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Am I crazy, or did NCARB change the format of the demonstration exam - I did it previously and there was some way to see my score and explanations of the various questions. I just wasted another 2.5 hours this evening taking the demo exam only to be closed out and the following page saying its not scored and not recorded. Like, what am I supposed to do with this now???

Anyone know where I am supposed to go for help with these questions?

Nov 27, 23 1:48 am

it seems i 'requested eligibility' and am frozen out of any practice test scheduling eligibility with PSI (which is f'ing dumb) and am just stuck in demo only limbo mode until someone opens the gate for me to schedule a real exam. 

Abolish NCARB

Nov 27, 23 1:57 am  · 
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When I took my exams, the NCARB official demo exams weren't actually that helpful. Black Spectacles had a practice exam that was really good (although their study material was... sometimes helpful).

Nov 27, 23 8:07 am  · 
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t a z

IIRC the demo exam was just to get familiar with the testing interface and tools.  Even if you get a score it doesn't provide any explanation of the material.  That's why the 3rd party test prep industry exists.

Nov 27, 23 10:01 am  · 

yes this is true. I found the correct link that takes you to a different portal where you can purchase different free sample tests

Nov 27, 23 12:45 pm  · 

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