what about Valentine's Day?


can archinect guys & gals exchange valentines on Feb 14 like I used to do in elementary school? perfectly harmless, and maybe fun.

Aug 4, 05 1:02 pm
A Center for Ants?

we can design nice white paper bags with construction paper.

Aug 4, 05 1:14 pm

i wanna give someone a big red lollipop in the shape of a heart

Aug 4, 05 1:17 pm

all I gotta say is, I hope you guys start thinking about what to get your actual girlfreinds and/or wives this early!

Aug 4, 05 1:42 pm
el jeffe

my wife is getting a fancy graphics lovers t-shirt

Aug 4, 05 1:49 pm

but I've got no actual gurlfriend, which is why I'm looking for someone to be my valentine...

Aug 4, 05 1:50 pm

down here in ny we've had a f**k valentine's day party
two years running...nothing quite like a bunch of bitter,
or very happy, single people drinking from a keg on the
mother of all meaningless couple's holidays.

and who's going to be the teacher who makes sure that
everyone gets a valentine's day card and noone gets
left out?

Aug 4, 05 1:52 pm

why john devlin of course.

Aug 4, 05 2:49 pm

I'm flattered, but I can't: I've been a 'bad boy'...

Aug 4, 05 3:39 pm

will you be my valentine, even if i am a girl?
it could be mutually non-sexual. or i could have my friend who wishes he could be with someone like me, but male, send you a poem or something.
this is way too early to plan this shit.

Aug 5, 05 12:55 pm

Ms stephanie: I should be delighted and honoured to be your valentine. I am not immune to the charms of the gentle sex, and you are gentle indeed.

(yes, I know it is way too early to plan this shit)

Aug 5, 05 1:01 pm

john: what's with the passive agression? what's the deal with all those backhand remarks about "censors." if you have problems with the fact that some of your discussions have been shut down, send an email with your feedback.

how long are you going to carry on with this game of luring archinecters into a cute and cuddly discussion that you then turn into a masturbatory fantasy? some of your most embarassing moments have been kept from the eyes of many here. if you want to discuss your fantasies I suggest Google or Yahoo groups, and your psychiatrist.

Aug 5, 05 1:12 pm

...and I'm afraid that non-sexual thing is not going to work out, stephanie. mr. devlin can't help himself. trust me, you'll regret the generosity later.

Aug 5, 05 1:22 pm

Where's conversationkiller when you need her?

Aug 5, 05 1:27 pm

you make mr. devlin sound like a sexual preadator.
don't underestimate me, i have amazing platonic superpowers.

Aug 5, 05 1:29 pm

I'm giving my wife an oven.

Aug 5, 05 1:31 pm

just around the corner!

Jan 25, 06 7:14 pm

Many years ago I had a roommate who held a Lonely Hearts singles-only party on Feb. 14th. He was the only one that went to bed alone. Whooops!

Jan 25, 06 7:19 pm

steph, you're the devil. at least you're not the devlin....

Jan 25, 06 8:41 pm
vado retro

heart break ol friend
goodbye its me again
of late ive had some thought of movin in
of all the many ways a man can lose his home
there aint none better than the girl who's movin on

true love i knew
thought some of leaving u
bad thoughts i had
when valentines were due

of all the many ways
a man will break his heart
well there aint none meaner than he pulls his own apart

valentine the destroyer
valentine u belong
in the stars where u are always moving on
cried i cried til i couldnt carry on
its a lonely lonely feeling
when your valentine is wrong...

Jan 26, 06 12:35 am

nice. i applaud the old 97's plug-in.

Jan 26, 06 10:32 pm
Jan 27, 06 12:59 am

You're all invited to the 'Love Bites' anti-consumerist, pro-love, valentines day party that some friends of mine are having in Vancouver.

Except abracadabra. He can't come. Because he's a big fat jerk.

Jan 27, 06 1:08 am
liberty bell

Watch out when he comes to you at night
tempting you with his tongue to evil ways.
Don't flatter my Beauty with lies
Tie your bedding together and make
a rope you could climb down to get away.
I won't flatter you, Beauty, with lies.
Somewhere between dreams and fear is life.
I'm so sorry that you just won't be mine.
But please don't be the Devil's Valentine.

Jan 27, 06 9:38 am

-i'm only one A short of finding SATAN in my name.

-trains are nice.

-calling abracadabra a big fat jerk is not very pro-love.

