is everything in slow motion at your office too? (christmas wishes)


the holiday cheer has slowed things much that i can't keep my eyes open. Boss is on vacation, i have some paid time off but have no reason to use it yet, so i sit at work and its almost like i get paid for surfing the internet...why is everything moving at 5 this normal? its my first christmas working in the US.

....merry christmas/happy new year everyone!

Dec 27, 05 5:04 pm

HOLIDAY wishes dont you know we are waging a war on Christmas!!-Seriously get with it.

Im the only one in my office and love it!!!!!

Dec 27, 05 5:06 pm

we are? why?

Dec 27, 05 5:07 pm

today i'm averaging $75/post

Dec 27, 05 5:11 pm

Bill O'Reilly: "War" on Christmas part of "secular progressive agenda" that includes "legalization of narcotics, euthanasia, abortion at will, gay marriage"

Dec 27, 05 5:12 pm

how do you re-size this @#$@%@!!!!!

Dec 27, 05 5:13 pm

type width=418 after the link.

Dec 27, 05 5:20 pm

dammson! I'm with you. Doing the math I think I'm averaging about the same as well. Although I'm at home now so I'm driving up my overhead :o/

Did anyone catch the Daily Show where Jon Stewart did the bit about Bill O'Reilly and this made up "war on christmas"? Anyone else want to pay a visit to "Osama's Homo-bortion Pot and Commie Jiz-porium"?
Yes, I said it. I tried to find the video but alas, could not.....

Dec 27, 05 11:15 pm

there are 7 of us out of a 25 person office.
this is my first day back from vacation.
i guess yesterday people left at 2 and went to the bar.
those people aren't here today.

i guess my desk will be cleaned, and i'll be all caught up on all my archinecting.

Dec 29, 05 10:55 am

half of my firm where i'm interning is out on vacation. plus someone gave their 2 week notice yesturday. hmm, interesting

Dec 29, 05 10:57 am

It's generally slow this week between Christmas and New Year's. Every office I've worked in ran mostly a skeleton crew as many people are out on extended holidays. School aged kids are at home so Mom & Dad generally take the time off rather than finding sitters, etc. Don't worry though, come January things will be humming like usual. Enjoy the calm before the storm, I am.

Dec 29, 05 12:45 pm
liberty bell

Dammit no it's not slow here!!! I've got a deadline tomorrow, worked til midnight last night and will be going staight through possibly tonight - unless I accept heterarchy's invitation to go play pool at 8, that is. Maybe that will motivate me to get done sooner! WonderK, wanna come to Naptown tonight?!

Seems I've always worked the week between Christmas-New Year, Usually under a deadline. Sigh. I'm tired.

Dec 29, 05 12:58 pm
el jeffe

hey lb,
nice to know i'm not the only one.
i've got a plan check submittal on a three story office building deadline of Jan 5, a retail TI due two weeks later, and another three story office building due on Feb 13. My intern (who has been out on vacation in NY since dec 20) emailed me this morning that he missed his flight back and is doing the stand-by thing today.
i hope he's well rested and my espresso machine doesn't break.

Dec 29, 05 1:11 pm

I'm the only one working at our office this week... I gotta say it's really nice without all the chaos...

Dec 29, 05 2:08 pm
Ms Beary

First time ever I won't have to work until 5 pm Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. I don't really care if I am here all week. We are running about 1/2 office.

Dec 29, 05 2:12 pm

i wish it was in slow motion for me, its a f_ing madhouse here, with a deadline today, one tomorrow and one on the 4th. But Im not going to work for most parts of the 31st and the 1st, come what may.

I hate our clients.

Dec 29, 05 4:26 pm

we still have less than half of the people here. better and worst than no one here....
I miss my privacy now I cant blast this link at full volume anymore...

Dec 29, 05 4:33 pm

ive been sitting at my desk doing portfolio stuff for the past week and 1/2.... there is NO ONE at our office and since I havent been here for over 6 months, I cant take any time off. Nothing is more frustrating then having your project managers leave for a week or two w/out telling anyone, thus leaving the interns to try and figure out what the heck they want. Good to know we're not the only place thats dead this time of year.

Dec 29, 05 4:40 pm
liberty bell

el jeffe, fire that damn intern!!! Kidding - and good luck getting everything done.

sameold, I hate my clients today too - they handed me an equipment list a week ago and neglected to tell me that half the equipment is the wrong size and the other half isn't being used in this space anyway! I finally nailed them down on everything today, the day before drawings are due, grrrrr.

But on the other hand, they also told me today they want to redo their corporate offices this spring and we'll be doing the work - so I love them too!

laxchc11, it is very hard to not have any direction and have to find something to do to fill your day. If you can, try to take the lead and work out something to show your boss/PM when they return, make it look like you're a go-getter. Maybe some elevation sketches, or interior materials, or an idea about how to detail an awning or whatever. Even just a list of questions you have about whatever you're working on. Just so it looks like you're actually thinking about work - if they come back and you say "Well you didn't give me anything to do so I worked on my portfolio instead" it looks a little odd.

Dec 29, 05 4:50 pm

so this leads me to the next question...
what should i write in my timecard???

Dec 29, 05 6:20 pm

Thursday 29 Dec 05
archinecting- 8 hours

Dec 29, 05 6:24 pm
liberty bell

A big job in your office that you are likely to be pulling overtime for later on anyway. Plus a few hours of "general office" or "materials library" or "computer maintenance", to draw from a few categories on my old firm's timesheets.

Dec 29, 05 6:27 pm
liberty bell

8:46 local time and I'm still pumping cad at the office. Several hours at least to go. This is why I became a partner?!?

