selfportraits + architects?

Selfportraits of architects?

(Only archiects-painters PLZ)

Giulio Romano

Self-portrait of architect and painter Giulio Romano. Engraving by Jean-Louis Potrelle

Jul 29, 12 2:58 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

Giulio Romano has the distinction of being the only Renaissance artist to be mentioned by William Shakespeare. In Act V, Scene II of The Winter's Tale Queen Hermione's statue is by "that rare Italian master, Julio Romano", although Giulio was not a sculptor.

Giulio Romano, Allegory of Immortality, 1540

Jul 30, 12 5:48 am

Stephen Lauf, Self Portrait (3 panels: pencil and ink on museum board, 60" x 40" each panel, 1983-84).

I wanted to create something that would manifest endurance and determination, so I lightly scored three large museum boards with pencil lines spaced 3/16" apart which resulted with 317 40" long demarcated spaces running down the length of each board. From here the mission was to simply fill each line of space from edge to edge with hand-written text using a Pelican Graphos pen with nib A.1. I had to lay on the board(s) on the floor of my living room in order to write, and the text records whatever came into my mind at the exact time that I was working/writing on the project. It did not take long for this 'self portrait' to also often act as a confessional.

Self Portrait (1983-84) began 14 August 1983 with approximately 80 lines filled within 6 weeks. The project then lay dormant until 15 July 1984, and the first board was completely filled by 30 July 1984. The second board was completely filled by August 29 1984, and the third board was completely filled by 6 September, 1984.

Jul 30, 12 11:30 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Artist as architect...

Julie Heffernan  "Self-Portrait as Broken Home"  2008

Jul 30, 12 1:56 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

Julie Heffernan  "Self-Portrait as Big House" 

Jul 31, 12 11:52 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Self-portrait ( 1917 ) by... L* C********

Aug 1, 12 2:34 pm

Quondam those are beautiful.

Aug 1, 12 5:32 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

Tom Rippon

Self-Portrait as an Italian Architect, 1988

Aug 4, 12 6:18 am

Thanks Donna, for me they're now half a lifetime ago.


Aug 4, 12 11:32 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Nicolas De Larmessin, The Costume of the Architect 

Aug 19, 12 8:01 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Fulvio Di Piazza, Baraccopolo, 2009

Aug 19, 12 8:05 am
Kos Scarpa Kos


Aug 20, 12 6:40 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Allegory of Death, attributed To Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

This allegory is very similar to 1 engraving (1601) by Theodore Galle

Sep 14, 12 5:55 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Costume of the allegorical figure "Geometry"

Sep 18, 12 4:12 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

Andrea Pozzo - Self-portrait

In 1681 he was asked by Cosimo III de' Medici to paint his self-portrait for the ducal collection. This oil on canvas has become a most original self-portrait. It shows the painter in a diagonal pose,showing with his right index finger his illusionist easel painting, a trompe-l'oeil dome, while his left hand rests on three books .

The "Fake dome" is a canvas of 17 meters of diameter; on the pavement there is a marble which indicates the point of observation.

Sep 29, 12 6:56 am

Gesu Cristo!  Where are the women (and dogs)...

Oct 3, 12 9:44 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

n_i_e, this is what you want... this is what you get!

Plautilla Bricci is considered to be one of the first women architects (and painter).

Villa del Vascello, detail in the etching :

Oct 6, 12 9:48 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Domenico di Michelino , Allegory of architecture

Oct 7, 12 7:14 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

A. Siza - Self Portrait - "Viagem sem Programa”

Nov 6, 12 4:32 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

Michelangelo - Pietà

Behind Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea, whose face is pro-ba-bly(?) a self-portrait of M.

About Michelangelo's broken nose...
Torrigiano was born in Florence. Benvenuto Cellini, reporting a conversation with Torrigiano, relates that he and Michelangelo, while both young, were copying the frescoes in the Carmine chapel, when some slighting remark made by Michelangelo so enraged Torrigiano that he struck him on the nose, and thus caused that disfigurement which is so conspicuous in all the portraits of Michelangelo. Soon after this Torrigiano visited Rome, and helped Pinturicchio in modelling the elaborate stucco decorations in the Apartamenti Borgia for Pope Alexander VI. Michelangelo was very good at making enemies. 

Nov 18, 12 3:40 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

 Lequeu's self-portrait

Mar 6, 13 7:36 am

Gesu Cristo!  Where are the women (and dogs)...

She has no wedding band.  Make your move. (Don't use the Lord's name in vain - LOL).

Mar 6, 13 1:48 pm
Kos Scarpa Kos

oh my Buddha! 1 window/woman or 1 window/man? 

Apr 17, 13 9:06 am
Kos Scarpa Kos

>>> Giorgio Vasari >>> selfportraits:

>>> Giorgio Vasari was painter, architect, writer and historian, most famous today for his Lives of the Most Eminent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, considered the ideological foundation of art-historical writing

Jun 17, 13 8:56 am

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