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The key to observation is using it to reflect upon yourself.

I do.  A lot.  Not caving into group think doesn't mean a person doesn't reflect.  In fact, it probably means you do more of it.

"I just think things were pretty good, in terms of social climate, around the mid 90s."

That explains a lot.

Explain what was missing then, since you're so economical with words.  From '92 to '00, Bill and Hillary were in the saddle ... the same saddle ... two for the price of one.

Jan 22, 14 12:24 pm

Ask a LGBT person how the 90's were. 

Jan 22, 14 12:27 pm

Ask a LGBT person how the 90's were.

They looked 20 years younger.  Nothing was different about their quality of life, whether alone or shacked up.  Nothing.  It was just a different set of high drama stories.  I'm talking liberal Southern California, too. 

Jan 22, 14 12:42 pm

And again you reaffirm why talking to you is akin to a conversation with a wall.

Jan 22, 14 12:45 pm

No, I'm referring to residents of Long Beach and Palm Springs who I know and just did whatever they wanted ... both then and now.  Got it?  Long Beach and Palm Springs ... though the latter is also a mecca for retirees and equity refugees.

Jan 22, 14 12:59 pm
As if the rest of us are not capable of observing and making our own opinions.
Jan 22, 14 1:06 pm

Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.

Jan 22, 14 1:17 pm

As if the rest of us are not capable of observing and making our own opinions.

You all can ... and I'm sure you do.  This particular topic is very divisive.  Had Obama not taken the stance he did on same sex marriage, he would have conceded the 20 something vote, and possibly allowed Romney to win.  It was a platform for differentiation from the GOP.  However, a friend and I were discussing the election, and wondered if he may not even be in favor of same sex marriage on a personal level, but on a political and policy level.  The same could be true of the Clintons.  The same could be true of Bader-Ginsburg who, in pandering to her liberal NY roots, opined that the current scenario provides for a "skim milk marriage."  They could all be pandering.  Anything to stay in the driver's seat.  I voted for Obama based on ACA and the auto bailout, which averted a catastrophe.  That's right.  I enthusiastically voted to keep our black President in the White House and keep potential monarchs out of there.  It was great to see Ann teary eyed.  She had this air of "entitlement."

Jan 22, 14 1:18 pm

Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.

True.  And if I had a dollar for every time I've heard that, I could afford to live in the Hamptons.

Jan 22, 14 1:20 pm
How about that snow? 1:10 last night to make it 3.5 miles. Snow tires did great but other drivers were very slow and many stalled cars. I prefer a walkable future. Trying to make it a walkable present, only about 50% successful.
Jan 22, 14 1:24 pm

I biked home in the snow last night - my commute is largely on a segregated bike path, but it took me a little longer than normal because I was stuck behind cars in a couple locations - one spot I just got off my bike and walked on the sidewalk, bypassed about 50 cars, then hopped back on my bike where the bike lanes started back up again (parking ban on that street so the bike lanes were plowed) and breezed past more gridlock until I got home.


It's a shame that you are forced to drive 3.5 miles - that's easy biking distance.

Jan 22, 14 2:29 pm

hi TC!

re: the conversation about zoning board meetings et al., back when i had a cable/TV i used to spend hours on occasion watching the local government channel. I found that watching various planning/zoning etc boards was a great way to stay on top of local development and other news.

most people i know though i was crazy for enjoying...

Jan 22, 14 4:01 pm

How did you stay awake?

Jan 22, 14 4:33 pm
Sarah Hamilton
You ARE crazy!!
Jan 22, 14 6:20 pm

about the shinjuku video, yeah totally not a mixed country when it comes to race and types. We don't have income disparity like North America, but Cattle we are. On the other hand it is an awesome experience to learn what it is like to be an outsider here and to come to terms with what that means on a very personal level. It really is amazing how brave the goth kids are in Harajuku, especially when they leave their enclave of fun weirdness.  I recommend everyone try it. You don't even need to go to Japan - North America has lots of pockets of otherness to play in. If everyone tried it for a week or two am sure issues of GLBT, race, income, would become easier to talk about.


