question about traditional asian rooftops/architecture


Is there any books or videos that show you the individual pieces (and what purpose they serve and their dimensions) that are used to construct a traditional asian house or temple like shown in this video: Or any 3d models?

Also for the tiled roof when you look at it from the side, does the pieces overlap when constructed and look like stairs as so for the rounded pieces (and if so is the stair effect more subtle than my drawing?) Or does it run in a straight line?

Also can anyone tell me if in this picture from the video, if the beam I marked 1 on it, is the same size as the other beams numbered 3 or where the difference in size comes in with these beams for these type of houses? And is the one labeled 2 just a flat thin plane (as in not thick like the beam next to it marked 1?) Its hard to make things out.

Would the tile just be placed over this plane? And is it usually just nailed in or how is it adhered?

Also can anyone tell me how the tile pieces go over eachother since they didnt show in the video?

Feb 8, 24 10:37 pm
Non Sequitur

when is your homework due?

Feb 9, 24 7:27 am  · 
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oof. That is a korean building, Not asian. Calling it asian signals you dont care very much about what you are looking at to notice that it's not generic. 

to answer your question, yes they are nailed in place, on a wooden substructure. The details are published all over the place, especially in asian languages. if you learn some asian you will be all set. Failing that, look for some English language books in the library. The Japanese House by Heinrich Engel remains a classic. For Korean houses search google with Hanok. May even find sketchup models that will make it possible for you to avoid actually doing research.

Feb 11, 24 12:37 pm  · 
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It could just be ignorance Will.

Also Korea is considered to be included in the general descriptive term of Asian.  Then again, so are:

Feb 11, 24 6:16 pm  · 

yes. exactly.

Feb 11, 24 8:41 pm  · 
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Asian = Korean and vice versa.

Feb 12, 24 4:38 pm  · 

I hear Americans use Asian to mean Chinese/Japanese/Korean. Brits use it to mean India/Pakistan. I'll admit to being sensitive because of my personal background. Setting my hangups aside, the best way to find the OP's answer is to focus on which bit of Asia the example is from. Because its a huge geographical region with lots of variation.

Feb 12, 24 5:13 pm  · 

I agree! It's like saying American style when you're referring to Prairie Style. Realistically though, it's because the OP is ignorant.

Feb 12, 24 6:04 pm  · 
t a z

The korean keywords for tile roof, "giwa," or "gaewa," are subtitled...

In the video...

In english... 

Feb 12, 24 4:29 pm  · 

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