Student Internships Summer 2024


I feel like there’s not that many student internship opportunities for summer 2024. Maybe I applied too late. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places. Can fellow M.Arch’s and B.Arch’s relate? Have you guys had luck securing an internship this summer? Let me know anyone’s thoughts. 

Feb 19, 24 7:22 pm
Non Sequitur

That’s a rather exceptionally vague statement. What efforts have you done so far to come to that conclusion?  Also worth repeating but do not, ever, agree to any unpaid internships regardless of the firm name or “investment” opportunity jive. 

Feb 20, 24 6:23 am  · 
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I work at a firm that views summer internships as a valuable contribution back to the profession as well as an opportunity to develop strong relationships with select potential hires upon graduation.  Having gone to gatech which is predominantly engineering with a strong coop program, I'd say my firm is way more similar to the engineering firms than most arch firms I've been to.  My last firm didn't even hire summer interns and was not too interested in hiring fresh graduates.

With all that in consideration I will say last year we hired 5 design summer interns and this year I think we're hiring 2?  I'm not at that pay grade level that makes those decisions.  We also do construction and hire summer interns on that side as well.

Feb 20, 24 10:45 am  · 
Wilma Buttfit

I’ve been helping a student look for a summer internship and found many. Good ones too. Where/how are you looking?

Feb 20, 24 12:03 pm  · 

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