SAVE ME! Grosse Pointe Central Library, designed by Marcel Breuer (1953) - slated for demolition


yes- you can see it clearly in section a-a. the whole section over the reference desk was originally a double height, empty space. i wonder if they just made the balcony bigger and then added the windows as lb suggested, or built it as it is in the plans and later added this space.

Feb 20, 07 3:44 pm
vado retro

okay off to meet lb for a cajun dinner and then we are gonna finish our thang woohoo!!!

Feb 20, 07 5:51 pm

i've sent mine in and i hope it qualifies to be at least included in the stew. it is a one pager baaad photo shop experience with a nice 'international'-read my lips- idea behind...

Feb 20, 07 7:17 pm

i saw it! we have an entry!

good one, orhan. ...and i think everything should get shown. even if it might raise some eyebrows.

Feb 20, 07 7:24 pm


we're at the office working away on ours...can't wait to take a look at the all of the submissions on Thursday.

Feb 20, 07 8:05 pm
vado retro

This is liberty posting on vado's computer - we are hard at work and close to getting finished - though every time we say only another hour or so of work it seems a snafu comes up and suddenly that amount of time doubles...

Feb 20, 07 9:16 pm

wait- isn't the deadline midnight tomorrow? you guys finishing ahead of schedule are creeping me out.

Feb 20, 07 10:24 pm

midnight tomorrow, correct. Archinect time (PST).

so that's about 30 hours from now?

Feb 20, 07 10:43 pm
vado retro


oops, sorry about the caps lock.

Feb 20, 07 10:56 pm

i know that's lb talkin, but i'm gonna pretend it's a schizophrenic vado telling us what he and his other self are doing for mardi gras...

Feb 20, 07 11:43 pm
vado retro

we are done! just need to make the jpegs and send em. which will happen 2morrow as it is now SLIMDOWN WEDNESDAY!!!!

Feb 21, 07 12:39 am
vado retro

12:41 a.m.

Feb 21, 07 12:39 am
brian buchalski

i'm not done. only slept three hours last night & probably should have skipped the day job today because i'm going to be hustling tonight.

Feb 21, 07 8:56 am
won and done williams

Note to self: do not leave presentation drawings for the last day.

Why can't I ever learn this lesson?

Feb 21, 07 9:31 am

i'm not finished either but have developed a strategy so that if i don't finish, the gist will be there and i can feel ok about it.

somehow vado and lb sent me their sickness from indy down to louisville, so i'm limping along.

i'm guessing that, since there is some freehand stuff in my drawings, i'll have to have color scans made on thursday morning. so i won't be submitting until those are in hand.

Feb 21, 07 9:43 am
liberty bell

Steven, we are all about freehand combined with sketchup. vado is handling the scanning.

A big thank you to all the offices that contributed valuable charrette materials like pens, trace, and copy equipment for this effort. I hope if my own office is ever of any reasonable size I will be able to support my young employees similarly.

Feb 21, 07 9:52 am
vado retro

i just emailed the jpegs to the gmail site. four emails total as each jpeg was 5mb so i was able to attach two to each email. with the fourth email containing just one. i forgot to rotate them in all the same direction. sorry about that.

Feb 21, 07 1:01 pm

I was just on the gmail account and could not see your images (either that or something was taking forever to upload).

Let me know.

Also email me if there are any probs with the email for this submission (logging into it - I think I had to reset the password) (if you need access)

Feb 21, 07 2:55 pm
liberty bell

Ah- squirelly I also just got vado's email and my gmail just said "scanning for viruses" for abot 5 minutes, which is wrong. So let's keep trying for another half hour our so and perhaps have vado send them again if need be...

Feb 21, 07 3:04 pm

I had the same problem when trying to view the emails (scanning for 10+ minutes). gmail policy is 10mb max, and these messages are just over 9MB so they should work...

Feb 21, 07 3:11 pm
liberty bell

Update: vado is checking with his IT guy.....

Feb 21, 07 3:21 pm
liberty bell

I think maybe it's a gmail hiccup - I just received another email with a very small attachment and it took far too long for it to scan, too (though it eventually did).

Feb 21, 07 3:42 pm
vado retro

so i sent my jpeg to my hotmail and it opened fine. i sent the same file to our i.t. guys gmail and it took about seven or eight minutes to scan. this was just one jpeg.

Feb 21, 07 3:45 pm
liberty bell

Yep it's a gmail hiccup. Is this a temporary thing I wonder, or will we have a ten minute scan for each submission - that could be problematic!

Feb 21, 07 3:47 pm
vado retro

i just gmailed myself and it opened up just fine. i have five email accounts is that normal?

Feb 21, 07 3:52 pm
liberty bell

OK mine are downloading now - temporary problem it seems!

Feb 21, 07 4:04 pm

sweet thanks a bunch kids!
(im getting nervous about possibly submitting something....crap!!)

