How to become a micro-architect from the route of design and craft?

Hey there,

I am currently studying 3D design and craft (2nd year) which is mostly focused on making

My goal is to work in the field of micro architecture while trying to push the boundaries of material innovation.

Do you have any suggestion on how I should proceed to reach this goal?

thank you, a big smile  ;)

Feb 21, 24 11:31 am
Non Sequitur

Start by defining what micro architecture is....  like D&D type figurines?

Then define what you mean by material innovation.  This is a super broad term and means very little without context.

Feb 21, 24 12:01 pm  · 
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I prefer Warhammer 40K.

Feb 21, 24 4:56 pm  · 
Non Sequitur


Feb 21, 24 5:02 pm  · 


Feb 21, 24 5:54 pm  · 
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Feb 21, 24 12:48 pm  · 
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Let me know if you can find someone that will pay for your micro architecture lol

Feb 21, 24 1:46 pm  · 

The termmicroarchitecture was used to describe the units that were controlled by the microprogram words, in contrast to the term: "architecture" that was visible and documented for programmers. While architecture usually had to be compatible between hardware generations, the underlying microarchitecture could be easily changed.

Feb 21, 24 2:02 pm  · 

So it's a term used in computer engineering. Not architecture. I think the OP is a bit off course. :s

Feb 21, 24 4:56 pm  · 
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