@observant, if i were your father i would be worried. You have issues that seem impossible to moderate. Its almost funny, like steve martin urinating in his chair funny, but it sometimes takes an effort to see it that way.


btw the idea that the 90's were great for the gay community is patently absurd. Ask anyone with HIV from those days if you want some reality on the subject. Just to start with. It was a painful time. NOT better than now.

Jan 22, 14 7:34 pm

btw, that video of Shinjuku station is totally not crowded. You should see it when its busy. prolly couldn't make the video like he did, but would be much more interesting. Especially late at night when everyone is drunk and dressed to the nines.

Jan 22, 14 7:42 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I'm flipping through a travel/cruise catalogue that came in the mail, and I thought "Alaska I one place I have no desire to go."

Any one else feel that way about a popular vacation place?
Jan 22, 14 8:22 pm

OOOh but Sarah Alaska is so beautiful and the last truly wild place in the US!

In the Shinjuku video I was mostly struck by so many people having that big-city commute face: tired, really tired, but aware enough to notice if anyone is getting dangerously close; also looking inward, not at others, but aware enough of them. Then just a few people engaging with their friends. And so many high cheekbones! 

Jan 22, 14 9:21 pm

@observant, if i were your father i would be worried. You have issues that seem impossible to moderate. Its almost funny, like steve martin urinating in his chair funny, but it sometimes takes an effort to see it that way.

btw the idea that the 90's were great for the gay community is patently absurd. Ask anyone with HIV from those days if you want some reality on the subject. Just to start with. It was a painful time. NOT better than now.

will, dad is gone now, but he was cool.  My father wasn't worried.  He told me I was exacting and had a great memory.  The issue is that I'm moderate and traditional.  With the wills and donnas of archinect, that would be an issue that is indeed impossible to moderate.  My dad lived in Europe, North Africa, Australia, and ultimately, North America.  He could read someone like a hawk.  He was a quick study.  He was correct almost all the time. Of my friends, he could see who wasn't smart or wasn't rich, yet see the fact that they were good people.  Conversely, he could see the ones who blew smoke up people's asses with their scripted and unauthentic pleasantries, and were bad seeds. He didn't mince words.  He was irreverent, sarcastic, and funny.  In fact, the family dog voted with my dad on my friends, and they can smell 1 part of urine per 1,000, or 10,000.  So, I'd be worried if someone like YOU was my dad but was fortunate to have a dad like the one I did.

That you even bring up HIV is ludicrous and shows your ignorance.  What you've basically said is HIV is a gay disease.  It is not.  The virus doesn't know your gender, your intelligence, nor your wealth and does not discriminate.  People have gotten it through transfusions (I know 2) and people have gotten it through drugs (I know 1), in addition to a few people from high school and college who died.  Doctors and nurses have contracted it through needle sticks when good protocols were not in place. I'm sure that the presence of the virus was a stressor in that decade, but I'm talking about setting up house in a liberal neighborhood of a large urban city, going to work, and amassing wealth.  That part has not changed much.  Professional same sex couples who didn't do the adoption thing probably had more disposable income than most of the household permutations out there.  Where I lived, no one cared and didn't treat anybody differently, as in "to each their own."  No one foresaw the current pissing contest.  About half the population does not support it.  That makes half of America stupid, right?  You hate "Amerika," as you call it, anyway.

Given your adoption of your current country,  I bet you were one of those white guys who ate Asian food with chopsticks long before you ever got there.  I knew one person like that.  He was a bleeding heart liberal Berkeley grad ... and annoying.  That is all about being a sycophant, unless you're on their turf, but this was in Amerika.  Fork and spoon, please.

Jan 22, 14 10:02 pm

@ observant, I know that HIV is not gay disease. That was not the point. 90's was not good for LGBT community. It was so shitty that even the fringe of LGBT was harsh. I was there and I remember it pretty personally. But let's drop it. trying to engage you in conversation is freakishly difficult.

