he's not big on accessorizing either.

i'm an aries.

Jun 4, 07 5:18 pm

errr...architects w/ "bad eye-sigth"... <--- architects who can't spell...

Jun 4, 07 5:20 pm

I'm a leftie too actually.

Jun 4, 07 5:36 pm

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