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My old Pentax PZ1 camera finally croaked on me so I got a Sony A7IV with a Sony FE 24-70 2.8 G Master lens. This is an amazing set up and my first digital camera. To be honest the camera is a little intimadating and the Pentax seems like a Brownie in comparison.

The camera came with Capture One for editing software. I don't know how long this free trial will last but at least I can get familiar with the digital process. 

 Has anyone used this software? Lightroom and Photoshop still seems to be the leaders though.

Dec 14, 23 11:49 pm

Lightroom is similar enough to Capture One in that they're more about work flow than altering. But Capture One is way more powerful and it's the software almost all pros use. 

Photoshop is entirely different from the other two. Yes, you can do a lot with it, but it's terrible at batch processing and tends to destroy info as it goes (the other two don't). Pros use Photoshop mostly for single, specific edits like removing dog poop from a sidewalk or whatever. 

Dec 15, 23 10:18 am  · 
go do it


Dec 17, 23 11:02 am  · 
go do it

Thanks so much  emiliaclarke1

The A7IV an inperssive machine and I will probably never use all of it's capabilities, but then again I didn't use the PZ1 to it's fullest either. I like my photos like I like my architecture, minimalist!

I beleive the biggest learning curve will be editing, but then also the most exciting because I hopfully will be able to turn my visions into reality. Digital reality that is! 

Dec 22, 23 3:34 pm  · 

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