how an foreign architect work in us?

am an registered architect in Egypt have 2 years experience and plan to go to us

how can i work as an architect in us?

waiting for your advice,

Dec 9, 11 12:03 pm

Bad timing, especially when a lot of architects educated and experienced in the US do not have any work...

Dec 9, 11 10:39 pm  · 

mmmm,but what the ideal steps in my case to work in US

Dec 10, 11 4:34 am  · 

.. or take a good Post professional degree in the U.S. like, say, the GSAPP, etc

Jan 27, 12 2:09 am  · 

Have you tried applying to any of the US firms that you might be interested?  Hopefully you sent them a cover letter with better grammar than what you posted?


Just saying.  You will thank me later.

Jan 27, 12 11:15 am  · 

Stay where you are!  You'll soon have a better chance of getting work with a US Architect through the outsourcing of jobs....

Jan 27, 12 10:53 pm  · 
morino suror

can you please explain to us more about outsourcing jobs :)

Non Sequitur
  • Step 1, google "out sourcing architecture jobs"
  • Step 2, choose the first link to an archinect forum and reply regardless of the age of the post (ie 6 years)
  • Step 3, profit!

Guys, I have a big question. How tough or easy would it be to get a license if I have a professional degree in Architecture in India, and a non professional degree in USA? Really need some help. What process would I have to go through?

Oct 8, 16 4:30 am  · 

Everybody wants to know what stateroom to reserve on the Titanic, but nobody is asking whether it's going to be a good voyage.  Mystifying.


Oct 8, 16 10:20 am  · 
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I am an american citizen and i took the bachelor's degree in architecture out board of the USA, so i want to know it is necessary to take the license to find a job in the states? if yes, what i have to do to take the license to work in the USA.

Feb 1, 19 12:31 am  · 

Does plan approval take long in the USA? 

Nov 20, 20 4:32 pm  · 

First you'd need an American employer to jump through the hoops to sponsor you. The chances of an American firm doing this for a foreign graduate with no American experience is slim as you will be competing against foreign graduates of US universities. Say you somehow convince an American company to hire you over American citizens or foreign graduates, the most likely scenario would be working as production workhorses for minimal pay.

Nov 20, 20 5:27 pm  · 
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