Feb 21, 07 5:06 pm

7 sheets uploaded. Time to run home and enjoy a night with the kids.

Feb 21, 07 7:55 pm

So I'm barely going to have anything to show for my time and here's why:

I was planning on coming home today, whipping out a cute little model and putting up some notes and such, maybe some diagrams, and wham! There we go. But like an idiot I scheduled my EYE EXAM today and I have not been able to look at anything brighter than my dimly lit keyboard for the past 6 hours.

Incidentally I can't even look at this screen anymore, too bright. Don't even ask me how I got home from the doctor's....

Feb 21, 07 9:35 pm

i'm still waiting for the rescue plan for the Klandisky and Calder works of art.....plug ahead in the future days....maybe we can keep them from being part of the architectural rubble....sigh!

Feb 21, 07 10:24 pm
vado retro

an exhausted but intense liberty bell makin magic...

Feb 21, 07 10:46 pm
brian buchalski

i should have worked in a team. two hours to go.

Feb 22, 07 12:55 am

my thoughts exactly, puddles.

yes of course- i just finished laying out everything and then i notice it's supposed to be landscape- i always do landscape, but it just occurred to me to do portrait this time. so... i guess mine will all be sideways. sorry about that.

Feb 22, 07 12:56 am

aml, you always have to break at least one rule.

I just sent mine. I was late and I don't have much to show in the way of actual programming but I put a few ideas out there. In fact I don't have much to show in the way of an actual building but at least it's kind of pretty.

Feb 22, 07 1:27 am
brian buchalski

well...i didmanage to submit something...although it was a bit late so hopefully they'll be a bit lenient (fingers crossed). the bigger question is whether or not i produced anything worth a damn. mine is basically a glass box of a building but clad in an outer layer of brick. well, not real brick. more like panels of quick-brick or thin-brick that aren't meant to offer any traditional masonry structure, only the "look & feel" of brick...but, of course, i have no idea if such a scheme could actually work.

Feb 22, 07 3:27 am
brian buchalski

aml is allowed to break as many rules as she wants, always...i think.

Feb 22, 07 3:28 am

due to technical and health difficulties, mine won't be sent until later this morning.

actually, the difficulties are more health than technical, but because i had to go home and go to bed yesterday, i wasn't near the technology i needed to get the scans completed.

please don't lock the studio...

Feb 22, 07 6:56 am
brian buchalski

rumor has it that we've overwhelmed the google servers at 03:00 EST this morning with all the submittals and can't accept anymore.

Feb 22, 07 8:29 am
brian buchalski

of course, you could always "walk it over" to the MAPA offices

Feb 22, 07 8:30 am
vado retro

the team concept was the way to go. one because its more fun and two because it ends up being a fair amount of work.

Feb 22, 07 8:50 am

last night:

1am- done. now, for those emails. smug and satisfied.

1.30- internet doesn't seem to be working. i'll have some cereal and reboot the machine.

2am- f*ing machine, f*ing internet.

2.30- problem solved using dial up connection to wifi network. start sending emails. wait, did i convey the fact that this area would be a garden? no. let's open photoshop again.

3.30- sleep.

wait- puddles, are you serious with the google servers? i'm very gullible.

Feb 22, 07 9:33 am

3:30 submission. 4am sleep. wake at 9, get to work by 10. post to this thread @ 10:18. also exhausted but pleased with our team's effort. quick shout out to my wonderful design partner MK for her perseverance.

Feb 22, 07 10:20 am
vado retro

i cant access that wiki site.

Feb 22, 07 10:21 am

wow guys, I've looked at the subnmissions up to now and they all look really great (except mine - I just threw it together)

At least we have a good body so far.

Puddles I wish I woulda had someone to do a little collaboration with....can't really turn to anyone in an empty apartment and ask "hey what do you think of this?" well i guess I could, but then I would sound crazy to anyone who could hear me!

Feb 22, 07 10:55 am

Thanks squirrelly, but mine was really just about ideas. I tried to bring some "green" design into it too.....even though my boards were actually blue :o)

Feb 22, 07 12:06 pm
vado retro

i'll tell ya one thing i am out of shape for late nights(charretting anyway)winkwink as i am still tired a day and a half later. that said i would be totallY game for participating in other charrettes and or competitions(for caish prizes)

Feb 22, 07 12:09 pm

You guys hiding the submissions from us slackers?

Feb 22, 07 12:16 pm
brian buchalski

the submissions will be published sometime in the near future. i'm not sure when exactly, but probably not before the meeting with the library board on monday evening.

and if it's any consolation, most of the MAPA team has yet to get a good look at them.

Feb 22, 07 12:34 pm

i want to thank all the mapa team who dedicated their know how, time, and love for architecture for this to happen.

Feb 22, 07 1:04 pm

vado, i think the wiki thing must have been a temporary glitch- it's working right now.

Feb 22, 07 2:08 pm

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