Fun! Help me name my new dog!


I'm getting a dog. A Boston Terrier. For those not from Boston, look at one here.

A year ago I almost got one at a shelter and he was perfect and I named him Herzog. Not because I'm so very in love with Herzog & de Meuron, but because Herzog is a damned cool name for a dog and it means "the duke" in old German.

I love architecture, I love dogs. I want to name it after an architect or collective or firm, but it also has to be a good dog name. Like, who wants to call his dog "Frank"?

Jun 14, 06 2:50 pm


Jun 14, 06 2:58 pm

but but but.....

Jun 14, 06 3:02 pm

corbu is a good one, but it's been done (tadao), which by the way, might not be so bad of a name... "sit, tadao! sit!"

Jun 14, 06 3:03 pm

corbu is a good one, but it's been done (tadao), which by the way, might not be so bad of a name... "sit, tadao! sit!"

Jun 14, 06 3:03 pm
vado retro

i would name my boston terrier brahmin. as in boston brahmin. or if u wanna be obvious fenway. or maybe strangler if you are into crime. or bean if he has gas.

Jun 14, 06 3:04 pm

damn, sorry for the repost

Jun 14, 06 3:04 pm

I also thought "Renzo" and "Rem".

I can't help but think that the name is going to affect the dog, and if I pick somebody with less than exciting work behind the name, the dog will suffer.

Who wants the dog to suffer? Not me.

I suppose if it's a girl, I should name her Zaha. Sit, Zaha, sit?

Jun 14, 06 3:06 pm

Because it's a Boston Terrier, it's only appropriate to have a connection with Boston architects. I suggest the following awful puns:

Dog dA.
Good-dog Clancy
Single Speed Dog-sign
Machadog + Silvetti
Moshe Safdog

Another idea would be to name your dog after historic architects who lived or worked in the Boston area:

Charles Bulfinch
Walter Gropius
Hideo Sasaki

Jun 14, 06 3:19 pm

is 'viollet-le-duc' too clumsy?

Jun 14, 06 3:23 pm

i'm sorry, that's not exactly a serious suggestion.

i've always wanted to name my dog 'alvar', though, lacking a dog, i am yet to have that opportunity.

Jun 14, 06 3:25 pm

dear mm.

You win the doggone prize on these! Incredible. My coworkers are turning around and asking me what's so dogdamn funny.

I might HAVE to go with Moshe Safdog. Or Dog dA, if only because I applied to work there.

Jun 14, 06 3:25 pm

glad I could be of assistance.

Jun 14, 06 3:27 pm

or, H. H. Richardson...if you had a big fat dog, it's not exactly fitting for the physique of a boston terrier...

you could call him 'henry' or 'hobson' for short

Jun 14, 06 3:30 pm

Ed Muskie.

Jun 14, 06 3:31 pm
vado retro

poor doggie...

Jun 14, 06 3:41 pm

the next dog i get will have a name chosen at random from my spam Dustin, Kanisha, Mia Perez or HCE0263.

Jun 14, 06 3:46 pm

Javier, If you are to chose the name from your spam folder, you should name your dog "Hi, it's me Jill" or "Re: Your New Car Has Arrived."

And forget about the dog, that's what you should name your kid!

Jun 14, 06 4:16 pm
vado retro

Horney Bored Housewife! Sit.
Horney Bored Housewife! Rollover.
Horney Bored House Wife! Speak

Jun 14, 06 4:26 pm

looking up;
daisy, girlfriend, bubblehead, fartyfart, daisy-may

scanning @ eye level;
rupert the bear,rupi, rups, rupert harry, bitybite, rupidik, wheatass

saturday is their 4 th birthday. twin brother and sister.

Jun 14, 06 4:36 pm
Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

"Rollo", "Jocko", or "Mr. Steve"

Jun 14, 06 4:36 pm


love them. Do they snore?

Jun 14, 06 4:41 pm
vado retro

now this is a DOG!!!

Jun 14, 06 4:47 pm

thom? (mayne)
sheila? (kennedy)

but I think personally I'd go with Renzo. very cool sounding name for a dog.

Jun 14, 06 4:52 pm

just give your dog a real name and love her/him a lot. isn't that right lula?

Jun 14, 06 5:04 pm

i like the name rufus. no architect names for me though. i just couldn't do that to my dog.

Jun 14, 06 5:06 pm

snore. specially rupi. she farts he snores and i wouldn't want to have them any other way...

