Architects Smoking Marijuana: Grown and Sexy? Immature and Repulsive?

faux real

I have been smoking grass on and off since I graduated from university. Sometimes I smoke once a week, and sometimes it is a couple of times a day. The last 1/4 oz (7.5 grams) I bought lasted me about 6 months which is probably stretching it out a little more than I would have liked. I’d say a healthy average for me is 1/4 oz over 4 months. I never smoke before I go work, or at lunch; it is more of an after work or weekend thing. I prefer smoking to drinking (maybe having a beer or glass of wine or two a week) and don’t use any other drugs.

I knew this guy who worked for Frank Gehry back in the 80’s who told me stories of Frank coming out of rooms with clouds of smoke behind him. I know not everything one person does is good for another. So I am not at all trying to say by smoking grass I will be a famous architect. However, do you think smoking grass will make me a bad architect? Would you be concerned as an employer if you knew your employee was smoking grass? Would you have the same concern if they were drinking wine or beer everyday? Do you feel there is a difference between smoking grass and drinking? For example I see there is a difference between smoking crack and drinking, or heroin and drinking. I see most other drugs in a much different light than i see marijuana. I see grass and drinking in pretty much the same light but because of the public image of marijuana I am not secure in my belief. I would not be comfortable talking about smoking grass with my boss but I would have no problem telling them about a beer I drank the day before.

Part of the reason I am posting this is because I have seen some friends of mine smoke too much. They have slow down, and a couple that are addicted (at least I think so). I am worried the same might happen to me. Meanwhile I see a lot of other friends growing out of these phases. I know there are other areas of my life where I must grow-up. Should this be one of them?

Dec 12, 06 3:12 am
Dec 12, 06 3:38 am

To each his own man. Some people get work/creative highs by smoking certain types of weed, and their work definately doesn't suffer for it. Some people get completely stoned out and cant function, although you'd probably need to smoke alot to get to that phase. Don't let the BS about drugs propagated by society make you think its an "immature" practice.

Dec 12, 06 4:27 am
Mulholland Drive

How many foyers were in your last project?

Dec 12, 06 5:41 am

lol bryden.

Interesting topic, and I can see by your screen name that you aren't comfortable talking about it as your "real" self, which speaks to your conflict on the whole issue.

I have a lot of opinions on this. Probably because I have a lot of friends that smoke pot. I guess I view each of them differently. For instance, some of my friends I can't imagine NOT smoking pot, and they seem to do it with about the same regularity as yourself. However, some of them present themselves a certain way - as a non-smoker - and then I find out that either they used to or they still do occasionally, and I find myself frustrated by this. It's like, you are who you are, either you embrace that or you get to deal with it when I call you a tool.

Now, by the same token I find it gross. Then again I find cigarette smoking even grosser - smoking in general is vile, IMHO - because at least pot has *some* medicinal qualities, right? I very much feel that it is something you need to do around willing participants, because for people like myself who get sickened by it, we are prone to get more frustrated with those who do it around us, or pester us about it.

Now, as far as it being something you might "grow out of", this is a very real concern. When I was younger I remember going to a house party of some older friends that I worked with, who had young children. They were smoking it up in their basement at one point, and their kids were in the house, and I felt that was wrong. But, they were drinking too, and I feel it's probably not in your best interest as a parent to get wasted in front of your little kids either.

So I guess I think it's OK, and I don't think that I would discriminate against an employee who did it, as long as it didn't affect their work or their life. But the same goes for drinking, too. And I think if people are responsible about it as they age, and as society becomes more accepting of it, it might get easier for casual users to continue as they do without feeling like they are giving themselves a stigma.

That's my $.02.

PS. I do discriminate against boyfriends who do it though. I just can't kiss that, it's gross. Personal preference.

Dec 12, 06 8:36 am
liberty bell

As part of the "growing up" aspect you might research whether an illegal drug offense would impact your ability to have an architectural license.

