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I came across an architectural CD set that hasn’t been signed and sealed. The CA is ongoing. DOB set is S&S by AoR. 

Is this illegal not to have Construction Document Set Signed and Sealed in NYS, with construction ongoing? 

Thank you for any thoughts in advance. 

Jun 10, 24 6:50 pm

My god, it must have been quite a shock to come across that. What more can be said? 

Jun 10, 24 7:59 pm  · 
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We only stamp CA docs that have life safety impacts or make significant changes to the OG permit docs.  I'm already busy as it is, I don't have time to stamp every single site instruction that leaves the office.  

Jun 10, 24 10:23 pm  · 
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@non: You stamp CD tho?

Jun 10, 24 10:29 pm  · 
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The first set that lives on site, yes... but we have special rules on our digital stamps so it makes stamping everything tedious and annoying. It's not uncommon to have a full set of CD on site re-issued mid project without a stamp.

Jun 10, 24 10:47 pm  · 

@non I was concerned about seeing the base set 100% cd never been stamped. Essentially no other deliverable besides DOB set was ever S&S. 

Jun 10, 24 10:58 pm  · 

We stamp our revisions, but we have office of buildings inspectors who seem to notice/care when things aren't being built to the stamped set in the trailer.  We handle RFIs and even some Change Orders in batch within 1 revision and try to keep revisions to no more than a monthly cadence. 

Jun 11, 24 7:18 am  · 
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Are you saying in short, CD 100% set is for sure S&S? Further, you stamp your revisions as well that follow the CD 100% set? It is wonderful that you have dedicated team for quality control. There are out there designers, non licensed personas, doing CD and CA, without S&S CD 100% set.

Jun 11, 24 1:11 pm  · 

There’s no legal requirement in NY that every copy in existence of the CD set have a stamp and signature. The sets filed for permits must be stamped and signed, and the one official set that the GC is required to keep on site also must be sealed and signed, and the project must be built in accordance with those sets. This doesn’t preclude distribution of any number of unstamped copies of the same set, for various purposes.  

I wouldn’t say it’s best practice to distribute additional copies of the CD set that were not stamped, but it’s not illegal. 

Jun 11, 24 6:11 pm  · 
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