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I’m a mosaicist and from time to time I’m given architectural plans especially when I’ve been commissioned for, say, a marble floor. 

Im getting on a bit and would am thinking about less physical things I can do with my time. Im very skilled at digital watercolour too. My question is - is it feasible to begin a side hustle as a water colourist for architect plans? 

And would it be a case where the plans would be sent to be just to colour or would I be expected to draw the plans and colour? Is there even a market for this or is it rather niche? 

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at such drawings and I’m very drawn to them and would love to spend sometime practising. Last question - does one have to be a an actual architect to do this type of work? 

Many thanks 


Feb 1, 24 5:02 pm

Not for architects, but for realtors and developers - I would suggest you build up a portfolio taking  some boring floor plan advertising and spruce it up with your watercolor technique - something like this, but better...

I think it would be welcomed after all these years seeing ultra realistic computer renderings everywhere. 

no need to be an architect to do this.

Feb 1, 24 5:10 pm  · 
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JLC - 1 thank you! 

So for realtors and developers… interesting, didn’t think of taht. 

And yes I’ll have to do a better job than the image you posted… it has a post it note feel lol

Thanks again! 

Feb 2, 24 1:49 am  · 
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atelier nobody

There are also SOME architecture firms that outsource their renderings, but it's not the easiest niche to get into so JLC's advice to target realtors & developers is good.

Feb 23, 24 5:19 pm  · 
Professional Student

you might find this helpful if you want to try a digital watercolor approach

Feb 23, 24 12:42 am  · 

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