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Sarah Hamilton

Snook, you just click the picture icon next to the little 'globe in chains' icon, just above the typing box.  Then paste in the picture url.  Nothing to remember now!

Aug 12, 11 6:49 pm

good day today... was on a summer studio review at upenn this morning with fellow archinector AP... then had lunch with AP, his better half MK, and other friends... then spent this evening working out some ideas for a mountain house... followed by hanging out with some neighbors on the stoop/sidewalk whilst drinking some bourbon/ginger ales on a beautifully mild summer night in philadelphia...


Aug 12, 11 10:14 pm

What is AP doing in Philly, did I miss that?

Aug 12, 11 10:22 pm

I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold
I'll be fine once I get it, I'll be good.

Aug 13, 11 4:29 am

@donna, he's now back in NYC and took the bus down for the review...

Aug 13, 11 8:25 am

jump: pursuit of happiness?

Awesome! Although I have never seen that version of video before. This is the one that played on the teevee. 80's at its dumbest.

Aug 14, 11 12:56 am

@ rusty, haven't heard them in a while but moe berg is not bad.  takes me back to HS days.

cool to see the northern pikes on same youtube page.  apparently they are making a new album in 2012. 

Aug 14, 11 2:51 am

Philip, what matters is if there is a citation for the population statement, not that they are saying so... In the world of scholarly sustainability papers, that 50% urbanized is significant and is posited at the start of most articles (and will be until we get to 55%% or 60%...) Why so many known facts have to be regurgitated escapes me, but it's just part of the genre.

Aug 14, 11 8:35 pm

well it means all the problems we are taking on now as planners architects and researchers will be almost exclusively issues of urbanism, and that means we are qualified to talk about them.  We weren't before.  When poverty was rural it was not something we could talk about.  Now with years of forced villagization (like zimbabwe) and city of slums and so on all that we know as designers is important to the way the current and future world works. 

Jencks said architects are irrelevant.  this says maybe not so much. so we keep repeating it.  it's probably a matter of shock.

Aug 14, 11 8:54 pm

feel like we're waking up from a strange dream weekend without power. have to retrieve the freezer/refrigerator items from my brother's house, can finally clean out the basement which took on water, and can mow the overgrown lawn. BUT it was a fun weekend! beautiful cool fall weather, family meals out, lots of reading and drawing, and a movie with friends! if we could schedule these outages so we could be prepared, they may not be so bad. wonder if our power bill will be 1/30 less.

Aug 15, 11 6:57 am
Tinbeary There there

Oh no, Steven, what happened? I haven't had hot water or central air in over a month (since my basement flooded) I'm on the tortoise path to getting both fixed, but I really just can't afford it right now. I am excited to see if my utility bills reflect living in the dark ages.

Aug 15, 11 7:27 am

here's what happened:

gets really crazy at about 1:50. this is just a few blocks from our house.

Aug 15, 11 8:28 am

steven sounds like "fun" although that video doesn't seem to be working at least for me..

Aug 15, 11 10:09 am

If it helps Nam, the new archinect puts links inside a frame.  If you hit the 'x' on the right side of the black bar it removes the frame and should work better.

Aug 15, 11 10:16 am

curtkram that does thanks...

Aug 15, 11 10:34 am
Sarah Hamilton

God I miss those!

Aug 15, 11 10:48 am

sarah rainstorms?

Aug 15, 11 4:38 pm
Sarah Hamilton


Aug 15, 11 5:17 pm

wow steven.  that's intense.  glad you were able to enjoy the power outage.  i have this felling lately it might not be always necessary to be plugged in and using power quite as much as we do.  planned outages may be enough to remove the need for more power plants even.  

here's hoping you see rain again soon sarah.  keep safe in the heat.

Aug 15, 11 7:02 pm

I had a yoga class for the first time in 9 weeks today.  it kicked my ass.  Yet it  must have still given me that endorphin rush because I came home and cut 6" off my hair, and I'm happy about it!

Thanks for the techie advice to get rid of the frame, curtkram!  I'm so bad at technology.

Aug 15, 11 8:46 pm

I'm still alive.  Was on stay-cation all last week (there was a brief Wonder-melting) and am just starting to get back into the swing of things. 

Myriam - Unfortunately I have little new to add to the critique of your design.  I agree with snook that the hours need to be dropped a bit, but then again, I like when things have a good grounding.

Now that I know the context of the R, I say keep it.  What does it look like when the R is scaled up slightly?  It just seems too close in size with the other letters for its intricate design.

Aug 15, 11 9:48 pm

Donna - yoga tends to do that to people... kicks your ass while boosting your endorphins.  It's like a natural high for me.

Aug 15, 11 9:50 pm

This is the super-secret project I'm working on as local architect-of-record.  It will be fun!

Aug 15, 11 11:41 pm

donna the superstar! woo hoo! 

Aug 16, 11 9:27 am
Sarah Hamilton

Donna, that's crazy!  Are the the 'craftsman' standing off by yourself while the others are conferencing?

