California Supplemental Exam

I recently took the CSE, and was quite disappointed at the quality of the exam. I also couldn’t find some information anywhere online.

Does anyone know what score is needed to pass? I saw 70, 74… Is there a minimum score needed in each section?

Also I felt that compared to ARE exams, questions are very vague and there are so many answers that can seem right. This idea of ‘choosing the best one’ seemed too subjective, especially for people who have been in practice for a while.
Dec 2, 23 12:05 pm

Stop using your designer instincts. The questions aren't clients, nobody wants innovation or outside the box answers. The answers are all literal, from the code or other regulations and laws.

Dec 4, 23 11:47 am  · 
3  · 

I'm licensed in CA. It was a pain in the ass to study for, but ultimately I realized that the questions just need a bit more attention than usual. 

Dec 4, 23 12:22 pm  · 
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I love how the waiting period in CA to schedule an ARE exam is 3x longer than the waiting period to buy a gun (10 day vs 30 day)

Dec 4, 23 2:12 pm  · 
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I honestly thought it was about on par with the ARE in almost all aspects. Similarly to the ARE, I don't think there is a blanket passing score, but rather that it is graded on a curve.

Dec 4, 23 2:39 pm  · 
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