@ donna, i agree on both points. alaska looks beautiful - would love to visit, by canoe if I could arrange it. And everyone in Tokyo is ridiculously well groomed and fit. Its like LA, but colder. Just as intimidating for a hick like me though.

Jan 23, 14 12:21 am
Sarah Hamilton
I think eating with chopsticks is fun! Although, not terribly efficient. Maybe that's why the Tokyo-ans are so fit. Of course, I suck at it, so I never break them apart. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone.

I also use a spoon and fork to eat pasta, and a fork to eat French fries. Sometimes I don't want to get my hands dirty, and sometimes it's faster to NOT put down the fork.
Jan 23, 14 8:21 am

Congratulations. You appropriated all of the unique aspects your dad seems to have had without any of the life experiences which created and moderated them. You feel entitled to his personality without earning it. That could explain why you're so defensive.

Jan 23, 14 9:23 am

i sometimes eat w/ chopsticks.  often times, the food was designed/cooked/whatever to be eaten with chopsticks.  eating food with a fork when it was intended to be eaten with chopsticks is the wrong way to do it, just like eating food with a fork when it was intended to be eaten with a spoon is the wrong way to do it.  if you know how to use the tools, you'll select the most appropriate tool for the application.  sort of like the old saying, if you only know how to use a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Jan 23, 14 9:24 am
Sarah Hamilton

Curt, I eat ice-cream with a fork, sometimes.  It's fun to draw designs when eating out of the little paper cups.  Am I the only one that does that?

Jan 23, 14 9:33 am

Yes. Would you like me to make broad, generalized, patently offensive assumptions about you now?

Jan 23, 14 10:09 am

most Americans didn't eat with a fork OR a spoon until the mid to late 19th century - and even with the wealthy, the fork was used primarily to hold the food down while you cut it, and you still brought the food to your mouth with a knife.  Typically people ate with their hands (and their own knives, which you carried with you all the time) or with bread, from communal bowls and drank from a communal cup which was passed around.  When they were finished they'd wipe their hands and faces on the table cloth if there was one.  Most families didn't even have a proper table.

Jan 23, 14 10:10 am

How the hell are you supposed to eat at a ramen place without chopsticks?  I'd like to see someone try doing that with a fork - it would look silly.

Jan 23, 14 10:45 am

Bernard Rudofsky discusses fork usage in Behind the Picture Window and Now I Lay Me Down to Eat. For some time fork usage was considered sacrilegious because it denied use of the fingers God created. If I recall correctly, it was considered uncouth at one time. People also ate laying on their stomachs and propped on one elbow.

Jan 23, 14 11:22 am

did archinect disable my right-click?  it's not what my browser tells it to be anymore, and sort of looks like maybe a javascript thing?

Jan 23, 14 12:31 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I cannot eat while lying down.  I just can't.  Don't like to eat while listening to music, either. It interferes with my concentration.

Jan 23, 14 12:38 pm
That picture with good on tables then people laying on bigger tables makes me imagine them as another meal about to be eaten by giants. Reminds me of the infinite David Hasselhoff crotch gif.
Jan 23, 14 5:40 pm
Food, not good.
Jan 23, 14 5:41 pm

food, good

Jan 23, 14 5:55 pm
vado retro

Bloviator Central is LIVE!

Jan 23, 14 6:12 pm

I just bought a fuel distributor and a set of fuel injectors on e bay for the beautiful money blower of a Benzo 560 sel 1987. Distributor has a 14 days return warranty injectors 60 days. All used and all under $400. Does anybody understands what I am talking about? Sarah? 560's are notorious for their fuel systems. Seller had 100% rating after 656 sales. When it comes to auto parts e bay is hit and miss. Gambled.

Jan 23, 14 6:38 pm

live, and with updates.


Eating on the stomach is hard to imagine. How is that even comfortable?

