Separated at Birth?


**(I admit it...Hat envy)

Jul 19, 05 12:47 am

french actor Jean Reno from mission impossible

Jul 19, 05 1:58 am

"ahhh oui! look deeply into my eyes. chu desire me dont chu? I am sorry that i am zo...comment dit on...irresistable-i am a pritker prize winner. Chu cant resist me. Allons to my office and chu can tuch my sexy salt and pepper beard. OUI! OUI! Comme ca!"

he also said, "give me back my elvis costello hat javier!"

Jul 19, 05 2:15 am
vado retro

that mayne pic makes him look like a cast member from "its a madmadmadmad world" who dressed that guy?

Jul 19, 05 7:31 am
David Cuthbert

Was he at the races - I thought that was carson (QE5) reason behind men wearing hats in public!

Jul 19, 05 8:54 am
liberty bell

good lord Jean Reno is hot - thanks for that morning wakeup, suture.

That pic of Thom Mayne looks to me like Yoda leaning forward on his cane with his hands crossed. But the hat - those of us old enough to have seen pics of Helmut Jahn in the '80s know that he sported a similar hat constantly....I googled it to post here last week but couldn't find any pics with the hat - looks like a Broadway musical cast member.

Jul 19, 05 9:02 am

thanks! that was great.

Jul 19, 05 10:37 am

do you think any one of these people have seen this thread? kills me inside just thinking what they would say...

"i, daniel libeskind, do not look like that guy from something about marry! Chutzpa!"

maybe thom is sitting back going...

"an assassin. i can agree with that, what with my idiosyncracies and all. definately an assassin. i'll have to eliminate javier for the resurfacing of that photo."

i would also love to hear what they would say about other people. i bet eisenman would be laughing his ass off at the notion of "danny libeskind" looking like a poser architect.

Jul 19, 05 11:05 am

well you know rem would love the comparisons to both nosferatu and steve howe.

not sure piano would get a warm fuzzy about the comparison to the fonz, however.

tschumi would probably get a charge out of the mr. rogers link. urbanism=neighbors. too bad i can't find a picture of him in a cardigan or keds.

Jul 19, 05 11:19 am

I can't help but think that I've seen an Architect that looks like Richard Belzer. Man, he used to be one ubiquitous MoFo!

Jul 19, 05 11:38 am
FOG Lite

I like the comparison of Ronald to Will Ferrell

Jul 19, 05 12:14 pm

MysteryMan:'re thinking of rock star Ric Ocasek of the cars

Jul 19, 05 12:18 pm


Jul 19, 05 12:39 pm

Does anyone else remember that the first title of Wig Nut and Wig Not is All those "separated at birth" gags are destined to become a poignant part of turn-of-the-millennium art history, or at least that's what fictitious fashion voyeur Dick Hertz said?


Jul 19, 05 1:00 pm

selam un aleykum..

Jul 19, 05 1:11 pm

Javier Arbona,
Those two could've been separated @ birth. And you're right, Rick Ocasek was also one ubiquitous MoFo, too. But, I really was thinking of Richard Belzer. Funny how he's only had one TV role that still exists to this day. Plus, I don't recall him ever wearing anything but that black outfit, which works pretty good for that cat.

Jul 19, 05 6:29 pm

I meant that Richard Belzer looks like Ric Ocasek and they both resemble architects.

Jul 20, 05 12:01 pm

eric owen moss

tricky dick

Jul 20, 05 12:19 pm

I think you're onto something. Too many no-namers look like those two.
Ya know, if I lost about 80lbs & bought some big ugly black glasses, I could fit that role, too.

Jul 20, 05 12:53 pm

a Boston classic:

landscape architect George Hargreaves

david hasselhoff

Jul 20, 05 1:46 pm

Jul 20, 05 2:03 pm

funny, mark's add on schlong in boogie nights impersonated john holmes' schlong. i do not have images for that.

Jul 20, 05 2:19 pm

Who needs images...

Jul 20, 05 2:27 pm

...when you have playdough!

Jul 20, 05 2:34 pm

...or when you got it at birth!

Jul 20, 05 2:51 pm

I.M. Pei


Jul 21, 05 7:14 pm

Rem Koolhaas

Louis XIV

Jul 21, 05 7:22 pm

Try again

Rem Koolhaas

Louis XIV

Jul 21, 05 7:35 pm

Mies van der Rohe

Mr. Magoo

Jul 21, 05 8:26 pm

its unnacceptable that you insult master mies in such a way, please paul remove those images, there is no resemblance !

Mies is master, W is puppet !!!

Jul 21, 05 8:34 pm

apologies...somehow bush invaded my photolink.

Ahem..the correct photo: Mr. Magoo

Jul 21, 05 8:47 pm

Norman Foster

Colonel Klink

Jul 25, 05 12:26 pm


Jul 25, 05 12:31 pm

toshiko mori

Jul 26, 05 3:13 am

Neil Denari

Hugo Weaving

Jul 26, 05 3:22 am
Steve S

renzo piano

michael gross from family ties

Jul 26, 05 10:28 am
Steve S

zaha hadid

deep roy (oompa lumpa from charlie and the chocolate factory)

Jul 26, 05 10:37 am

Lou Reed

Pope John Paul II

Sep 6, 05 12:15 am


Oct 7, 05 11:41 am
brian buchalski

michael speaks

cary grant as dr. barnaby fulton in "monkey business" (1952)

Oct 7, 05 1:28 pm


Oct 9, 05 12:04 am

how about greg lynn and.....

andre the giant

Oct 9, 05 1:05 am

ralph lerner vs.

danny devito as the penguin

Oct 9, 05 1:09 am

Vladimir Putin

Rem Koolhaas

Oct 11, 05 12:09 am

Vladimir Putin

Rem Koolhaas

Oct 11, 05 12:10 am
anatomical gift

Stanley Tigerman



Oct 14, 05 12:38 pm
anatomical gift



Oct 14, 05 12:39 pm
anatomical gift

Let's try that again.



Oct 14, 05 12:40 pm

This is perhaps the greatest thread of all time.

Oct 14, 05 2:42 pm
Sir Arthur Braagadocio

<img src=""><br>
milton from office space
<img src="><br>
louis kahn

Oct 15, 05 9:33 pm

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