grenfell tower all over again


This is horrendous.

Feb 24, 24 5:41 pm

Oh no. The same cladding? How awful. 

Feb 24, 24 8:04 pm  · 

That's terrible. RIP. 

I recently had a newly-completed high rise of mine catch on fire, thanks to a private company installing a comm tower on the penthouse. Thankfully everyone was ok. 

I have to say, modern materials and codes are a blessing and curse, but both did their jobs on that occasion. We've been told that case studies are already being written about it. I can't wait to read them. 

Feb 24, 24 8:44 pm  · 
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Fire spread is shockingly quick but it still seems like there should have been time to get out of the interior. How tragic. 

Feb 27, 24 5:25 am  · 

I'm learning all sorts of things from going through the rebuilding after the fire I referenced above. The fire was contained entirely to the roof and didn't make it in to the building at all. Nevertheless, there's water and smoke damage all the way down to the first floor (18 storey building). No sprinklers went off and no hoses used on the interior. About 75% of the building interior is unsalvageable. Fire is not too be messed with.

Feb 27, 24 8:54 am  · 
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