Personally I think marijuana should be legalized, but at this point my license is far too important for me to take any kind of risk with it.

Dec 12, 06 8:44 am

drugs and alcohol are something that i feel that most people work through as young people (if that is their choice).

i have little respect for people who continue to abuse drugs and alcohol into their adult lives. it strikes me as an inability or unwillingness to grow up.

unless you have glaucoma, of course...

Dec 12, 06 10:47 am


so when you say abuse... do you mean , "dude, telefon tel aviv's playing a live set on thursday. gonna have to smoke some bud beforehand"

or is it more along the lines of, "fuck, i don't want to deal with dave the dick contractor today. where's my 6 footer?"

Dec 12, 06 11:01 am

you should work with us

crush these bombs and pump cad

Dec 12, 06 11:21 am

the only 2 things you can consistently say about an architect that smokes marijuana are:

1- the person is an architect
2- the person smokes marijuana

All issues of living in a country with a long history of prosecuting victimless and consensual crimes aside, I dont think 1/4oz per 4 months constitutes abuse. Your awareness and analysis of your smoking habits seems like it is already keeping you from crossing the line into oblivion, and this 'growing up' you speak of is over-rated.

Dec 12, 06 11:44 am
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

pot is for socialist liberal lazy emo music loving pussies!

I drink BEER!

see pot isn't a capitalist drug, unlike alcohol that keeps the economy going through all its aggressive outbursts, pot just subdues the population into a chilled out lazy utopia...i mean come on alcohol kills so many more people than pot, but that is not the point.

as a capitalist materialist I object to pot. i'm slightly serious here - life should kick your ass and your pain threshhold is a sign of you evolutionary survivial skills - see pot is for pussies.

Dec 12, 06 11:50 am

I havent smoked in a long ass time. I guess I did start feeling too old, but with the right people its all good I guess. Obviously dailies get a little dulled out and non-smokers have this strange akward attitude towards it. I dont think it matters. Its fun sometimes.

Dec 12, 06 12:10 pm


Cant wait to get really stoned with you and go eat some Skyline next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 12, 06 12:25 pm

My current employer tells of stories from the 80's....when he would have to charette on projects at his old office, his boss would lay out lines of coke for all the young employees. They would work for days

as a side note, I used to make smoking paraphenalia for my friends in the wood shop at school..for tobacco use only

Dec 12, 06 12:27 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

mdler - see coke is different, that's why investment bankers tap that stuff...your employer's employer was genius.

Dec 12, 06 12:30 pm

Not to expose myself as a radical fringe element, but being part of the early straight edge scene, I still see drug use in any form as bad for ME. Do what you want, just not on the clock.

Dec 12, 06 12:51 pm

All the straight edgers I know ended up in rehab

Dec 12, 06 12:54 pm
Dec 12, 06 12:56 pm

I ended up on probation.

Dec 12, 06 12:57 pm
miss casual

i am gonna agree with the camp that doesnt think you can make a blanket statement about whether its grown and sexy or immature and repulsive.

i think its fine and on par with drinking but i also know quite a few people who smoke a lot (and by a lot i mean daily at least) who think like stoners. they have broken logic, make stupid decisions, and generally have a layer of fog in their brain. god knows i was like that in college...

but then again i know at least one person that smokes that much and is smart as a whip and a total workaholic so ??? i wouldnt begrudge him a martini?

Dec 12, 06 1:07 pm

If I were an employer, there's no way I'd want a pot-smoking employee. I wouldn't want a straight-edge employee either, for that matter.

Dec 12, 06 1:15 pm

would you want an employee that drink wine with dinner every night?

Dec 12, 06 1:18 pm

absolutely, without doubt. I think there should be a law that forces all people to drink wine with dinner. I'd be pleased my employee cared about his health, not to mention his gastronomic satisfaction. Plus, you have to have a lot of joie de vivre to survive this profession.