@sarah your eating practice obviously says something about what my friend once told me was true about texas and definitely applies to you because my father went to mexico once. If i can remember what it was I'll write an essay on it and post it here. It may involve vaccination crimes and chickens.

Oh forget about it, that's too much work.  But consider yourself judged! Ice cream with a fork! What ARE you thinking?


Japanese diet is crazy healthy. Except for the parts that aren't.  In which case it is maybe a genetic thing. Wither way, not many problems with obesity here. In Tokyo I think its cuz everyone spends their money on awesome clothes and have no money for food...

Jan 23, 14 6:51 pm

i mean with a fork?!

How do you get the melted bits of ice-cream at the bottom of the bowl? Its just so wrong!

Jan 23, 14 6:52 pm

one option is to drink the bowl of ice cream after it melts.

another option is to get a cone.  you can eat the milky remains with the container.  no waste.

Jan 23, 14 7:01 pm
Sarah Hamilton
Texas is big and badass. That's all you need to know about it!

And I only do the fork thing when it's ice cream in those single serving cups. Or when having pie al a mode. As for the melted parts, you drink it. DUH.

You all should try it. The designs can be fun. And you can carve out little canyons. Fun times!!
Jan 23, 14 7:04 pm

ok, I'll try it next time the temperature is high enough to melt ice cream again. might be awhile.

Jan 23, 14 7:17 pm

hey, enough burger talk. any comments on this baby? it is called fuel distributor:)

Jan 23, 14 7:25 pm

The way the 560 uses gas I would have thought it was a lot bigger. 

Jan 23, 14 7:48 pm

@curtkram not sure but the comment box, editor formatting toolbar seems different/odd (specifically the icons)... also the right clock window.

@orhan i am afraid car-talk is completely foreign to me...

Also i love to occasionally drink melted ice-cream remnants from my bowl. almost as much as i like cereal milk!

Jan 23, 14 7:56 pm

you can use the apple pie to sop up the milky remains of ice cream, the way you use bread so sop up the steak juice or BBQ sauce....

Jan 23, 14 8:23 pm
Sarah Hamilton
I showed just the photo to my husband. He says it's a CIS injection pump for an old Mercedes or Porsche Bosch system.
Jan 23, 14 8:41 pm

I put my bowl of ice cream in the microwave for 9 or 11 seconds so it gets melty.  I prefer ice cream in a state very close to liquid.

I'm headed to Albequeque tomorrow for a 2-day conference: AIA's Emerging Professionals Summit, where I'm facilitating the Education work group (the other work groups are Licensure, Career Development, and Firm Culture & Practice).  I'm looking forward to visiting vado's old stomping grounds - it's been 27 years since I've been in ABQ!

More info here - you can sign up and comment on our topics, I believe.

Jan 23, 14 10:25 pm

Miles, I am stuck with this. It was a zero miles car one time now 27 years later it is only 120K miles.

I am okay with car talk and liking it more every day. Also really good at getting the most difficult bolts out. That is basically what I do when my master wants to take a break. It is a dirty job but I do it.

It is really fun to show up to some fancy art and architecture gallery openings and urbanism panels etc. with black grease under my nails. People can never figure that comes from changing spark plugs couple of hours ago. And I am only there in those places because my master says this is enough car work today. 

Above is little exaggerated for fun but mostly true.

Really like it when it is smooth and it is hard to ditch even at a $4 a gallon economy.

Jan 23, 14 10:39 pm

I really like my '81 280E.

Jan 23, 14 11:00 pm

Quickly looking to some forums on 280Es seems to have some vacuum issues. Though, engine compartment seems more accessible.

Nice car, I see yellow one often in my neighborhood driven by a seemingly creative type.

Jan 23, 14 11:35 pm

The W123's are my favorite. An SEC would be fun but the mileage is even worse than my 280. The 560 is a tank. Literally. Great for running roadblocks. 

Jan 24, 14 12:01 am

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