Jump, I thought of you last night.  Abe chose a book from the library about a girl who lives in Japan, but is half American.  Her grandmother "Gram" from Maine comes to visit and she and Baachann and the girl go to the sea to collect Wakame.  I'm sure I butchered the Japanese words in the book, but daijobu.  The book was called "The Wakame Gatherers."  It was a bit long and detailed on the process of gathering wakame for a 3 year old, though.

Aug 16, 11 9:36 am

That is completely awesome Donna.  I shared it with a co-worker and he was very impressed as well.  Just out of curiosity, how expensive is it to harvest a tree that size and move it to an off-site location.  Can't wait to see the final product.  Keep the photos coming.  Rock star indeed.  I am constantly amazed by the amount of brilliance and beauty that my fellow archintectors design and work towards.  Glad to be graced by it.  Hopefully some of it will rub off onto me some day soon.

Aug 16, 11 10:19 am

that looks like a fun project - I'm jealous.

Aug 16, 11 10:20 am

Could someone please reassure me that the beige that bisque color I had to use to substitute the other that I'm not sure exists any longer is close enough for posterity sake.  In other words no mormal person is going to tell that one has more orange in it than the other, especially considering they've never seen the original selection.  Having a high color accuity sucks from time to time.

Aug 16, 11 4:37 pm
Sarah Hamilton

If they've never seen the original, then you could change it to purple and they wouldnt care, as long as it still looks good!

Aug 16, 11 5:30 pm

coolio sarah.  love wakame in my miso.  you should make some for abe so he can understand the story better.  am curious if that is even possible in texas ?


sounds safe enough to me melt. 

Aug 16, 11 8:39 pm

will this work...fingers and toes crossed..


Aug 16, 11 9:00 pm

ya we be working on x rated they will not post...damn~ I wanted to show the dancing pole...ya right!

Aug 16, 11 9:01 pm

I have actually been working on stringing 300 feet of rope light  so it is just a small glow...


Aug 16, 11 9:01 pm

I'm just an uber perfectionist.  The preferred color goes better with the other finishes.  The other one is just slightly muddier but isn't noticeable by anyone but me and another co-worker who suffers the same affliction.

300' of rope light?  That's a lot of rope.  Now you've peaked my interest.


Aug 16, 11 10:02 pm

Um, donna, thats awesome. Interested in seeing what the final use is of the roots.

Aug 16, 11 11:12 pm

good morning all,


donna awesome project. did you know them previously? how does one get picked as local architect of record? I suppose it is because they aren't licensed in USA?

snook what ***melt said. when i tried to open image in new tab it took me to Facebook so maybe that is why didn't post?

Aug 17, 11 8:12 am

hey - any of you NYC people know what's up with the new NYCECC?  any small renovations/alterations that require a permit are no longer exempt?  plus building owners are required to submit energy reports every 10 years?  has a cottage industry sprung up yet?

Aug 17, 11 4:46 pm

Beautiful Donna!

Aug 17, 11 7:02 pm

Thanks.  I'm the local architect because I'm very friendly with the Indianapolis Museum of Art curators - benefit of having an artist husband - and when the Swedish architects came to town last winter I volunteered to show them around town and hosted a dinner party at our house for them.  

The IMA is fucking amazing - they are doing such incredible stuff lately, not *only* my husband's first major solo museum show (which opens 8 September, Steven!) but hosting the Miller House symposium, opening the 100 Acres sculpture park (where the Chop Stick will be located), and winning the commission of the American pavilion at the Biennale this year (which is why we went to Venice in June).  It's the most forward thinking general art museum in the country, in my honest opinion, due to the visionary director Max Anderson and the amazing contemporary and design curators.  They don't even blink when something as nutty as Chop Stick is proposed - they just set about making it happen!

Aug 17, 11 9:26 pm

Great project Donna, and well done to Brian.

Aug 17, 11 9:52 pm

Why you do this to my house?

Aug 17, 11 10:29 pm

Because this way your house will also sell you ice cream, Navi!

Aug 17, 11 10:47 pm

That drawing is so great.

Still haven't seen Avatar.

Aug 17, 11 10:54 pm

"Because this way your house will also sell you ice cream, Navi!"


Next stop, Washington.

Aug 17, 11 11:32 pm


that whole post is all very coolio donna. and here i was under the impression america was mostly composed of people who go to the creation museum and homeschool their kids so they won't ever be exposed to blue people with icecream selling houses.





Aug 18, 11 6:19 am

well, you weren't under the wrong impression.

but there are a few here and there who attempt to undermine those protective types, tricking them into thinking differently by luring them with the temptation of fun. it sometimes works, at least until those folks go back to their mega-church on sunday and their charismatic leader hits the reset button.     

Aug 18, 11 6:36 am


donna per dia's post. that image isn't a drawing, at least not a hand one is it? I figured it must be a computer (aided) image...

I have felt particularly unproductive lately in terms of writing etc. although i suppose i am still in process of post-move settling in..

Aug 18, 11 8:10 am

Mmmmm... ice cream.

Aug 18, 11 8:25 am

isn't it a bit early for ice cream?

Aug 18, 11 8:49 am

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