Dec 12, 06 1:21 pm

In fact I think you've hit upon a key interview question.

Dec 12, 06 1:21 pm

I get drunk at client meetings with my boss

Dec 12, 06 1:25 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

i love clients that think business meetings have to take place in bars...i remember at one job i had to fly down to floria and my employer said "these guys are our best clients so be on your best behavior." the second night in florida we're at a strip club doing jaeger bombs...when I returned my boss said i must of made an impression - a good one.

does anyone have a client pot story?

Dec 12, 06 1:30 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

florida, my bad...strip club was Cheetah's, ton's of brazilian strippers.

Dec 12, 06 1:30 pm

I heard Zaha smokes from a 4 foot bong.

Dec 12, 06 1:31 pm

mdler are you going to sneak pot into my chili?!?

I stayed in San Francisco once with some friends of a friend who were more than casual drug users. One guy fell and cut his hand on the way home from work and rather than bandage it up when he got home, the first words out of his mouth were, "I need to smoke to take away the pain" or something. I found that to be hilarious. I refer to that trip as "my stay in the crack den".

And to qualify my earlier statement: my game is so off lately I probably shouldn't just ignore every toker that ventures in my direction. My friends are all good people. Still hate cigarette smoke though. Yech!

Dec 12, 06 1:34 pm

I don't think its acceptable to work or to be on someone elses watch while your high....

Anyone have any rolling papers?

Dec 12, 06 1:34 pm

Still hate cigarette smoke though

me too! all stressed yesterday a friend was smoking, I asked for a puff...damn, that was not what I needed. Immediate repulsion, and a reminder of why I choose not to smoke....I don't like it. It is always fun to remind yourself of why you do, or do not, engage in a particular act.

Dec 12, 06 1:37 pm

only if your holding silver.

Dec 12, 06 1:38 pm

my first out of school job interview was at a bar. I got hired. my boss was a raging alcoholic. A few months later I witnessed him being arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct.

stoners are better than drunks. by a landslide.

Dec 12, 06 1:40 pm

I agree that stoners are better than drunks. But I wouldn't hire either.

I have a client pot story but I'm not going to share it.

Dec 12, 06 1:42 pm

I know some people who would call drinking everyday an say, wine. not me personally...but I know people who would. I just think it is silly to judge anyone on anything other than how they perform on the clock. Any one with a debilitating addiction of any kind will fail to perform constructively over time.

Dec 12, 06 1:45 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

come on myriam, do it in like third person or something, login under another name...

i worked with one designer who began drinking at lunch at noon and retruned at around 5pm to work all night, i would of done the same if had to be business partners with my bosses...

Dec 12, 06 1:50 pm

one of my clients has a sail boat w/ a stripper pole on it..has invited me sailing

Dec 12, 06 2:30 pm

another client smokes WAY TOO MUCH pot... calls office and leaves half-baked messages for ideas about his project on the voice mail

Dec 12, 06 2:31 pm

cool topic! i too prefer lighting one up to drinking. however, i agree that there is a time and place for everything, and i wouldn't dare show up to work stoned. yeah, i think stoners are better than drunks. i read somewhere that the coop himme(l)blau guys would get stoned while designing. i don't remember where i read that, since i was stoned @ the time =P

Dec 12, 06 2:56 pm

should it be against the law? i don't think so. but it is against the law. if you break the law, you had better have a really morally and ethically right reason for doing so. making your "hard day" at the office go away is not civil disobedience.

as for the original question: pot use after college graduation (of practically any frequency) is practically proof positive of immaturity. the notions of invulnerability, of the perceived freedom to break laws selectively, and of the relentless search for "a good time" that come with pot use are all markers of someone who's still deep in the throes of adultescence.

just so i don't seem discriminatory, i put people who get drunk regularly and people who still smoke cigarettes after architecture school in the same category. maturity, in part, is discipline: the mastery of one's own chemical urges.

and it smells like shit. don't even tell me cigarette smoke is worse.

