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Hey people,

Im writing a paper on Formalism, in relation to Hadid, Eisenman and Herzog and de Meuron. Its alot of reading bu very interesting. If anyones got any information or knows where to search it out then let me know, would be greatly acknoledged!!!



Apr 21, 07 12:31 pm

write it first than research son..

Apr 21, 07 12:37 pm

w/ regards to h+dm, i think the houses/early work might be more of an insight. but then again, it might just be a foray into typology, in which case you'd better look at michael alder to understand h+dm

Apr 21, 07 3:56 pm

h&dm is interesting to consider under the umbrella of formalism. a large portion of their work was devoted to undermining the very concept, where no formalist readings into their buildings were allowed.

things have changed, and they seem to have entered into a period of a form-finding free for all lately...

Apr 21, 07 4:03 pm

make sure you devote some time on the influence that lasers have had on the non-orthagonal, recteo-techtonic shift in the horizontal paradigm that Eisenman has often quoted as one of the great influences for his formal explorations.

I cant remember of the top of my head which one of his books describes this in detail, but I am sure you can easily find out about it

Apr 22, 07 1:56 am
vado retro

formalism is not about form.

Apr 22, 07 8:56 am

Yeah, we'll just let that one slide w/o asking you to back it up, vado.

Apr 22, 07 11:00 am
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

viva el formalismo nuevo!

Apr 22, 07 7:46 pm
Senor Drunk Archinector

you can buy Eisenman's PhD thesis now at Barnes and Noble, which is very much about formalism.

Apr 22, 07 7:58 pm

Why are you writing it on formalism in the first place ? just curious....

Apr 23, 07 12:12 am

we practice formalism from Monday to Thursday at my office.
(and on friday we can leave our cuff buttons open )

Apr 23, 07 2:20 am

Maybe it would help to also include the influence for formalism from artists maybe like the constructivist painters like wasilly kandisky, lazlo moholy- nagy etc.. The Weimar group within the Bauhas could help too.

Also would be interesting to relate to enric miralles's formalistic work which finds influences more from landscapes and not geometry.

Apr 23, 07 7:06 am
Senor Drunk Archinector

Sanford Kwinter has a short essay title i think "Who's afraid of formalism"...

Apr 23, 07 7:31 am

Im waiting for the post formalism version ,I hope its compatible with my comp .

Apr 23, 07 8:30 am

i never even really thought about h & dem being formal. i always thought about their material studies or skin studies in their projects. but their latest stuff, the beijing stadium, the tate modern, etc. is all about form. still interesting i suppose, just less deep?

Apr 23, 07 8:58 am

so they used to be 'skin deep' but now they're less than that?!

Apr 23, 07 10:10 am

HA! that was good. but yeah, they may be less than that. have you heard any "good" reviews about the tate? it seems to be getting some bad press. kind of like some of rem's latest stuff.

Apr 23, 07 10:12 am

Funny Steven... I think so.

When they were interested in skin more than form their work was amazing. I really respect their reslestless though, and wanting to experiment beyond what they seem to feel is an exhausted trajectory. Something someone like Meier is never willing to.

But their work seems to be suffering. Walker or de Young can tolerate some awkard angles, but when its pushed it think it kind of derails...

Apr 23, 07 12:50 pm

El Formalisma Nuevo: Nosotros tenemos mas infuencia con tus hijos que to tienen.

Apr 23, 07 4:36 pm

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