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Welcome to The Silver Screen Galleri. Manifest a new union of arts architecture and Grafitti . Please post your suggestions case these are Grafiti, arts or architecture Design --- all you need to get your works on display is to send a 24X36 or large format, up to 8X12 Cm dias to the author of this announcement.

Gallerie Silver Screen is a projector Galleri pictures are projected onto one of the few "legal Grafitti fences in Copenhagen, this Grafitti display cover round 200 meter of the fence that is under constant processing , as a new feature a piece of this fence round the freestate Christiania. A small piece are now avaible as Gallerie for Digital art architecture and design .
3D-H and any fancy graphics if you want to display your work with the two Leitz projectors avaible please contact. I hope to expand this advance as soon as the Gallerie share more public attention , ------- this is not only for promoting 3D-H the pictures are not paint but light .

Future graphics will be copied onto the "Hi all you fancy graphics lovers" tread.

Per Corell

May 15, 06 9:11 am

May 15, 06 9:14 am

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A silver screen, more correctly called a silver lenticular screen, is a type of projection screen that was popular in the early years of the motion picture industry.

The term silver screen originated in reference to the actual silver content embedded in the material that made up the screen's highly reflective surface. While actual silver screens are no longer commonly used, the term silver screen has passed into popular use as a way of referring to refer to projection screens in general and motion picture projection screens in particular.

Characteristics of silver screens

Silver lenticular (vertically ridged) screens, which were made from a tightly woven fabric, either natural, such as silk or a synthetic fibre, were excellent for use with low-power projectors and the monochromatic images that were a staple of early projected images. However, the screens provided narrower horizontal/vertical viewing angles compared to their more modern counterparts and tended to color-shift to blue when color images are used. In addition, they a single projection source tended to over saturate the centre of the screen and leave the peripheries darker, a phenomenan known as hot-spotting. Due to these limitations and the continued innovation of screen materials, the manufacture of silver projection screens, while never fully discontinued, has been generally phased out.

Other screen types

The matt white screen is now the most common variety and has become the industry standard. It provides true color reproduction, the highest resolution capacity and the widest viewing angles while producing no glare and no hot spotting. However, other types of screen that were trialed as replacements for the silver screen, and before the matt white screen became standard, were:

* The pearlescent screen - This screen had narrow viewing angles and a higher gain (the measure of reflected light). It also suffered from color shifts to red and a tendency to hot spot.
* The glass-beaded screen - This also has a higher gain. However the nature of construction resulted in a significant loss of viewing angles and a marked loss of resolution since glass beaded screens were retro reflective, that is, their reflection is directed back to the light source. Additionally, the glass beaded screen is physically unstable since the beads can shift, break or break off, resulting in noticeable dark spots.
* The gray screen - Ideal for black and white projections but resulted in a colour shift towards blue and rended white off-white.

Use in 3-D projection

Silver lenticular screens, while no longer employed as the standard for motion picture projection, remain in use as they are ideally suited for modern 3D projection.

May 20, 06 8:29 am

All previous pictures been about preparing this Galleri ----- Here are an arts Galleri that don't ask a building no twisted forms no building being the piece of arts .

Please tell me isn't this just the perfect Arts Galleri, a display no building.

May 22, 06 5:26 am

how do i post an image located on my hard drive?

May 22, 06 6:30 am
sporadic supernova

you can't Kay ... you could upload it on an image hosting service/website and then hyperlink it using the code shown below ..

May 22, 06 6:37 am


With this Galleri that exist in real , there are only one way to get your graphic displayed, it is explained above I repeat ;

You find the mail address of Per Corell and make contact. You need to post , that mean snail mail a photo , a Dias in either 24X36 mm. or 9X12 Cm. so it fit into one of the two projectors avaible.
There are no way I can project a digital picture just from the web, ------ this is a real galleri not a web galleri .

May 22, 06 7:39 am

May 22, 06 7:54 am
May 24, 06 8:09 am

May 24, 06 8:10 am

Jun 6, 06 10:04 am
Jun 12, 06 7:59 am
Jun 14, 06 3:10 am
SuperImpose is

as SuperImpose does.

Jun 21, 06 7:30 pm

Great --- same technikes --check how the black lines in the picture above from one projector are filled with the picture background from my other projector.

Anyway here are two pictures a few day's old ;

Jul 26, 06 9:16 am

Sorry forgot to IMG them ;

Jul 26, 06 9:18 am

Guess you can see that it become more and more 3D , amazing thing is that these pictures are made with old Episkops and dias projectores but when you use a digital camera a lot of 3D effects show.

Now the above is just done with one projector - Episkop, the real 3D come when several projectors uses the same screen , soon to come.

Jul 26, 06 10:09 am

Here ,part of the Silver Screen at daytine

Jul 26, 06 10:10 am

The Galleri now been left to exist for more than halve a year, in the Designcommunity fora near 8500 visitors beside the attention from people passing from Christiania ,the Christiania gray hall ,and the Copenhagen Opera.

Guess it's time for some more architectural display.

