CV / Resume for Young Professionals


I've been meaning to update my CV and was wondering if the Archinect Community would have any good examples of CV and resumes for young professionals (2 - 5+ years experience). Obviously, this should not read like a recent grad CV so I was curious. 

Aside from education and employment, what other items should be included? I assume publications and a list of previous projects. 

Open to any thoughts and suggestions! Thanks!

Jul 6, 24 6:47 pm
Non Sequitur

don’t put in a self graded software skill graph/chart. 

Jul 6, 24 7:35 pm  · 
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They can list the software though.

Jul 6, 24 8:59 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

List is all you need.

Jul 7, 24 2:40 pm  · 

Agreed, self graded anything on a resume should never be on a resume/ cv.

Jul 8, 24 1:38 pm  · 

In addition to the typical CV stuff I would add: 

  • List of programs you know.
  • List of project types worked on and their budgets for each firm you've worked at. 
  • a brief description of your responsibilities at each firm you've worked at.
  • List of publications and awards (if any)
Jul 8, 24 12:22 pm  · 
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Thanks Chad! On that note, do you have a recommendation as to how the projects (that one has worked on) should be listed? I'm assuming chronological order. An example of such would be cool too if you have one handy. 

Jul 8, 24 1:41 pm  · 

It all depends on how many projects you have. Personally, I list the general project types under the firms I've worked with. 

 For example: 

 Firm XYZ   - date to date

  • Responsible for all phases of project completion with a focus on conceptual design.
  • Project Types: Assisted Living, Multifamily Mixed Use, Medical Office with construction costs of $5 - $35 million

I'd then use my portfolio to show off specific projects. 

This is just the way I've done it in the past.  I'm not sure if it's the best way.  ;)

Jul 8, 24 2:35 pm  · 

I list from most relevant/impressive to lesser

Jul 9, 24 10:34 am  · 
  • One page.
  • Core skills at the top (include major software proficiencies, but not just that).
  • Experience by Firm / Role / Date most recent at the top
  • Bullet points briefly describing major accomplishments / milestones / deliverables for each role
  • Education, Certifications, and Licensure if relevant
Jul 8, 24 6:41 pm  · 

also good to list any awards, public lectures / presentations / publications

Jul 9, 24 10:35 am  · 

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