summer internship/shadowing experience in switzerland


Im a 1st year architecture student in Barcelona looking to shadow an architect or do an unpaid internship in switzerland for the summer period. Does anyone know if this is possible?

I speak french fluently so that would not be a problem to consider.

Feb 7, 24 5:03 am
Non Sequitur

never ever ever fucking do an unpaid internship. Ever. 

Feb 7, 24 6:22 am  · 

why? i cant get any work as a first year otherwise

Feb 7, 24 8:06 am  · 
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Non Sequitur

Again, do not, under any fucking circumstance work an unpaid internship. If you can't get work, then work on your drafting and construction skills so that you have SOMETHING to offer an office in exchange for a salary. Unpaid internships are hugely detrimental to the profession and you are actively helping bring the bar lower and lower by agreeing to "work" under such conditions. I would never hire someone who I knew worked an unpaid gig. They are damaged goods.

Feb 7, 24 9:00 am  · 
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Any firm the will only take you on as an unpaid intern isn't worth your time.  DO NOT take on unpaid internships.  Even if you don't have any experience your time still has value.  

Feb 7, 24 10:13 am  · 
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You're supposed to be compensated for internships in North America, but I've noticed there is a different approach in South America and Europe. One friend was not paid for working at a firm in Bogota, Columbia for a summer; Another had similar experiences with a firm in Italy. 

If your not being paid keep it short and call it an externship (no more than 2 weeks). Then enjoy your summer and build skills.

Feb 7, 24 4:53 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

Not our problem that some places still glory the abuse of fresh grads for profit. Still not an excuse to whore yourself for the profession even if it’s for a “few weeks”.

Feb 7, 24 5:25 pm  · 

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