Aug 3, 06 7:00 am

The galleri is perfect for displaying fancy graphics ,think about it, this just started.

Aug 7, 06 4:48 pm
Aug 7, 06 4:52 pm

This is the graphic I intend to display next --- not only as a projected picture but I will simply draw along the lines, so the figure is there in the day time to.

Aug 7, 06 5:01 pm

Two Projectors two images --- black lines from one are replaced with the silver sheet light from the other projector.

Aug 13, 06 7:50 am
Aug 16, 06 4:33 pm
Aug 16, 06 4:34 pm

Latest improved projecting experiments .

The Silver Screen Galleri realy started to draw attention.

Aug 17, 06 10:54 am

Aug 17, 06 10:56 am

It is strange --- the same tread reached more than 13000 visitors at another site ;

Aug 26, 06 4:10 pm

I love this.

Aug 26, 06 4:14 pm

Good --- but isn't it strange, at the other site in the first 10 minuts after another graphic posted round 50 visitors --- and I Know this site shuld attract more visitors ; positive that the counter are honest ?

Aug 26, 06 4:29 pm

the counter is not set to track your ego, vindpust.

Aug 26, 06 6:20 pm

^^^^^that is the all times best response to all of vindpust's and per's postings. it is going to have a cult following.

i LOVE the 'Galleri Silver Screen' too.

Aug 26, 06 7:13 pm
Aug 27, 06 2:06 pm

per, how come you didn't enclosed that space with 3Dh structural system/building? indoor galleri silver screen.
that is a nice venus de milo painting.
i wonder if rothko had a son who painted, also? (because i believe all the venus de milos in the world are done by men or by hippies)(not in a bad way...)

per, can you lose the checker board plaza? it is taking away from the rauschenberg.

Aug 27, 06 5:47 pm

"because i believe all the venus de milos in the world are done by men or by hippies"

Exactly, the third sex.

Aug 28, 06 6:16 am

Third sex = Rise of the machines !
B U A H A H A H A H A..

Aug 28, 06 8:38 am

oh sorry

Aug 28, 06 8:46 am

oh nevermind , you get the picture vindy !

Aug 28, 06 8:47 am

Il'l be back

Aug 28, 06 9:54 am

God willing !

Aug 28, 06 2:44 pm
Sep 1, 06 3:40 pm
brian buchalski

this thread (which i found by accident) has restored my faith in both archinect and humanity...and to think i was having a bad week.

Sep 1, 06 5:12 pm

Glad you say so --- but sorry I forgot to tell just a bit about the hardware used ;

This is the main projector ,the Leitz Epidiaskop I been using is an 800/400 mm. 1000 Watt one ,that fuel both the epi and diaskop part of this huge projector.

beside this the Galleri uses an also old Leitz Prado 500 with the same 400 mm. lens as the slide projector on the Epidiaskop ;

Latest achivement are this Desgn Icon ,also a episkop but with two 500 watt lamps , made in DDR by Leitz related firm late 50's ,the most modern one , acturly the lens are a super 430 mm one , a tiny bit better than the "standard" Leitz 400 mm. that was used widely in small-medium size episkops ;

Sep 1, 06 6:14 pm
Sep 1, 06 6:27 pm

vindpust, whatis your creative intention ?

what exactly is this project of yours about ?

Sep 2, 06 10:02 am

It is realy a complicated answer , remember there are multible technikes involved, analog and digital , lots of perfection see, these pictures could not be displayed with just toy, I guess some of the experiments are unique but they don't come without a thought about it. Guess I can tell you that day when I know it's been settled and I turn to another perfection, -- anyway a silver screen are ideal for today's 3D projection and I am not a beliver of, that it is the audience than shal fantasise about the meaning in a picture , I belive you must have a reson to draw pictures with light , --- my first commitment are to promote 3D-H.

Sep 2, 06 3:27 pm

The rest are just a nice side effect.

Sep 2, 06 3:29 pm

i see..but where's the rest ?

Sep 2, 06 5:57 pm

The side effects are so plenty that they could fill a museum , I only display a few of the graphics -- those few that can be printet by a worn out ink printer , only the few digital pictures I think an audience will profit, my measure being the reaction from the many passing the Silver Screen Galleri.
What you see in these pages are just a fraction and I am not the best one to pick those pictures , acturly I most often upload when I test some new technike or some different setting .
Sadly the resolution with the uploaded pictures don't carry many of the details, don't realy show the exiting effects where black in one projected picture are replaced with the light and patterns projected with an overlapping projector --- in fact it is even difficult to explain how important an impac from a Episkop can be ontop a projected picture from a Diaskop , these pictures only show little of these.

Sep 3, 06 7:44 am

This one is among the many I didn't upload --- on the screen it work fine ,esp the right side of the picture , but the digital picture -- even the digital technike expose details that by the screen are not so clear -- then the digital picture with this set , do not work as good as the real light picture.
---- then on the other hand when I turn off the projectors the picture are gone.

Sep 3, 06 8:13 am
Sep 3, 06 8:42 am

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