Dec 29, 05 8:43 pm

10fucking05 PM(PST) , still pumping cad, need to get out of this job

Dec 30, 05 1:03 am

wow. where is everybody this morning?

Dec 30, 05 9:08 am

yeah, it's creepy slow around the nect.

Benefits of being "corporate"; typically 8 hour days, huge cubicle with window, 20" flatscreen, Diffrient freedom chair, good paycheck, good bonus, Jan. 2nd off for new years.

just sucks it is so hard to sleep at night.

Dec 30, 05 9:58 am
liberty bell

sameold, I went home at 11:00 (local time - which I think is eastern, but I'm not sure since Indiana is squirelly about daylight savings time)and had stress dreams all night about the

However, the benefit to self-employment is I came back to the office at 10am and no one gives me a hard time about it! (I keep telling myself that as I read over SuperHeavy's list...)

Dec 30, 05 10:12 am
el jeffe

<wipes sleep from eyes and takes another sip of latte.>

Dec 30, 05 10:54 am
liberty bell

did yer intern make it back, jeffe?

Dec 30, 05 10:55 am

so lb, are you going to make it?
the deadline that is, dont start thinking anything weird.

Dec 30, 05 11:13 am
el jeffe

not yet.
the guy i work with has a lunch bet with me that he won't show up before 9:30 - 15 minutes to go here.
my wife thinks we won't see him until after new year's.
my task today - calculating the roof slopes to drain a butterfly warped roof system - i'll be hitting the sauce hard tonight.
how's the equipment list?

Dec 30, 05 11:14 am
liberty bell

The final equipment dimensions and requirements that were promised to be in my inbox 23.5 hours ago have still not arrived. So, I'm issuing a "Not for Construction" set to the cabinet maker this afternoon just so he'll be able to start calculating materials this weekend.

In other words, I'm justifiably pushing my deadline to Tuesday. Which kinds sucks because I was looking forward to relaxing this holiday weekend, so that I could then make it this weekend, +q. ;)

6 more minutes, jeffe. But I'm with your wife on this one!

Dec 30, 05 11:21 am

el jeffe
How did he miss his first flight anyway?

I say he will show up on monday with a lame excuse. Let's play a game: guess el jeffe's intern's excuse for not showing up.

Dec 30, 05 11:31 am
el jeffe

he didn't say in his expectedly brief email.
something similar has happened before - i went on vacation (with explicit instructions to call me if he needed) and he decided that there wasn't enough work to do so he went on vacation too while i was gone.
the problem is that he's something of a friend to the other guy i work with otherwise...

Dec 30, 05 11:46 am
liberty bell

Depends. el jeffe did say he went to New York for break. If he's in NYC, it's because he's working for free for Eisenman during break because he loves the imagined prestige, and decided to squeeze in a few more non-billable days before returning to the real world.

If he's in upstate New York, it's because he's helping fix the poor detailing of a half-million dollar T-111 house - this one.

Dec 30, 05 11:48 am

i think it's humorous that you are trying to get stuff out for your cabinet maker to do "over the weekend" is it is less likely that anything productive will be done this weekend...anywhere.

Dec 30, 05 11:59 am
liberty bell

I know, stephanie, it's silly - but these cabinets are a four-week construction schedule based on the cabinet maker getting drawings today. So I have to at least somewhat follow through with my commitment to the schedule, even though I could just blow it off and blame the Owner for not getting me the info I need!

Dec 30, 05 12:06 pm

hey, i know, all you can do is keep up your end!

nice work!

go team! (which sounds like it might just mostly be you)

it's still funny.

Dec 30, 05 12:11 pm
liberty bell

yep, a team of one. Thanks for making me smile about it, stephanie. And hey party girl what are your new year's night out plans?

Dec 30, 05 12:12 pm

jesus, i was just about to start a thread on this topic.


i wish i had the resources/foresight to go somewhere exciting.

Dec 30, 05 12:19 pm

what have you got up your sleeves?

Dec 30, 05 12:19 pm

i leave for maui tomorrow at 5:00am. heh heh. i intend to have a drink served in a coconut - with an umbrella - in my hand by 5:00pm.

Dec 30, 05 12:24 pm


and 5:00pm is too late...get one on the plane. bring your own coconuts!

Dec 30, 05 12:26 pm
Ms Beary

good morning.

need party plans here too.

Dec 30, 05 12:28 pm

i didn't say i wouldn't have already started, just that AT 5:00 that's what you'd see...if you were there...

Dec 30, 05 12:28 pm


Dec 30, 05 12:35 pm
liberty bell

Steven, we are all now collectively sick to our stomachs with jealousy. But hey have a blast!!

But on the bright side, I finally got the espresso machine spec! And they are all in Italian, for me to decipher yay! Anyone know what "Trif. con nuetro" means in realtion to elelctrical wiring?!

I have no new years plans. Usually I sleep through it, ever since a bad bad experience about 20 years ago.

Maybe I'll run buy some coconut glasses at the thrift store tomorrow, there's no reason I can't drink a rummy coconut drink in indiana!

Dec 30, 05 12:39 pm
el jeffe

i think it means it is a grounded plug.

Dec 30, 05 12:43 pm
liberty bell

And hey, Steven there is an awesome chapter in Thomas Pynchon's Vineland in which the main character escapes the shambles of his life by taking a job as a bongo player for an airline flying exclusively between LA and Honolulu. No seats on the plane, the stewardesses in grass skirts bring everyone umbrella drinks and they all dance while the band plays...sounds like the perfect entree to Hawaii! Wish I could remember the name of the airline, it was funny.

Dec 30, 05 12:43 pm

"I have no new years plans. Usually I sleep through it, ever since a bad bad experience about 20 years ago."

Archinect is like a confessional, lb please do tell.....

Dec 30, 05 12:43 pm

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