Painting open stud walls


Hey everyone,

I recently saw a photo of a painted open stud garage and I'd like to achieve a similar look with mine. Before starting, I wanted to get some advice to make sure my plan makes sense.

1) Some of the wood studs are very textured and splintered. Would it make sense to skim a thin layer of plaster over these pieces to smooth them out? Not looking for perfection but just wanting to make it a bit smoother. Picture 1,Picture 2

2) I've cleaned the wood as best as I can, but there's still a lot of grime and dirt. I found a bottle of "Old English Furniture Polish," so the previous owner may have used this oil. Do you think there will be any adhesion issues when priming and painting? I plan to use Zinsser BIN primer and Sherwin-Williams Emerald Paint.

3) The original vapor barrier (waxed paper) between the studs gets wet/moist during heavy rains. Instead of painting over it, I was thinking of cutting sheets of Tyvek or poly material from Home Depot and stapling them between the studs. My idea is that it would match the painted studs and allow breathability and vapor escape when wet.

Does this plan make sense? My biggest concern is creating vapor/moisture/mold issues. The house was built in the 1950's and water does get past through the exterior wood shiplap siding. Since there are so many gaps, the wood has been allowed to air dry and I have not seen any evidence of wood rot.

May 30, 24 4:52 pm
Non Sequitur

what is your profession and do you typically give away quality advise for free to random one post ponies in online forums? 

May 30, 24 5:19 pm  · 




May 30, 24 5:57 pm  · 

I'm giving this guy points for creativity and actually thinking about this issue before coming in here.

To OP - I think your concern about vapor and moisture is well founded. I probably wouldn't paint everything for that reason alone. 

Definitely don't use any polish, wax, or oil on anything you want paint to stick to. 

All these questions are probably better suited to a local builder.

May 31, 24 9:51 am  · 
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Wood Guy

1. Up to you; do you want the finish to be rough or smooth?

2. Yes, furniture polishes have wax in them and nothing will stick to them.

3. Sounds ugly but might work. They are not vapor retarders, they are vapor-open water and air barriers. 

These are better questions for a DIY forum than a professional architect and designer forum like this one. 

May 31, 24 10:38 am  · 
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Welcome to the rabbit hole of "I want exposed raw construction, but finished to look pretty."

Jun 3, 24 11:50 am  · 
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