Separated at Birth?

big dead elephant

eric owen moss

an eggplant

Jul 14, 05 8:36 pm

Tadao Ando

Luke Skywalker

Jul 14, 05 8:51 pm


Jul 14, 05 9:50 pm
Jul 14, 05 9:53 pm

thom mayne

Jul 14, 05 9:57 pm

argh...what am i doing wrong...

Jul 14, 05 9:59 pm

Luke I am your father

Jul 14, 05 10:00 pm

[url=]thom mayne[/]

Jul 14, 05 10:05 pm

Winka Dubbeldam

Winona Ryder

Jul 14, 05 10:24 pm
juan moment

ben van berkel


Jul 14, 05 10:45 pm
juan moment

philippe starck

chef paul prudhomme

Jul 14, 05 10:57 pm
juan moment

paul and david lewis

the proclaimers

Jul 14, 05 11:27 pm
juan moment

hmmm, why can't you preview on the second page?

paul and david lewis

the proclaimers

Jul 14, 05 11:31 pm

The Lewis's


Jul 14, 05 11:39 pm

yes the "not being able to preview on page 2" thing is sort of a problem...

Jul 15, 05 12:22 am

What I was going to say was, driftwood, I think Marc Tsurumaki feels left out.

Marc Tsurumaki
(see above)

Dean Cain

Jul 15, 05 12:24 am
Bryan Finoki

Richard D James

Chris Cunningham

Jul 15, 05 1:02 am
big dead elephant

I actually saw richard d. james just walking down the street when I was in europe. I like to think we had a moment of aknowledged mutual freakhood.

Jul 15, 05 8:33 am

those two are actually good buddies...they had a show together in turin...where was i? working! feck feck feck!

(the twin looks surprisingly good in that pick...where's it from?)

Jul 15, 05 8:42 am

Jul 15, 05 1:01 pm
thom mayne
Jul 15, 05 1:03 pm

finally!! it worked!!...but why no first least the link works.

Jul 15, 05 1:06 pm

buckminster fuller

mr. six

Jul 15, 05 2:22 pm


Jul 15, 05 2:23 pm
liberty bell

Nice Life Aquatic, glick.

But wait, I'm confused, who is that guy between the Lewis twins, is that Tsurumaki? Or is it

Jimmy Fallon?

Jul 15, 05 2:27 pm
David Cuthbert

Helmut Jahn looks exactly like the guy from the Matrix reloaded (frenchie) "Woman you will be the death of me!"

Jul 15, 05 3:27 pm

Leon Krier


Jul 15, 05 3:58 pm

Peter Eisenman

The Nutty Professor

...Let's keep this going, people...

Jul 15, 05 4:09 pm
liberty bell

I can't believe it took me this long to realize this one:

Mr. Herzog

H.R. Pufnstuf - it's the weariness around the eyes that aml mentioned previously.

Jul 15, 05 4:12 pm

someone post foster and vader please, pleaseeeee

Jul 15, 05 11:45 pm

David Childs

Benny Hill

Jul 16, 05 1:28 am
juan moment

philip glass

richard lewis

Jul 16, 05 3:04 am

Chirac and Foster

Roosevelt and Eisenhower

Jul 16, 05 3:47 am

come now we can't end it like this

we've missed out lots of architects

what about all those folks from sci-arc Jimmy Chu
how about Maya Lin, Richard Rogers, David Adjaye??

Jul 17, 05 6:16 pm
Sarah Lorenzen


Michael Speaks

Jul 17, 05 6:44 pm
liberty bell

I've wracked my brain trying to come up with one for

Denise Scott Brown

but can't come up with it - it's like it's there on the tip of my brain...

Jul 18, 05 12:46 am
not per--corell


Jul 18, 05 1:45 pm
not per--corell
Jul 18, 05 1:46 pm

Denise Scott Brown ......Susan Saradon... Just have to find the right photo!

Jul 18, 05 1:55 pm

jeffrey kipnis (a couple'a years ago when he was ... larger)

george wendt (norm from cheers)

Jul 18, 05 3:34 pm
big dead elephant

could someone work up like a formated best of from this thread?

Jul 18, 05 7:30 pm

Toshiko Mori

<img src=>

Connie Chung

<img src=>

Jul 18, 05 7:49 pm

Toshiko Mori

Connie Chung

Jul 18, 05 7:52 pm

lambert wilson as merovingian

Helmut Jahn

Jul 18, 05 7:57 pm
juan moment

daniel libeskind


Jul 18, 05 8:04 pm

Hah hah hah


Jul 18, 05 8:33 pm

he also looks like the guys from CoopHimmelblau

Jul 18, 05 8:35 pm

Wolf Prix of Coop Himmelblau

Alan Rickman

Jul 18, 05 9:37 pm

I hope Hollywood is taking notice
because we have already worked out the casting for any movie involving architects - we should get 1% for archinect - sure Paul wouldn't mind the dough(duh) to spend on us :D

Jul 18, 05 9:39 pm

someone PLEASE find a match for this picture of Mo-Mayne

Jul 19, 05 12:42 am

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