-i will probably be abusing any number of substances and watching born heller and mi and l'au play in a smoky dark bar on valentine's day. FOLK OUT!

Jan 27, 06 10:11 am


Jan 27, 06 10:24 am
You choo choo choose me???
Jan 27, 06 12:17 pm

she does...

Jan 27, 06 12:36 pm

They taste like BURNING!!!!

Jan 27, 06 12:38 pm

i'm already married, so i don't need to do anything for valentines day.

Jan 27, 06 1:09 pm

momentum have you designed your own dog-house?

Jan 27, 06 1:12 pm

Ha ha ha good one, +q.

"Watch this, Lis. You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half."

Jan 27, 06 1:33 pm

I've been working on this landscape student for like 3 months now. She doesn't vomit in her mouth anymore. I have what 18 days to make this work!

Jan 27, 06 1:45 pm
liberty bell

+q = brilliant.

Men: whatever ya do, don't buy her a vacuum cleaner.

Jan 27, 06 2:32 pm

not even if it's a dyson???

Jan 27, 06 3:06 pm
liberty bell

Well, OK, architphil, you're right - I'd be close to delirious with excitement if it was a Dyson.

Jan 27, 06 3:14 pm

Jan 27, 06 3:14 pm

Jan 27, 06 3:20 pm


Jan 27, 06 3:22 pm
liberty bell

Wierd. But lovely.

Jan 27, 06 3:27 pm
liberty bell

hmmm, evilplatypus, was this supposed to go over on your thread re: weather? I'm guessing so.

Jan 27, 06 3:28 pm

maybe he LOVES weather?

Jan 27, 06 3:34 pm


thanks for reminding me. we we just got done with a project list here at work, and i need to jot that one down.

Jan 27, 06 7:03 pm

Sitting on my ass, bored I made the mistake of Googling "alentines ideas". Why did I do this? I am a creative person. I didn't need to, but like I said: bored.

Anyway, I stopped my search immediately upon the first link after reading:
"Give your loved one a pizza with shape of a heart, a letter and a gift inside the pizza´s box."

Oh America, you're so silly...


Jan 30, 06 5:56 pm

"valentines" rather...

Jan 30, 06 5:56 pm
liberty bell

Actually, a high school boyfriend of mine once gave me a heart-shaped pizza. His buddy worked in the pizza place.

I thought it was pretty sweet. But, I was only 15.

And probably stoned, so it came in handy for the munchies.

Jan 30, 06 5:59 pm

Ha ha ha ha.

"You know me so well. I mean seriously, how'd you know I had the munchies, sweetie?"

But seriously, when I read that I realized I was searching in vain. All I could picture was the gift giver waiting for the giftee to give the ok sign to dig in. A shared gift if you will. Also, a greasy note? A greasy garlicky note for the sock drawer to endure for eternity?

Jan 30, 06 6:03 pm


Dude...There's a weird shaped hole in your T-shirt

Jan 30, 06 6:10 pm
liberty bell

Who makes that, +q? It doesn't look like the Dyson, or am I wrong?

garpike, my husband carved me a stone "heart" (very abstract) one year, which I love. You have a lot of time on your hands, but probably no access to stone and carving tools. How about carving something soft for your gal? Put those model-making skills to use with a butter knife! Buy a chunk of dark chocolate, or get a bunch of yummy-smelling soaps and carve them in the shape of abstract hearts. Just make sure you know she doesn't think you're saying "Sweetie, you need to bathe!"

Jan 30, 06 6:12 pm

lb, I wrote her a song. I just need to record it before the 14th. I was thinking since I'll be in her apartment all day I would do something like puting candles everywhere... but the cat eats fire. So then I though spreading rose petals around. Again, the cat. The cat keeps me from doing cliche things, which is ok. Also, the cat presents a design challenge!

Carving might be cool!

Jan 30, 06 6:18 pm

Cats are design challenges. Actually, we have 2 cats, one of which I like, t'other I don't. The one I dont like makes a habit of sleeping on our bed. It used to sleep in overnight, but I caught it a couple of times looking at me whilst I slept.

I solved the problem of the cat sleeping on the bed by buying my woman new bed manchester [which she has a secret obsession with] and now that cat is forbidden from sleeping there, which she herself enforces. Brilliant.

I'd encourage your cat's fire-eating - it will solve your cat problem, and give you something to write about in your song.

Jan 30, 06 6:31 pm

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