RFPS for Small Architecture Firm


We're a small Architecture Firm that doesn't know the best site or services to use to find RFPS in our area. Are there any services or sites that you guys use in your respective firms to find RFPS near you? 

Mar 4, 24 1:11 am

Cultivate client intimacy. By the time an RFP is issued, it's usually too late. If you have good relationships with potential clients, you will know about the RFP coming before it's issued.

Mar 4, 24 2:32 pm  · 
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A lot of the organizations putting out RFPs have micro-size jobs they can award to architects directly with no RFP.  Use your marketing efforts to land a few of those.  Do the small jobs well and the resulting relationship will have you well positioned when they do RFPs for bigger jobs.

The initial micro stuff might be shit-work, but that's how you get in the door at a lot of places.  Very few places will award an RFP to somebody they don't know already.

Mar 5, 24 1:41 pm  · 
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