Dec 12, 06 2:58 pm

"pot use after college graduation (of practically any frequency) is practically proof positive of immaturity"

your mom!!! ha ha, just kidding. but seriously, how is moderate, responsible use of pot immature?

Dec 12, 06 3:01 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

dude pots immature because of all the social and politic aspects that come with it...

find me a moderate pot smoker who is an investment banker that plays rugby on the weekends and is the epitomy of a right winged fascist find that pot smoker and i'll take everything i said back.

pot is for pussies!

Dec 12, 06 3:22 pm

i personally don't smoke pot, but i do have a beer every now and then. and i eat a lot. we all are after some form of substance-related gratification in one way or another.

i think the tipping point is that pot posession/sale/transport -- unlike my beer or chicken-fried steak -- is illegal. whether or not it should be, is way up for debate. frankly, i believe like LB that it should be 100% legal.

but it's illegal. you have to commit a crime to get it, and you have to commit a crime to take it with you when you do. if you sell it, you're committing another crime.

there are consequences. people do get busted for pot. it's a criminal offense.

the notion that one is exempt from or can reliably and safely escape laws is a mark of a sense of invulnerability. invulnerability is an illusion born of a naivete of how the world actually works. actions have consequences, and every action has a reaction.

naivete of the true way of the world is, to me, a mark of immaturity.

rarely anyone of our demographic gets busted for pot. but it's not the point. the point is, you can.

as well, when you use pot, you're at the end of a chain you might not want to be a part of. it's not as though all bud is grown by the cool guy down the street who uses a lot of electricity and just wants to spread love in this cold, hard world. people are engaged in much worse offenses than drug possession to get you what you need.

the inability to think through chains like this -- is also immature. i dunno, i'm not trying to be harsh. it's just that life is precious but hard, and you can screw it up with one little move. that's how i was raised and it's how i live.

Dec 12, 06 3:24 pm
Chili Davis

mdler, no sneaking pot into Chili!

Dec 12, 06 3:27 pm
miss casual

immature is getting caught

Dec 12, 06 3:30 pm

though i appreciate your chain theory, i do wonder if that thought process is implemented into every thing you consume?
and i mean, i try to be a responsible consumer, but really, i think i would be hard pressed to not purchase or ingest something that has come from a dirty chain, at least once a week.
so if maybe i buy some weed once a year that may not have come from some co-op employee's farm, does that really make me immature?

Dec 12, 06 3:32 pm

"naivete of the true way of the world is, to me, a mark of immaturity."

believing you follow every law every day is naive...heck, even knowing what every law is, is near impossible.

Have you ever jaywalked? or are you just the perfect citizen? every hour of everyday...good on you flanders.

Eating heavily? That is a large cause of our public health costs, should we tax it, ban it, outlaw it? They are in New York now, no trans fats...don't go sneaking a Twinkie in a restaurant.

Dec 12, 06 3:37 pm

Has anyone else in LA notice the how the pot scene has changed? I have been out of Los Angeles for the last year and just returned from a trip there, and what a difference! My smoker friends' bags of weed have been replaced by several prescription bottles of various strains with funny names...

They explained that the average dealer has been replace with friends with perscriptions issued by doctors for just about any reason... It was pretty wierd.

Dec 12, 06 3:42 pm

see, legal addiction is just as bad. Be responsible, be accountable. Be an adult.

One of my grandmothers died falling down stairs all messed up on prescription, that being depressed she should not have had.

Dec 12, 06 3:47 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio
Dec 12, 06 3:58 pm

I like drinkers over smokers.

I have a couple of pothead friends and they just sit in their apartment all day with the blinds pulled stairing glassy-eyed at the tv. What a waste.

As far as not smoking because its against the law - c'mon! Are you serious? Do you know how many laws that stand across the country that are arbitrary and outdated? Some (like no oral sex in some states) are just laughable.

Dec 12, 06 3:59 pm

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