Jun 14, 06 5:35 pm

That's funny, I used to never date men who snored. EVER. But I guess that rule only applies to the human species!

Jun 14, 06 5:37 pm

and another pose by the real thing aka DOG;

Jun 14, 06 5:46 pm

Don't name a dog after an architect. You have to give pets kickass names like Box, Jenkins, or Lil Bowwow. My friend named his cat "Muzzbee" because he already had two kids and a Rott, so they "Muzzbee crazy to get a cat."

Jun 14, 06 5:58 pm

lulu ann knows how dogs behave and of course she has to be here too lulu ann is a cat. and her picture doesn't appear all the time ask driftwood to re submit.

Jun 14, 06 6:08 pm
Cherith Cutestory


Jun 14, 06 6:28 pm

run, rem, run
see rem run

on the boston architecture
I.M. Dog
or I.M Pe(e)i(ng) the e and ng could be silent.

Jun 14, 06 7:07 pm
vado retro
Jun 14, 06 7:12 pm
A Center for Ants?

i like the idea of naming it "henry hobson".

has a little more class, a little more history. not so much fad.

or maybe how 'bout "The Green Monster" or GM for short.

Jun 14, 06 7:17 pm
A Center for Ants?


Jun 14, 06 7:17 pm

hey vado! you love the SH*T out of this guy! Did you take all these today, or are they stock photos?

Center/Ants: I like that--less fad! I'm trying for at least an architect who is dead or well-loved. But I dont like anything about the name "henry", in general, and I'm not a huge fan of HH anyway, living in Boston as I do.

The terrier has got to wrangle the mean and ugly streets of Boston, it should have a name, y'know, with a bite (no pun intended).

Jun 14, 06 7:22 pm
A Center for Ants?

if you gotta tackle the underbelly of boston, maybe a good fightin' irish name is due.

Jun 14, 06 7:25 pm
liberty bell

I like Axon.

As a kid, I had a horse my dad named P.I.T.A., for Pain in the Ass. He said alternatively we could name her Emergency Rations, so my sister and I went with Pita (like pita bread).

My next bull terrier will be named Hoover, as in suctioning everything up off the rug. Although I love dog names that are actually people names, like Gus, Owen, Henry, Otto.

I know a Boston architect named Galante. But dog-dA is hard to beat.

Jun 14, 06 8:51 pm

i have cats named Sigmund, Umeko, and Katya....for a dog how about Dexter or if architecture is the theme; EraserSheild, Pantone, Esc., Hejduk, or my favorite dog - Graves

Jun 14, 06 9:04 pm
vado retro

otto was my grandfathers name and is my nephew's kids middle name. name your doggie imhotep.

Jun 14, 06 9:22 pm
Dazed and Confused

I've always liked the name 'Smokey' - but 'Imhotep' might be kind of cool too I guess . . .

Jun 14, 06 10:02 pm
vado retro

nothin stock about this pooch. picture not taken today.

Jun 14, 06 10:27 pm

hey puppy pup

Jun 15, 06 12:43 am

Here's our office pup Rilo, wish he'd learn CAD, he'd be a bit more productive....

he does not really like his pictures taken

just loves going on the boat - he's a sea dawg

time for a mugshot, puppy....

e, does it not look like Lula and Rilo are long-lost cousins?

Jun 15, 06 3:35 am

I love how quickly this thread became a showcase of pups and inadvertently gave glimpses of people's living-spaces.

Thanks for all the advice--I have all the suggestions written down.

Jun 15, 06 10:01 am

hey e--what species of flooring and type of finish do you have there??

sonya, i like this idea. how about:

Burnham (maybe better for a bulldog!)

and it's a shame it wouldn't make a good dog name, but, oh, I love me some Neutra.

Rudolf would be good except for that unfortunate song. Guess you could go with Schindler, though?

There's always my hometown fave... Henry Hornbostel

Jun 15, 06 10:37 am

I would Suggest: "DAMN IT" as in DAMN IT cOME

We have two dogs, Matisse and Frito Jack...

Jun 15, 06 11:04 am
vado retro

frito is a great name. pancho and lefty for two dogs.

Jun 15, 06 11:12 am

shit that's a good idea vado...

how about Townes?

Jun 15, 06 11:14 am
jealous of the world

DAMN...I wish I had a weiner dog.
so I could name him Oscar Niemeyer

Jun 15, 06 11:15 am

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